Bound by Love: Falling for Mr. Billionaire

Bound by Love: Falling for Mr. Billionaire

By:  D. Presh  Updated just now
Language: English
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Sasha Brown has the tables turned on her after her father’s death. Left with a huge debt to repay, she finds herself in the hands of the ruthless CEO of Dragon Corporation, Valentino Rex, who tends to help settle her debt if and only if she becomes his. What will she do? Will she accept his request and become his, or will she keep her dignity and decline his tempting offer?

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So far, I have been enjoying this masterpiece.... The author did a great work of having me stay glued to the chapters. I noticed a mix-up with the name but regardless this is really nice.
2024-06-20 13:32:50
49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Why does life always have to be so cruel? I never thought my life would end like this. I am drowning in my thoughts, awaiting death, which is yet to come. My luck is down. Being the only daughter of some runaway parents, I had to fend for myself as well as my elderly grandma, who I lived with. That was fair enough to deal with, not until some random men with guns I've never come across came crashing through the front door, roaring about the debt my runaway father owed them. Not likee I cared about reimbursing it, but I was left with no choice when I heard the geezer had used my grandmother's house as collateral for payment, and failure to repay the money would result in our homelessness. "Sasha, it's your shift. Those men are hungry." I finally remembered the work I had acquired. A modest girl like me working as a waitress in a strip club was a joke. The never-ending gazes of men hungry for sexy women to have a one-night stand with were one of my biggest problems, and it wasn't go
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Chapter 2
"Leave her alone; she's mine." The voice echoed, causing Dave to flinch a little. I looked up to see my savior, the man who came running to save a mere waitress in a strip club from the hands of Dave Mariel. My eyes fell on his muscular body, which beamed out from beneath the black T-shirt he was wearing. "No one can save her from my grasp." Dave wasn't willing to give up, and I was too shocked to lift a finger. With a single move of his fist, Dave came crashing to the floor with blood oozing from his noserils. "Are you okay?" he asked. There I saw it—his brown eyes, which had a gentle spark that gave him a handsome look. His broad chest, which any lady would crave, and his muscular arms, which would definitely be comfortable to sleep in, His only flaw was the look on his face, which was so scary.I gazed into his eyes as he offered me his hand. I wasn't going to take it; all men are the same: perverted, derailed, and lustful. He moved closer, lifting me off the ground and carrying
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Chapter 3
I wondered what type of person Valentino was. Judging from his workers’ behavior, they all feared him, and no one dared go close to him except his assistant, Eddie. Eddie is quite courageous, being the personal assistant of a monster, as I've heard."Mam, you need to be careful around the boss." A woman dressed in white entered the room with a cup of wine on a tray. She is in a moderate dress; she is the leader of the maids, I suspect. She dropped the tray on the side table before sitting down. on the bed with me. Not like I cared about that sort of thing."So when do you plan on doing this?" I looked at the woman with anxiety written all over her face. What am I planning on doing? She turned back to continue giving me the cold shoulder."The boss is a very strict and delicate man; not even I could get half as close as that to him. Please teach me your ways; I will do anything." Now I am confused. The boss is strict and has a cute and scary face, but what am I to say to this woman wh
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Chapter 4
He grabbed my blouse, almost tugging it out of place. With a smirk, he left me, going back to his seat. I stole a glance at him in dismay. He wasn't who I thought he would be; he was the same as every single man on this earth. "Next time someone touches you, make sure you check your body," body," he taunted, throwing a black metallic material toward me. I looked up to see him blowing his hair back into place with his mouth like a child. It is such a devastating act to remove a piece of metal."You could have just told me; I would have removed it myself," I exclaim, looking at the metal on the floor. He moved close to me once again, taking the metal and breaking it into pieces right before my eyes. He was like a superhuman or something. "This piece of metal is a tracking device; he was going to have you for himself forever, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it," he retorts, standing up to take his leave. "Thank you,"I heard myself say as he walked out of the room. Stil
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Chapter 5
What am I kidding? Valentino wasn't going to rescue me after I escaped from the penthouse. I was all alone, left to face the agony I had pulled closer without knowing. I couldn't say a damn thing anymore; Dave had predicted this incident quite well.Tears escaped my eyes as the men came closer, ready to plunge their devastation on me for making them go through a lot. I kept on screaming, but they didn't shut me up. "This place is known as the alley of crimes. Any crime committed here would die here. You're all alone now, pretty girl." I felt something hard hit me on the neck, making me lose focus on my surroundings. My eyes were defaulting, closing with every accommodation I made."Some people don't learn until they are faced with circumstances that change their lives," his domineering yet attracting voice reached out to me as he walked into the alley."Don't think you can save her all by yourself; we aren't the typical goons you face on a daily basis." Upon hearing his name, I lifte
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Sasha's POVWhat have I gotten myself into? I stood mouth opened agape not knowing what to say or what to choose.“Why are you doing all this?” I screamed at his face, not knowing what choice to make.I stood there, tears trickling down my face thinking beyond myself and about my grandmother. How she'd done everything under the sun to keep me safe and give me the love I never had from my deadbeat parents.“I'll choose my family, Valentino,” I said looking him straight in the eyes.Grabbing the briefcase, I asked for one more thing, a smirk forming around my lips. This was my chance to pay off the debt of my old geezer and give my granny a good life.“Promise me one thing.”“What exactly do you want?” He said, emotions missing from his gaze.“You've got some guts, I'm here taking away your problems and you're still emboldened to make a counter-ask?” He questioned, his right hand raised with a loud clap.In the blink of an eye, four hefty men came into the room.“Take her away. Throw he
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Chapter 7
Sasha’s POV“You'll have to take the hit yourself,” he said to me, an awkward laughter bursting out of his mouth “I thought you asked me if I wanted her in a….”“I know, I asked, but you'll have to carry it out,” he said.What have I gotten myself into, just a few months ago, I was trying to put my life together, almost had my feminine pride been taken from me, and now here I am asked to order someone's death.This isn't the life I had hoped for growing up. I know I lacked the love I deserved coming up from deep poverty and life from the projects. Maybe this is my destiny to end up in the worst of ways, or is this a chance to turn my luck around and rewrite my story one step at a time?“No! I'm no killer, I didn't mean to say that, Valentino.”A laugh broke through the room and there he looked at me deeply into my eyes saying, “Baby, don't you know what you asked is no small feat?”“Belinda is the daughter of the rulers of the underworld, her family are my biggest rivals and the caus
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Chapter 8
Valentino's POV“Take him inside,” I yelled as I pulled up from my Bugatti Chiron, maintaining maximum steeze.After all these years, I still had to put up with all these. Who told these men they could switch up on me? I paid my dues in blood and sweat and I wouldn't give anyone the chance to toy with me. And this fool chose to be a bad example. Well, I am a good teacher. Today, I will show him what I am made of, and if he lives to tell of it, he will tell it even to his great-grandkids.“He's the one who tried to take that arms deal from us from the Kazakhstan government,” Jared said, head bowed in respect.“This fool made me leave the comfort of my home, I left my wife for this?” I said turning to JaredI looked at the man who was kneeling before me, he was one of those who I had raised out of dirt shit. And here's how he chose to pay me back. I had brought him from the slums I once dwelt in when my family forsook me and left me for dead. I promised when I was made, I would help tho
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Chapter 9
Sasha’s POV"Hey! Stop…Ple... Please... St... Stop!" I yelled at the top of my voice, waking up in fear, which was visible in my sleepy eyes.I gulped down the saliva, took in a deep breath, and wiped off the sweat that washed over my head quickly with the back of my palm.I was dreaming about the incident that led me here. Although it's been six months, I still can't get over the horrible experience Dave and his men caused me.I heard my phone ring and I pulled myself through the bed sheet, raised my hands, and made a quick stretch.I took the phone, which was on the table, and saw no name on the caller ID on my phone's screen. I sat upright, calming myself from my nightmare, and answered the caller."Hi, who am I on to?” Sasha called out over the phone."Hello, Sasha... Get away from that place, your life is in danger." The stranger's voice echoed in my head before ending the call abruptly."Who are you and how did she get this number?" I queried, with concern welling within me.Sin
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Chapter 10
Sasha’s POVBefore she finished her words the door opened and I hoped that what we had said didn't get to him.Valentino walked into the room and met a silence, where a drop of a needle could be heard audibly. We were star-struck and mute at the same time. Rose adjusted her clothes and began cleaning my room with the towel on her hands. I had to signal her with a wink to my right eye to stop that. I'd learned from my “husband” and was now communicating through secret codes too.“Look who I have here with me. What are you two ladies up to,” he asked.I glanced at Rose and turned back to Alexandro. Thinking of what to say to him. I hastily put together a sweet lie that would fit after all.“Valentino, I asked her to help me with directions to Casino Royale,” I said knowing it would pique his interest because I overheard him speaking about getting there for a game earlier in the week.“Oh! I see. My darling Sasha now has her eyes on the boards. Hmm, do you know what I'm thinking,” Valen
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