Wild Beauty (Silver and Shinja)

Wild Beauty (Silver and Shinja)

By:  Mytyzee  Ongoing
Language: English
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To break the Gipus Curse, the Green kingdom and Silver kingdom must unite through a marriage. Lives must be sacrificed to redeem others because of this curse. Will the daughter of the last descendant accept the union that is so expected between her and the prince of the Silver kingdom? The obstacles standing between them and the destiny that awaits will determine if the curse be broken. It may take longer than they think. When they think it is over, Silver and Shinja, an event gone well but wrong, leads to their death or travel into the immortal world. They will have to decide between taking their lives and saving their son.

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waitin for the next chapter~ by the way, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 18:31:18
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Prologue IN A MYSTICAL LAND, far, far away at a time nonexistent from now, therein existed the Green Kingdom, a land of immortality and immortal beings. It was envied in all the land by creatures both mystical and mundane. It worried the lot of them that believed in black magic because the inhabitants of the Green Kingdom fought against such forces. The Green  family held and protected the
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Chapter 2
Pink-White opened his mind to the surroundings. The colors had taken on a brighter tinge. He tried to recognize the place, had he been here before? It looked like a place that one could only dream about. The flowers were brighter as though more color had been splashed on their petals.  Everything was radiant. The sky too had a life of its own, vibrant with color. The clouds were breathing, churning as the wind turned them.  His mother's voice snapped him out of his daze.
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Chapter 3
His daughter did not give him time to process whatever his mind was working it's way around. She half-dragged, half-jogged him from the balcony pavilion that led through his bed chambers, into the hallway to her room. Instead of the pink streak of hair that went through his father's hair, Pink-White's entire head was ashen pink in color, in his eye sockets sat glassy eyes with golden irises stricken with a few black lines. He had a limp in his step that could easily be missed because of how straight his back stood on his thick thighs.  
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Chapter 4
Her grandmother, Terese-White sat on a wooden rocking chair, rocking away gently as she waited for the little ones to settle before she started her tale. A tale that the girls never grew tired of. They wanted it read to them every night, every day. They would give her an earful if ever she slightly changed the tiniest bit of the story.  Better yet, if she ever began a story other than that, they would dismiss her. The other four sisters would walk out of Shinja's room as though their grandmother had not started anything of importance. They blocked her out as if she was invisible.  
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Chapter 5
"I am calling out to you Bingy-White. I need you. I do not want to go. Not yet. I know my time is nigh but I do not want to go, not when they are so young." Her outburst was so sudden you could think that she was talking to herself in a soliloquy or maybe to some invisible person. But in response to her, a form appeared at the far side of the wooden shelf on its top left mirror door, a reflection formed. "There you are. I thought you were never going to come." Terese gazed up at the image with adoration shining in her ey
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Chapter 6
The anonymity of this happening was to the rest of the kingdom a surprise but not to Pink-White for he knew where his mother had gone--it had something to do with that odd dream he had had the previous night. It was only for him to know.  He wept. 
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Chapter 7
 The last family to arrive, the Silver kingdom made the twenty first family. Nothing was to begin without their presence because of them being known as the chief Healers, they held the power to health. That meant they were the makers of the Elixir of Life. On arrival of the Silver kingdom, the princesses were peeping through the windows of their chambers jumping with excitement. They kept coming to peep and
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Chapter 8
 She was fidgeting with the ends of her blouse, her fingers messing with a loose strand.  "Is there a problem Shinja? If you do not want to do this, it is alright I can have a servant assist your sisters."  
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Chapter 9
"Well, I was planning on showering him with flowers." That did it,  the sisters burst out laughing at Shimpi's plan. She always had the wildest ideas.  Now if her bold sisters were feeling that way, what would a timid Shinja do? She did not know how all of it had happened. Her heart was drawn to the prince the moment his gray eyes pierced her brown ones.  
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Chapter 10
Blue transparent butterflies were flying everywhere. The scent of the roses hit her nose. A tiny colorless drop hit her nose waking her out of her reverie. Where was the prince? She would drop the fruit basket then get back to the book she had been reading before dosing off while in her room. She had been going over the words she was to say on meeting the prince.  'Your majesty, here is the fruit basket that you sent for.' After that she would turn and leave. Simple, easy, nothing to worry about. However, the prince
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