Chapter 6 - The known and the unknown

Chase's POV

I sucked into a deep breath as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Water dripped down from the strands of my hair into the side of my forehead as I splashed more into my face. Fighting through the thousand thoughts roaming up my head, air pushed harshly out of my lungs and I drove my hand through my hair.

I dried my face and went back to my room. I pulled the semi-wet T-shirt over my head and threw it into the laundry basket. As I slipped another one over my head, I heard the door opening. I immediately turned around and...there she was.

Her eyes traveled down my stomach then up again as I fixed my shirt. She licked her lips, "Um, not sorry." She said, trying so hard to hide a smile before she leisurely made her way into the room like she owned it.

My eyes followed her as she sat on my bed's edge, her palms pressed over the mattress and her eyes met mine again, "Whatcha ya doin?" She asked, her tone cheerful.

"Why you're here?" I purposely ran away from her and now he
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