Bound In Secrets

Bound In Secrets

By:  Rose Sugar  Updated just now
Language: English
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I was raised with the criminal underground’s most notorious crew turned government-sanctioned mercenaries in Texas and Colorado, known as the Death Kings. My uncle is one of them known as the Gator King. Now I walk in his footsteps, leading a crew of my own with his backing. To my family, my nickname is Seraphim, but in my kingdom, I’m the Viper King. Now the boys who left me, who swore they would stay by my side to protect me, are back in town. They are attempting to become like C.H.A.O.S. who run Palomino Bay, Texas. That will not happen because Grêle, Louisiana, is my stronghold. The person they need to protect is themselves because it isn’t me. …They don’t know my secret, but I know theirs…

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31 Chapters
Sleepover Of Doom
Sawyer Blood covers my boys. It's all because of me. The look on Storm's face tells me everything I need to know. There is a tick in his tight jaw. The boys who raped me are dead at their hands. This wasn't what I wanted. "They are gone, baby girl. You will never have to worry about them hurting you or another girl again," Storm deadpans. "We should have been with you, sweetheart. Then, none of this would have happened," Jensen says with his fists tightly clenched at his side in anger. I shake my head, knowing them being at a college party instead of the high school football game is far from their fault. What those boys did to me..? No one could have helped me. I couldn't even help myself, even though I fought as hard as I could. It's how my boys found them quickly. I left scratch marks on their faces and bruises throughout their bodies. The three seventeen-year-old boys were unfair competition for me, w
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Protective Father
Sawyer I'm so warm when I wake up, and a steady heartbeat is underneath my ear. I'm lying on Storm's chest with Jensen's hand holding mine. Carter is lying close to Storm and me with his arm stretched across my back. JT's legs are thrown over Carter's, and his feet are touching my leg. This should be weird, but I could wake up in a tangle of my boys every single day of my life. I require them just as much as it is essential to breathe. "I should be a worried father, but it's been a long time since I've seen these boys here like this. What happened?" My father asks me from the couch. I didn't want to tell my father what happened, but I knew he would find another way. "They killed my three rapists last night, Daddy," I say in a child-like voice. My father's brown eyes turn black in anger. "If they wouldn't have, I will," my father says through clenched teeth. "Are you okay, Sawyer?" He asks in a softened voice after he lets out a breath. I shake my head at first, telling him no,
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The Police & Best Friend
SawyerJensen and I drive back to his house in his beat-up single-cab pickup truck. Carmen rushes out the door when she sees us, wrapping herself around me, tears streaming down her face."I was so worried, Sawyer!" She blubbers."I'm fine, babe," I whisper, stroking her hair.When she stops crying, her eyes narrow in on Jensen. "What did you do!?"It's then, when she hisses those words at her older brother, that I see the police car. My stomach drops. No. The police are already here, which means the kid who saw them last night went to the police.Two police officers approach us. "Jensen Meyer," one of them says. Jen turns to them.Jensen turns back to me and Carmen. "Cary, go inside with my Juliet." He hugs his sister, then embraces me. He places a soft kiss on my forehead. He turns back to the police officer after releasing me.I grab Jensen's hand and rest my forehead on his back. "Don't go, Romeo. You saved me. Please don't leave me," I beg.He releases a sigh, his stiff body rela
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No More Piglets
SawyerCarmen and I are cuddled up on the couch watching anime with our dakimakura body pillows and my quilts. We ate a whole gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream and drank a bottle of Bailey's right along with it. It was a full bottle my dad gave me for my last birthday.I only drink here at home or with my boys for safety reasons, not that it did me any good.I hear keys in the door, knowing it could only be my father. I look up at him but say nothing, not wanting Carmen to see my father covered in blood.My father gives me a crooked smile. "No more piglets, baby girl." This means the kid who squealed to the cops about what my boys did was dead, along with whatever proof he had."Okay, Daddy. Go shower. You smell like a pig. Oink. Oink." I wrinkle my nose at him before snorting like a pig myself. He chuckles at me, shaking his head."I needed that, Sawyer. Thank you, kiddo." My father kisses the top of my head before making a hasty retreat to our shared bathroom before Carmen see
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The Club
Sawyer, ten years laterThere he is, right in the middle of my club. The man used to have a crush on him. My best friend's older brother. A beautiful woman with hair the color of blood hangs off his arm.I've been in love with him since I first saw him when I was eight and he was eleven. He was handsome then, with chestnut hair that liked to flop in his face and eyes the color of moss in a rainforest.I haven't seen him since he left. Wow, he grew! His simple navy V-neck stretches tight across his shoulders, well-defined his arms with muscle, and his jeans are tight over his hips and thighs. He has one arm covered in tattoos with four lip rings, two rings in each eyebrow, and his septum pierced. All the hardware is in navy, matching his shirt. If I thought he was hot before, my panties are soaking wet now just looking at him.I'm sitting on a couch, drunk, with my best friend, Carmen, clinging to me. We are curled up together. He doesn't notice us until Jeremy, Carmen's boyfriend, poi
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StormWhile smoking, I saw Carmen with a bald man and a woman with rainbow-colored hair. Only one girl would be with Carmen: Sawyer Lily Hughes. The sway of her hips in her leather pants and red heels almost made me drop my cigarette. She has gotten curvy in all the right places and is no longer the beanpole we once were. I have to adjust my crotch at the sight of her. She doesn't notice I'm here watching her.We never should have left her, but we had no choice. At nineteen, we had to choose between prison for murder or joining the Death Kings, a government-sanctioned group specializing in assassination and espionage.The Death Kings started as a criminal underground organization in Palomino Bay, Texas, known as the Cards Royalty. We were in training for three years with them and then were on assignments.Now we got to come home finally. Grêle, Louisiana, will be the base of operations for our team. Since the town's name means thund
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Sawyer"Give me your hand, Bonnie girl. I'll lift you."I reach my hand up to the handsome sixteen-year-old boy with long, inky hair. He pulls me up to sit behind him on a moving pump jack, tucking me close between him and my best friend's older brother.
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Morning B&E
StormI was getting ready to head to the gym when I heard a scream coming directly across the hall from Sawyer’s apartment. It was a blood-curdling, gut-wrenching scream.Her front door was locked, so I kicked it open with no time to grab my lock-picking kit. There was only one bedroom door closed, and that one was locked too, so I kicked it in with my bare foot.Sawyer was crying while sitting with a dead man in her bed. I reacted on instinct, thinking someone hurt once again her. Here we were, just across the hall, and let it happen. I was terrified I was in the wrong place at the wrong time once more.Just as I was about to kill the man I was holding against the wall; Sawyer’s irate voice snapped me out of my trance with a single firm command. How did she do that?She is stark naked, tattooed, and gorgeous. The woman has become a goddess, with soft womanly curves in all the right places. My dick hardens to a painful point in my mesh shorts.What keeps me from acting on my instincts
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Drool Worthy
Sawyer I’m at my club trying to go over the financials, but all I can concentrate on is Storm Diesel Benson. The way his gray mesh shorts barely cover the impressive length within. I made him hard. When I got out of the shower, he wore a navy three-piece suit. No bulge was in his slacks as he was leaning against the door, guarding mine with his arm crossed over a muscular chest and one foot resting against the door. Storm’s black hair was braided down his back. His thick, long black eyelashes make his eyes black as night. His high cheekbones and square angular jaws are part of his Native American Heritage. He is gorgeous to behold. He had a tattoo on his right pectoral of a wolf howling. That continued down his upper arm to a forest scene, with a dark-haired woman kneeling amongst a black wolf, two gray wolves, and a solid white wolf. The woman appeared familiar to me, but I didn’t get the best look. There was another tattoo below it that enc
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Grovel Boys
Sawyer Storm’s car is an ultra-rare piece of classic muscle car beauty in canary yellow. How did he find such a car? It had to cost a fortune to rebuild or buy. How did he afford this? I know nothing about what my boys do for money now. I slide onto the leather upholstery, then he shuts the car door for me. When he starts the engine, the rumble has my panties combusting. I have to clench my thighs together tightly at how turned on the car is making me. Storm side-eyes me, chuckling under his breath. Jerk. He drives the car like it’s his second skin. It isn’t hard to tell that he loves this car. It doesn’t take long to reach the steakhouse. When Storm parks, I think I destroy my ripped skinny jeans along with my underwear. He parks beside a bright orange classic Ford Torino Cobra, which looks to me like a 1970 model, it’s gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for classic cars. What I’m not expecting to see is the shiny blue Ford GT
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