Chapter 3 - Bad-Boy Fetish

One week later...

Lilly's POV

"Is that a hickey?"

My eyes widened and my heart dropped ten feet under the ground at the sudden question -- that most probably is directed at me.

Swallowing hard, I rested my pen over the notebook and lifted my head up. Pulling the most casual look I could master, I looked Aylin in the eye and shook my head, "Oh no, Max and I were fighting as usual," I mumbled as I nervously rubbed at my neck.

It's been a week since - ahem - my make-out session with that specific someone. The stupid hickey is fading, but still, it left a small mark, and the concealer probably wore off. Damn it.

Aylin's eyebrow raised in question, not satisfied at my answer. My eyes drifted to Chase sitting across me, his eyes supposedly focused on the book ahead of him, a smile threatening to break through his features. He ran his thumb over his lower lip, hiding it.

My jaw tightened and I kicked him in the shin from under the table. It's all his freaking fault. He lifted his head up, his brow arched, and his perfect jaw clenched as a tease fluttered all over his full lips, his blue eyes gleaming as they prowled over me.

I held him with a smoldering glare, silently shutting him up. No one knows about what we shared, and no one needs to know.

My gaze drifted around the table; Conner, Aylin and Sally's focus was thankfully back on writing while Zack's eyes warily drifted from Chase then to me. I gulped, hoping he didn't catch our little moment.

When his eyes met mine, he quirked up a beautiful smile before he went back to writing into his notebook.

I released out a low sigh and dropped my gaze back to the book placed ahead of me. The words I tried to read seemed to blur as thoughts of that night occupied my mind.

I propped my elbows over the table and placed my head in my hands. My eyes pressed shut and I tried to clear my head, which seemed impossible. Ugh. Is there a cure to this after-make-out-session syndrome?

It's driving me insane.

"I think we've got enough info, right?" Conner said making me lift my head up as he huffed out a tired breath and leaned back into his seat, "I am so sick of this," He added, and we all nodded in agreement. It's still first week of school and our teacher gave us this paper to work on.

Even though Chase, Zack and Conner are seniors and me and the girls are still juniors, but we are taking the same history class with Mr. Reonald, and he is so old-school, he refused any information from the internet; our task was to get to the library and gather as much information as we can.

"Yeah, we have been working on this since noon," Zack mumbled, a bored sigh parting his lips as he stood up. He collected some of the books from over the table before he took off.

Aylin said something but I blocked her words as I hurriedly grabbed a couple of books and followed him.

He was checking which stand each book belonged to when I caught up with him. His eyes flickered to me and a beautiful smile lifted the corner of his lips. He placed the book and turned his attention back to me, "So, what are your plans for tonight?" He asked, out of the blue as he leaned against the bookcase. He crossed his arms over his chest, and the muscles in his biceps flexed.

Gosh, he oozed charm and confidence, and he seemed completely relaxed...the total opposite of me.

"I am sleeping over at Sally's place," I answered his question, "Your typical girl's night." I added with a shrug.

His perfect brow arched playfully, "Oh, can I join then?"

I giggled...fuck, I actually giggled. Gosh, he makes me so nervous and out of control. I matched his confidence and said, "Sure, at least then, it'll be fun."

He nodded and took a step forward, the whole concept of personal space fading into a thin line, "Exactly, and then maybe," He shrugged, "We can ditch the others." His lips curled up and he gave me a wink, "It'll be more fun that way."

Jesus, is he actually flirting back?

Oh god...

I think he's finally catching on.

I bit my lower lip and felt the need to direct the subject somewhere else before I pass out from the nervousness. I cleared my throat, "Anyways, what about you?" I asked and hugged the books closer to my chest, "What are your plans for tonight?"

He tucked his hands in his front pockets, "One of my friends is throwing a bonfire nearby, the guys and I are heading there now," His eyes lightened up and he tilted his head to the side, "You know what, why don't you join us?" He cleared his throat and scratched the back of my neck, "I mean... you and the girls, it'll be fun."

I nodded, "Yeah, why not," I answered, trying not to sound too eager, "Let me check with them first."

"Great." He said, sending me a wink before he turned around and walked back to pick up the left books.

I sucked into a much-needed breath and closed my eyes, trying to compose myself. Based on the way he's acting lately; I can say he is trying to take a step forward. If I play this right, going to the bonfire might finally let something happen.

My eyelids glided open and I turned around, placing the books in my hands back into their place. When I felt a specific presence beside me, I turned my head around and at his sight, I released out a frustrated sigh.

His gaze left the books ahead of him and fell on me, his eyebrows pulled together and he ever so innocently asked, "What?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Did you tell anyone about..." My voice dropped lower, "About what happened?"

His frown deepened, "About what?"

My brow arched, "You know what!" I hissed.

He shook his head, ever so innocently, "No, I don't." Gosh he is so annoying, if only he didn't have such good lips...


I took a step closer, "Don't you dare mention it in front of Zack, you get that?" I threatened.

He gave me a half shrug, "What if I already did," He said, his lips twisted, faking guilt.

My eyes widened and I grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer, "Did you?!" I whisper-shouted at his face.

His lips curved a small smile and he shook his head, "No," He said, "It's no one's business anyway."

A harsh breath parted my lips and my hand loosened from over his shirt, "Good, keep it that way." I backed away and fixed my shirt, "Anyway, are you also going to the bonfire?"

He nodded before he scrunched his eyebrows in annoyance, "Please tell me you're not going."

I smiled and slanted him a proud look, "Oh, I am going alright." I said as my fingers curled over the hem of my shirt, pulling it down a little, "Zack asked me to."

A loud breath vibrated form him before I felt his fingers curl over the neck of my shirt, pulling it up back again. My eyes widened and I slapped his hand away, "Will you stop with that already!" I snapped.

"I need to highlight my best features." I added, fixing my shirt again.

He shot me a glare, "It'll be mostly guys, what are you planning to do there?"

I shrugged, "What I'm trying to do since ever," I gave him a knowing look, "Your cousin is no piece of cake." Oh, but if he was a cake though, can you imagine how delicious he'd be?

I swallowed down the saliva suddenly gathering in my mouth. Jeez, talk about the thin line between hungry and horny.

I straightened my shoulders and flashed him a teasing look, "But I think he's finally catching on, so you never know what might happen tonight." I said, knowing for sure my words will annoy Chase more. And annoying him, is one of the few things that can brighten my day.

Chase scoffed and shook his head, "You are gonna regret this."

I narrowed my eyes, "And why exactly?"

His eyebrow raised, his lips curled up, unsatisfied, "I warned you before," He gave me a light shrug, "I am not gonna do it again."

He keeps saying that Zack isn't the person I think he is; well, that's where he is wrong. I know Zack. I know he is the famous playboy of our school; I know what he is and what he does.

Call it a bad-boy fetish or whatever you want. I have set my mind on him long ago, and I won't stop till I get what I want. And I will get it. I am sure.

"It will happen," I said, confident with my words, "Sooner or later, I'll get him."

Chase crossed his arms over his chest, his eyebrow arched, "Seems to me this is nothing more than a challenge to you."

"What do you mean?" I am not liking where this is going.

He shrugged, innocently. Believe me, he was anything but innocent, "Just saying."

"Elaborate," I added, my tone hardened. I wanna punch him now.

He shook his head, "You don't like him, Lilly." He sounded so sure, like he knew me better than myself, "You only like the idea of him."

He took one step forward, leaving little-to-no space between us, "He's one of the few guys that didn't show interest in you right away, he gave you a challenge and you like that, not him," He was close, so close, the type of close that makes me uncomfortable, "But it's gonna be too late before you actually realize that."

"That's bulls-"

His hand that rested on the side of my neck interrupted me and stole my words away. I almost gasped at its warmth, "And let's not forget..." His smile was beautiful, teasing, dangerous, promising me with something, "...who actually took your first kiss," His voice was low as his finger gently stroked the area where the hickey used to be, his eyes on it before they settled over mine.

They prowled over me, like they knew the power they held. They consumed me in, leaving me bare, with no control, no confidence to defend myself, and no way to break free from this damn spell.

My chest heaved with every breath I took. His hand slowly moved to the side of my chin, his touch leaving a wave of goosebumps in its wake. With his fingers, he lifted my chin up and angled my face, close enough to...kiss me, again.

Will he?

Why can't I speak or move?

For god's sake Lilly, say something, slap him, punch him, kick him, kiss him...

The last one seemed the most fitting.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

His face inched closer, his thumb gently grazed my lower lip. As a reflex, my mouth parted.

"You can deny it as much as you want," His warm breath brushed over my skin, "But that doesn't change the truth."

I didn't understand what happened, but suddenly, his warmth left me, and a cold chill hit my skin. I blinked, it wasn't till then that I registered how he backed away from me, the skin that was held by his touch felt empty, cold and abandoned.

He said what he said and just walked away. He left me by the bookstands all hot, bothered and disoriented.

I blinked and blinked again, kicking myself out of this daze. My hand pressed against my chest, feeling my heart pumping harder than it should. My jaw tightened and a weird type of anger rushed to my veins and clamored at the base of my throat.

Why does my body react to his touch this way? I hate it.

I still felt all out of sorts as I walked back to them. Everyone was talking but I was silent. No words came out of my mouth. My legs all wobbly, my mind out of control and I didn't understand what I was feeling at the moment.

We gathered our things and left the library. Aylin decided to join me to the bonfire while Sally will head back home, and we'll follow after. They did the talk; I just nodded my head.

I felt my backpack being snatched out of my grasp. I turned to meet Zack's hazel eyes, he smiled and nodded to the parking lot, "Come on, you're going with my car." He said and I just nodded. The enthusiasm I had leaving me with every passing second.

Jesus, what's wrong with me?

Why, all of a sudden, I don't feel like going?

Damn you Chase, you had to ruin everything for me.

He opened the trunk of the car and placed our backpacks there, I shrugged off my jacket, and threw it over my backpack.

"I'll take Lilly with me," Zack told them as he rounded the car and slammed his trunk shut, "Then, we'll go pick up the others and head to the bonfire."

"Conner and Aylin, you two can take a ride with Chase," he added and at his name, my gaze went up, to see him already looking back at me. This time, I couldn't master the energy to glare at him or give him a teasing look or anything of that sort. He seemed to notice that because his eyebrows pulled together, questioning the sudden change in my behavior.

His words kept repeating in my head.

You can keep denying it.

Denying what?

My fingers curled into the inside of my hand. My jaw tightened knowing very well the answer to that question. Of course, I'll deny it. Because it's not true. It's wrong. It's so wrong.

But that won't change the truth.

Damn it!

I can't go when I am like this, "I am gonna go to the bathroom," I told Zack.

He nodded, "But be fast, they're waiting for us."

I nodded and ignored Conner who said that I can pee by the trees when we arrive there.

I immediately took off and rushed back down the long hall, then up to the stairs. When I made it to the main floor of the library, the lights were already out. Shit. The library was too big and reaching the bathroom took more time than it should. I pushed open the heavy wooden door and stepped inside.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and breathed out. I opened the tap and placed my hands under the faucet, ready to wash my face when the lights suddenly went out. I let out a low yelp as a result.

Breath in, Lilly, breath out, it's probably just a small problem with the electricity and it'll come back in a few seconds.

One, two, three, four, five...

The lights remained out and it was hard to remain calm after. It's just I've watched too many horror movies that started just like this.

A streetlight shone through the upper window, just enough for me to see through my hand-washing.

I decided to immediately get the hell out and if needed, I really could pee beside a tree.

Out in the hall, only a few random overhead lights illuminated the way. The whole place seemed completely shut down, only doubling my fear. I picked up my pace. The old library was ten times creepier at night.

As I walked, more like rushed forward, I could hear the sound of what seemed to be like rain. Shit, I hope they don't cancel the bonfire. Just to prove Chase wrong and erase the stupid thoughts swirling through my mind, I am gonna finally confess to Zack that I like him. What's the worst thing that could happen, right?

I reached the door to the parking garage and gave the metal bar a shove. It didn't open. I pushed again. Nothing.

I knocked on the door, as hard as I could, "Conner, if you're doing this, I am gonna kill you when I get out!" I snapped, knocking yet again. He was the prankster of the group; I wouldn't expect less from him.

Still, no one answered.

"Aylin! Sally!" I snapped, "Come on guys, it's not funny!"

I pressed my ear against the door, trying to hear them but the only thing my ears registered was the rain's sound.

I mumbled a few curses under my breath before I reached for my cell phone. But I was met with an empty pocket. My eyes widened, remembering how I left it in my jacket...the jacket I left in Zack's car.

Okay, time to panic...

"Oh my god, oh my god..."


Oh, shit.

Okay Lilly, calm down, calm down; they won't leave me here at least, right? They'll notice I took too long and they'll come back and get me, right?

Of course, they will.

Even though, that thought couldn't help my panic. I ran the entire library, searching for a way out, which seemed impossible. The two main doors were locked, the garage door was locked, the back door was also locked. Oh my god, oh my god. Who gets himself stuck in a damn library?

Me. Stupid me. So damn stupid.

It's all Chase's fault. That jerk.

I went back to the garage door and waited, hoping that someone is gonna open it and get me out of here. Someone will for sure. A heart-fluttering panic worked its way up to my chest, what if they already left? Would they?

I tried to reach the small glass at the top of the door but couldn't. I was too damn short for that. I walked around, searching till I found a chair. Placing it by the door, I climbed up till my sight leveled with the glass part. With my hand, I wiped the condensation away and squinted, trying to see through the darkness. The heavy rain made it almost impossible.

I could make out only one car outside but none of them was in sight.

Okay...time to panic again.

They left me. They freaking left me. How could they?

How will I get out of here?

Tomorrow is Saturday, the library will be closed for another two days. OH MY GOD, I won't be stuck here for two days, would I? I mean, they would notice that they forgot me here, wouldn't they?

Jesus, do I have the best friends ever or what?

I waited by the door for a couple of minutes before I decided to walk back into the library, maybe it'll be less colder in there.

I wrapped my arms around myself, blocking the coldness away. My eyes carefully took into my surroundings. It was too dark, enough to fill my head with all kinds of negative thoughts. I walked up the stairs and into the main floor again.

I halted to a sudden stop when I heard a creaking noise above me. I looked up but I was met with nothing but darkness.

Don't panic, don't panic, it's just the rain. It's the rain. There won't be a serial killer in the library...I mean why would there be?

Another noise from above me had me running quickly. I reached the main door and pulled again at the handles, hoping maybe they'd magically open up and let me out. The door stayed firmly closed. Oh my god, what if I died here, no one would even know.

Calm down, Lilly. You're fine. There is no one else here; I mean who else is dumb enough to get locked up in a library? Just me, apparently.

I felt the sudden urge to cry...but I didn't. I leaned forward and pressed my forehead against the door. My eyes pressed shut and I breathed, in and out. In and out.

In my new quite state, I heard something behind me.


I whirled around so fast; my back pressed against the door as I saw a shadowy figure on the stairs.

So, I am not alone after all.

I think I screamed. I did hear a scream; it might've come from me.

I screamed and ran; I ran as fast as my feet could take me. Where was I running to? I didn't know. There is no way out. Great, just great, I am gonna die here. This is how I am gonna leave my legendary life. I can almost see the headlines. Teenage girl killed in a boring.

I was too busy in my head that I didn't notice how the figure caught up with me, I felt his hand wrap around my arm from the back, stopping me. He said something but I didn't hear it over my panic. I screamed again and my other hand reached for the closet thing to me, which was a book.

I grabbed it and started hitting my intruder with it. I hit his hand first making him leave my arm. Then, I hit him on the head, "Get away from me!" I snapped and hit him again.

"Lil-" Another hit, "Lilly!" Another hit to the head. Take that!

"Goddamn it, Lilly, it's me!" The intruder said, both hands holding my arm, stopping me from attacking him again.

I paused my movements and blinked through the darkness when my ears registered his voice. I blinked again and finally registered the blue eyes looking at mine.

I gasped, "Chase?"

A low sigh left him, and he nodded, "Yeah."

Relief left me in a loud breath, and I just...I threw myself at him. My hands wrapped around his neck, my eyes pressed shut and I held into him, tighter than I should. The near-death experience I thought I was having made me thankful that it's him.

"Oh my god," I mumbled at his neck, "I thought I was gonna be stuck here for another two days, thank god you came back for me."

I pulled away, "Let's get out of here, come on."

"Uh, about that," He started and nervously scratched his neck.

I gulped, "Please tell me that you're here to get me out." I stressed out as my arms completely left his neck.

"That was the plan," He mumbled, "Till I kind of got stuck here as well."

My eyes widened, "What?" I snapped, "How could you? What the hell?"

"What?" he asked innocently, "It started to rain, and they wanted to leave, they didn't want to wait more for you, so I told them to head there first and I'll get you and we'll follow them."

I groaned loudly, "Ahhh!" I was about to rip my hair off. "You stupid!" I snapped, "Now, we are both stuck in here!" I was way too angry at the moment to think clearly. Fire brimmed against my chest and I did the first thing on my mind, I took a book from the bookstand near me and I hit him with it again, "You stupid!" I snapped and hit his chest.

"Now, they won't come back for us!" I snapped and hit his shoulder. He tried to back away, but I only marched forward.


"Shut up!" I snapped, "This is all your fault," I hit his arm with the book again, "Now, they'll think we decided to not go because of the rain, and no one will come back for us!"

I stopped hitting him to take into a deep breath. The book fell out of my hold when a realization dawned on me, "Oh my god, and my parents think I am staying the weekend at Sally's place and Sally thinks I am with Zack and probably Zack thinks I am with you," I pressed my hand over my forehead, "Oh my god, we are stuck here."

My eyes widened, "Wait, wait, is your phone with you?"

He hesitantly shook his head, as if scared of my reaction, "I left it in the car, I was just gonna grab you and get out, I didn't think this will..."

"Oh my god, oh my god," I mumbled, dismissing his words as I started to pace the narrow space between the bookstands.

"Lilly," He got closer, "Just...calm down," He tried to say, his hand reached for my arm, but I flung it in his face. I shot him a glare; his voice took the air right out of me as a jolt of anger surged through my body.

"From all the people I could be stuck with in a damn library," I seethed, "I am here stuck with you!" If I was stuck with Zack for example, it would've been half a problem.

Luck is definitely not on my side today!

How in god's name am I gonna handle two nights, with no food, no heater, no way to contact the outside the world...and to top it all, I am stuck here with him.


I am shaking.

Literally shaking.

It's so cold.

I tried to turn on the heater, but it didn't work, it seems to be connected to the central system and I have no idea how to access that.

So here I am, shivering while sitting on the small couch I found on the first floor. I usually feel cold more than a normal person does. When the first raindrop hit the ground, I had all my winter clothes hanged and I was all wrapped up in my coats. I am that type of person that can't handle any coldness and here I am now, freezing to my death.

I am wearing nothing but a thin shirt, because stupid me had to leave my jacket in Zack's car. That SOB, I could've been kissing him now, instead, here I am, on the verge of dying. Guess the headlines would be different this time. Teenage girl freezes to death in a library. Ugh, still boring. Can't I at least leave this world in a semi-exciting way?

That jerk is sitting on one of the chairs around the studying table. I decided to not talk to him as long as we're here and it's working so far. He also gave up on trying to get me to talk around an hour ago.

Another shiver went down my spine and my teeth began to chatter so hard they hurt.

I heard the screeching of the chair from my right as it moved but I didn't dare to turn and look. His footsteps got closer before I felt something warm and soft fall over my arm. I looked at the sweater laying there then up at Chase.

He nodded his head toward his sweater, "Put that on you."

"I don't want anything from you," I mumbled but the side of it brushing against my arm made me crave its warmth even more. He ignored my words and walked away. I stared at his retreating figure to notice that he is only in the t-shirt he wore under it.

He'll freeze to death now like this.

You know what, let him suffer.

I took the sweater and slipped it over my head. A sigh of contentment parted my lips as I sank in its warmth and scent. It was much bigger than my size which made it comfier and brought me more warmth. I buried my nose in it and my eyes closed as its smell invaded all my sense. I almost moaned. It smelled so good. It smelled just like him.

I turned my head around to notice that he had left the room. Where did he go to?

I am too cold and tired to think of that. I curled my body into the small couch. I pressed my head against the armrest and closed my eyes.

I don't know how many minutes passed but I couldn't fall asleep, because I was still way too cold.

Maybe half an hour later or less, I heard him get back into the room. When his footsteps got closer to me, I let my heavy eyelids glide open.

"There was a storage room, I found this in it." He said and that's when I noticed the small blanket he's holding.

I was too cold to even move so he bent down and placed it over me, "It's really small, but it's better than nothing." He mumbled as he tried to let it fit my body.

He crouched down and pulled it up to cover my neck. I wanted to tell him to cover himself with it instead but I was still persistent to not talk with him.

I had found a few desk lamps that worked on battery not electricity and turned them on. So now, when he was crouching in front of me, tucking me in, his face was visible to me. I clearly saw how his worried blue eyes caressed my face ever so gently.

He backed his hand away, "Try to sleep," he said, "And if you need anything, I am here." His voice a bit lower than before.

I nodded and was about to ask where was he going to sleep but stopped myself at last moment.

There is only this one couch and it's already way too small. It could barely fit me.

I had placed the pillow that was over it on the ground, secretly telling him to take it. He took the message and picked it up, he turned off the desk lamps and walked a bit away where the carpet is. He placed the pillow over it before I saw him laying down.

Minutes passed and sleep couldn't take over me. My eyes kept their focus on him. The moonlight sneaking from the upper window highlighted the side of his face.

He had it turned to the other side so I couldn't see if he was still awake or not.

The worry creeping up my spine was enough to get me off the couch. I grabbed the blanket between my fingers and with light footsteps, I walked to his side.

He didn't seem to notice me till I reached him. His face turned and his eyebrows pulled together at my sight, "What's wrong?" He asked.

I didn't answer. I just sat down and scooted closer to him. I covered his body with the blanket, "It's too small, so," I took his arm and rested my cheek over his shoulder. I tried to let it fit us both, "We need to be really close to let it cover us both."

"You didn't have to-"

"Shut up, you're freezing." I interrupted him. The bare skin of his arm was so cold, I could feel it. I pulled the blanket up his body and covered his neck.

I kept my head over his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my back. My hand went to his other arm under the blanket and I ran it over his cold skin, trying to give him some warmth.

I didn't dare to look at his face yet, "You didn't have to come after me." I mumbled.

"I wasn't just gonna go and leave you here."

"Why you're always trying to protect me?" I asked, my voice low and my hand stayed over his skin feeling it get warmer and warmer by the second.

"Because I worry about you," he answered, his tone matching mine, "I can't help it."

A moment of silence took us in before I lifted my gaze up and looked at him, my hand left his arm and traveled up to rest over his cheek, "Chase," I mumbled, unable to hide the weakness in my voice, "Do you have your inhaler with you?"

He shook his head, "It's in the car."

I gulped. A different type of worry fisted my chest and fed off the oxygen feeding my lungs, "But, what if..." my voice shook a little, "What if you had your asthma attack while we're here?"

"I haven't had a one in so long," he said, the comfort in his tone trying to ease the worry in mine.

I swallowed hard, "But, what if?"

He shook his head, "It won't."

I really hope so.

A small smile pulled up the corner of his lips, "Even if you deny it," His eyebrow raised, "You worry about me too."

"Pfft," I said and rolled my eyes, "I just don't wanna have to explain how you died to your parents when I get out."

A low chuckle vibrated from his chest and I smiled. My hand moved over his cheek and to his nose, "Your nose is so cold," I mumbled as I let my hand cover it.

"What are you doing?" He asked with furrowed eyebrows as I pressed my fingers over his nose.

"I am warming it up." I said, innocently as I pressed harder.

"No, you're suffocating me." He said, playfully.

I nodded, "Yeah, and that too."

That earned me a another smile before he leaned forward and his forehead pressed up against mine.

I breathed in and this whole fucked up situation didn't seem that fucked up anymore.



"I am glad that...that I got stuck with you," I said, genuinely, making him open his eyes, "Not the stuck part, but the you part."

His eyebrow scrunched together, "Those weren't your words just a couple of hours ago."

I nodded, "Yeah, but then I thought about it." I said, ever so seriously, "I mean tomorrow i will wake up like a total mess because I didn't remove my makeup and didn't do my night skin-routine and my hair is gonna be all types of messy," my eyebrow raised, "And i will stay two days without a shower, so yeah that isn't such a good sight,"

I shrugged, "And well, with you I can be myself, so it's okay if you saw me ugly."

His lips curled up and he nodded, "You're always ugly."

I shot him a glare, "You know, even though you always say that but i am pretty sure deep down you think I am hot."

He winced at the thought and shook his head, "Nah."

My eyebrow raised and I lightly punched his arm, "Come on, admit it, say I am hot."

He shook his head, "I am not gonna say that."

"Say I am hot!"

"I am not gonna!"

"Yes, you will." I stressed again.


I placed my hand over his nose and narrowed my eyes at him, "Say it, or I'll suffocate you!"

He shook his head and I huffed out an annoyed sigh.

"One day you'll admit it."

"Not gonna happen."

"You're such a jerk."

His chest vibrated with a low chuckle, "Go to sleep." He said as his hand gently ran up and down my arm. Silence hung around us. His skin didn't feel cold anymore. I thought about moving away now that he was warmer, but I couldn't.

Feeling all the tiredness leave my body, my eyelids dropped down, "Goodnight." I mumbled against the skin of his neck.

I felt his lips press against my forehead, i felt the feather-like kiss he left there as he mumbled, "Goodnight, little ribbon."

I would usually snap at him for that nickname but this time I didn't. Instead, a small smile came to my lips before I slowly fell asleep.

It was the most comfortable uncomfortable sleep I've ever had.

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