Beneath The Sea

Beneath The Sea

By:  Zer Villafonte  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was lost, nowhere to be found. So, he began to find her. Little did he know she was just there all along hiding beneath the sea.(This story involves Philippine Mythology, but I altered some things for the plot to work out, thanks!)

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Michelle Lowry
very well done.
2022-08-04 10:50:11
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waiting for more chapters! keep going~ by the way, do you have any active socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 16:21:11
user avatar
Woah, can't wait for the next updates!
2020-09-19 11:12:27
20 Chapters
"RICE CAKE! SWEET RICE CAKE!" In a breezy morning, a young man shouted. He was there, in a market. So many people gave attention to him when he yelled. But no one bought his sweet rice cakes. Without any costumers, he still tried to sell.Hours passed and still, no one bought his rice cake. He was on the verge of giving up, the light that he once saw is fading.Until a few people went near him and buy those delicious rice cakes. He can't help but have an innocent and sweet smile on his face whenever someone buys his goodies. He wants them to buy all of his rice cakes, not because he wants it but because he needs it."Kailangan kong kumita para kila inay at itay. (I need to earn money for my parents)" The boy whispered using his native language. All he ever wanted was to help his parents. He yelled again and again so he can be noticed by the people passing by. Some people who heard him bought his homemade rice cakes.
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Chapter 1
NOLAN“Do you believe in mermaids?” I turned at my back to look at Orlene, irritated. Where in the world does she get that question? Only dumb people would believe that mermaids are real. I shook my head in disbelief. I looked at her again like she was the dumbest person in the world, then she frowned. “Why? I’m just asking a question.” Seriously? Is that even a question? It’s clear that mermaids are only mythical creatures and she would believe in those stupid kinds of stuff? “Are you sure you’re feeling well? It seems that you didn't have enough sleep and started asking dumb questions.” Then I howl with laughter. I laughed so hard in a way that I catch the attention of my classmates, “Oh, sorry.” I said then I stared at her, she’s now as red as a tomato. Aww, my little sister is embarrassed, cute. Well, we’re not real siblings. But I treat her as my little sister. She has the same personality as my late younger sister.I checked my watch…is our teacher not there yet?! Where in the
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Chapter 2
NOLAN“Wait for a second, who are you?” I asked her. I could not see her face. Geez, why doesn’t she want me to see her face? So selfish! She didn’t pay attention to my question. Instead, she answered me with another question.“Are you willing to find her? Even if it will put your life at risk?” She asked me. I was speechless for a moment at what she just said. Hmm, if it’s worth the risk, then why not? I opened my mouth, but I can’t come up with a word to say. So, I just shrugged at her. I cannot answer her question. Who knows? What I’m looking for might be long gone now.I suddenly removed that thought from my head, I don’t want to think that it will happen. I’m sure that it will pain me a lot if that occurs. I cleared my mind and looked at her, thinking for an answer to reply. She noticed that my eyes were fixed on her, so she tilt
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Chapter 3
NOLANI sighed as I walked towards my closet. I picked the most decent uniform to wear. Another day of school. Though, I’m not complaining that I’m going to school. It’s my dream when I was young. But, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT SCHOOL IS THIS HARD!I looked at the time. Dammit! It’s already 7:00 AM! We have a class at 7:15! I quickly wore my clothes, I went directly to the dining room, nobody’s here. Maybe mom and dad are still sleeping? I ate pancakes with syrup. I didn’t have time to drink my water. I quickly went outside and head towards our school. Well, Zonwolf University is not that far from home. Unconsciously, I looked at a girl running fast. It’s weird to see people in this place. Only a few people know about this, my family and I use this as a shortcut to school. Back to the girl, it looks like that she’s late on her work because of her messy hair and untidy clothes. Als
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Chapter 4
NOLANW-Wait what?!I was stunned, can’t utter a single word. ‘I-Is this another d-dream?!’ I asked myself. I looked at her; my mind can’t process what’s happening. Her arms were covered in water, so is her legs. Her top was also covered with fluid.The water that ran through her legs eventually became an aqua blue net that looked like a long skirt that covered her two skinny legs, just like what I saw in my dream. Then, the water ran up to her body and it made her semi-transparent cloth. The same water ran above her legs to her two arms and covered it with a net in a darker shade of aqua blue. A blue ball of water went up to her head and made her a beautiful shining crown. Lastly, the water drew something on her right arm; it was a wave, the waves of the sea.S-She’s a goddess.After she transformed, a pile of water went to her hand and formed a spear. I looked at her still stuck in my
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Chapter 5
NOLANA week has passed, and something unexpected happened. I looked at my back, I saw Orlene who’s now sitting and writing something on her notes. She apparently knew about the mermaid.She said she accidentally heard me and Amansinaya talking to each other. She even heard that Credail is Amansinaya. What’s surprising is that she didn’t even freak out. Instead, she was amazed that Credail is a goddess. She even wanted to see Amansinaya’s power. Heck, she nagged us the whole week just so she could see the goddess’ power! Therefore, we have left with no choice but to show her. Amansinaya and I decided to show it to her after class.I looked at the seat beside me. Amansinaya isn't early today, huh? Commonly she’s earlier than me every time we go to school. I looked at my watch, fifteen minutes left before our first subject starts.“Nolan, did you do our homework?” I turned my
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Chapter 6
NOLAN“Hmm, I really think that you must find her.” There she goes, every day is like that.  I looked at Orlene, irritated. She didn’t stop persuading me.“I said I’m not yet ready. Give me some time to think.” I said. “Isn’t a few days enough for you? How much time do you need more? Months? Years?” She asked bluntly. I didn’t respond to her. Instead, I opened my notes and started studying.She sighed at me, “You know what? If you’re like that, I don’t think that you deserve her.”  I was stunned at her answer. I looked at her, I tried to open my mouth but no voice came out. I can’t answer her, a moment of silence ensued between us; until our teacher came. I can’t focus on the discussion. As if I’m here in the classroom but my brai
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Chapter 7
NOLANI felt a strong force pulling me. Minutes have passed when I felt the force starting to fade away. I slowly opened my eyes; what I saw is a jaw-dropping view. I looked around, Orlene was beside me while Amansinaya, now on her goddess form is in front of us.Breathe of the wind slowly whispered upon us. Trees that are everywhere, unlike in our world where buildings and structures were the only things you can see. In the sky, you see a flock birds flying. One of them was leading the way. My eyes looked at that bird when I noticed that it was also looking at us. Then, the bird flaps its wings directly towards us.I was about to run when a flock of birds flew to our direction but Amansinaya stopped me. “Don’t run they won’t harm us.” And she was right. The bird that led the direction landed on my shoulders. While the others landed on the ground.“The bird on your should
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Chapter 8
NOLANI have to save her, now that I got a weapon to find her. I have to find her, wherever she is.That thought kept ringing in my ear. I have only one mission, and that is to find her. I looked at the mirror in front of me, am I enough to find her? Even so, even if I’m not enough, I will find her. Amansinaya gave us rooms to sleep in. We are in separate rooms. Orlene and I slept alone in our rooms. I looked at my bed; it was easy to get comfortable with it. Our rooms were filled with oxygen. Amansinaya also said that the oxygen in our room will never run out, the same with our headgears.I walked down to the table beside my bed. I took my headgear and my sword. The kingdom is still filled with water for the mermaids and other aquatic animals to live.I wore my headgear as I walk outside. I looked around, so where is the training room she is saying?“Follow me, I will lead
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Chapter 9
NOLANWait, what?I looked at Amansinaya weirdly, is that really true? “You’re looking at me like I’m a big fat liar.” She said. I shook my head at her. If that is really true then, how ironic is that? In our world, we believed that creatures like them are only a myth. Then in this world, they believed that we, humans are myths.I didn’t respond to her, instead, I continued eating. Few minutes of an ear-shattering silence ensued when finally I broke it.“So, what will we do next? When will we start finding her?” I asked. Orlene’s attention was caught when I asked. We both looked at Amansinaya.Instead of paying attention to my question, she just enjoyed her meal. As if, she didn’t hear anything.I faked a cough to get her attention. She looked at Orlene, and me “Oh, sorry.” She said then stopped eatin
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