Chapter 7 - Right yet so terribly wrong

Lilly's POV

My heart did that crazy thing again, pulsing with an unfamiliar newly-acquired affection toward the guy standing right ahead of me.

As much as I wanted to break free from the shackles binding me to him since that day, I couldn't. My gaze locked on the boy who held a very special place in my heart. There was no denying how much Chase meant to me. I mean, we practically grew up together.

It wasn't till recently that I started to see him more than that. More than a friend, more than family. He is becoming something else. Something more... but still unknown and undefined. And as any other human being I am scared of the unknown. More like terrified.

My eyes caught the few drops of water that made their way down from the light strands of his hair to the side of his temple. I couldn't help the heartfelt smile sneaking up my face as I took in the whole situation we got ourselves into.

In that exact same moment, a smile of his own curved his beautiful lips, reflecting my own. His s
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