Book Of Alpha

Book Of Alpha

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The four clans are fighting for their own level of powers and capabalities to rule the world. In order to raise their power, they need to do a quest in order to get their highest level of power. But because of misunderstanding, one secret enemy will eventually wakes up from its long sleep that will lead the world in chaos. So, the one who created them decided to choose their own Alpha’s to lead each of their clans to stop the awakening of their secret enemy called The Dark Lord. That will be the beginning of their battle. A female Alpha’s Love can only stop them from their battle that will give birth to the most powerful being on Earth exist.

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8 Chapters
Level of Power (1)
In the four Alphas of the underworld, they have a leader in their clan. They also have their own power to defend their class. They were specified as class D, C, B, and A. The D were level as one to twenty five (1-25).This level is very weak and this group classifications were not hardworking instead they are just contented with their level. The C were level as twenty-six to fifty (26-50).This level is at the middle and this group were already happy on that classification level since they don't want to gamble for their lives. The B were level as fifty-one to seventy-five (51-75).This group were classified as strong level since they've got the power and that's already enough for them since they are already tired to fight and risk for their own lives. The A was level as seventy-six to one hundred (76-100).This level of classification was very hard to
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Transform to Battle
Imre walk his way to Lex and Senan trying to stop them from what they were thinking to each other. "Stop with your nonsense conversation. We are at the Sanctuary of Life you need to give respect!" Imre exclaimed while trying to get to the way of Senan and Lex. "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Senan and Lex laugh at the same time upon hearing what Imre said. "Stop acting like a good person Imre, we know what you did before you came to be the most riches man in the land." Lex speaks up while looking at Imre. "You killed your competitor or worst blackmailed them just to stop their business to compete with yours." Lex continues while slowly walking his way to Imre. "You are just like us." Lex exclaimed while he wave his hand in front of Imre. Imre ignored what Lex just said. Before, even though he had a bad character he still knows how to respect Mother Tree. A
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Mother Tree
Mother Tree already knows what they were thinking while they saw them looking at each other with a confusing looks in their own eyes. "B-but Mother Tree you already created an Alpha female, the reason we build our own clan. " Imre exclaimed with a confusing look. "I know about that Imre, but this Alpha female is different from the rest." Mother Tree exclaimed in her full voice. The four Alpha's look at each other and the  to Mother Tree. "This Alpha female will carry a child. A child that will lead you all." Mother Tree continues with her They look at nowhere and then to each other. They were very confuse about what Mother Tree have just said. Senan were the one who dares to ask a question about the Alpha female. "What do you mean that will lead us all Mother Tree?" Senan dauntedly ask. "Senan, this child will become very powerful th
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King Of All Alpha’s
Mother Tree was already has those thoughts in her mind about what they were thinking and yet she tries to eliminate those thoughts in them. She walk his way in front of Imre. Mother Tree hold the face of Imre and she said. "Imre I want you to be strong, you are oldest from the rest of the Alpha. I need you to protect your brother using your STRENGTH." Mother Tree exclaimed while she slowly takes off her hand to the face of Imre. Mother Tree walks her way in front of Liam who were at the corner standing. She holds the hand of Liam and said. "Liam show us your POWER to create a unity  and love to your brothers." Mother Tree exclaimed while taking her hands off to Liam's. She walks next to Imre who is Senan. She hold his arms and speak to him. "Senan you are INTELLIGENT enough, use it to think better in any way possible." Mother Tree with her full voice and
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Yellow vs. Green
Staring to each other made it more visible to them to identify their clans. Liam with his green eyes and Senan with his yellow eyes. Because of that quick move of Liam, the yellow guards Alpha immediately guarded Senan and prepares to attack Liam. It was four of them. Liam can see the identity of those guards just by looking in their eyes, he sees deep yellow eyes in them that any signal Senan can turned the guards into a wild one. But without hesitation, Liam decided to use his power using level 26 and 15 HP. He wanted to prepare himself under the guards attack. When Liam started to open his hand and it shows a light with a color of green. The guards immediately attacked him but Liam throw that light to the yellow Alpha guard. 'Innnnggg! Thuggg!' A sound of a light that throw's to the Alpha yellow's guards. By the force that has been made, the Alpha yellow g
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Hot Tempered Alpha’s
The reason his face was reveal to the guards who was at the ground still in pain. When they saw him, they've got shock for a minute. Then they slowly stand up with an angry expression and beast look on their faces they suddenly transform their body to a black wolf. 'Wosssshhh!' Turning themselves to a different being. 'AWOOOOO! Awooooh!' A long howl of those black wolf has been heard inside. The symbol of their howl was for asking help from their clans. Liam heard that signal. And Lex who were inside his safe haven also heard those howling sound coming from the outside of his shield. Liam without anymore hesitation he speak up to stop the group from attacking him. "I am not here to fight, I am here to speak with Lex." Liam exclaimed while he lowered his body prepares himself to defend himself from
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Liam vs Lex
Imre and Liam look vividly to each other while trying to feel their own instinct towards each other's intention. Liam decided to calm down and takes out his preparedness towards Lex. He was there to talk to him about his proposition about peace to his own brothers. "Ah hmmm." Liam clears his throat before he could prepare himself to talk. While Lex was still waiting for Liam to talk. He was just looking at him and was curious about what he'd gonna say. They had some misunderstandings last time and he can still remember that in his mind enough not to forget. "Lex, I am here with peace in my mind and also to our brothers. I know that we are not okay but I tried my best to be here to talk to you." Liam exclaimed while he walks near him while he pressed his own palms together. Lex moved his eyebrows up and then down when he heard about what Liam said but still wa
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Punching Power of Imre
Liam happily went to Imre's house, the last stop he would be going since he'd all convinced his other brothers with his request to make peace. Liam already reaches Imre's home and he was already at the main gate and the guard who was guarding the main gate recognizes him. He immediately made a call to announce that Liam has arrives. Imre heard the announcement while he was in his room resting. He already expected that because he already seen that in his vision. He slowly close his eyes and send a message to Liam through their inner thoughts. Imre told Liam to talk at the same place they went before. "Let's meet at the same old place." Imre uttered it in his thoughts to send it to Liam's thoughts. Liam who were standing at the main gate suddenly stood up and heard the inner thoughts of his brother Imre, whom he wanted him to go the place they were always going whenever they wanted to talk about someth
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