Broke My Heart

Broke My Heart

By:  Hakuna_matata  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Amelia was leading a perfect life, She loved her life, her friends everything. But what she hated the most were boys. Especially boys who like to play with girls. She hasn't had any good reason to trust them. Whenever she loved someone it was always for some ulterior motive. What happens when she bumps into School's new boy, Damien? Icy blue eyes are his signature. A boy who is cocky, sweet, caring but at the same time mysterious in his own ways. Will Damien prove her wrong and fall in love along with her? Or does he have his own motives behind his actions. To add onto Amelia's turmoil of a life, what will happen when the boy who broke her heart a few years back returns to claim her back? What would have happened between the two? Peek in to know ~~

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default avatar
What a lovely and wonderful story...️......️
2022-09-10 20:02:45
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Sonya Jones
Great story!! I'm crossing my fingers for an epilogue.
2022-04-07 15:26:59
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Memaw Quick
What a fun story!! ...
2022-01-04 03:52:13
user avatar
interesting plot loved it. you have done amazing work author!
2021-11-11 16:01:06
user avatar
It is a very cute story. A feisty girl...few you can say handsome boys and their banter and humor. it brought a smile on my face. I loved it .......... A good read to make your day.
2021-11-11 15:36:48
user avatar
I pity those who haven't found this book!! this is so funn
2021-11-10 23:22:47
default avatar
Ve Ga
Love the story! Couldn’t stop reading ...
2022-01-08 17:14:46
43 Chapters
1. School’s New Boy
I was laying there on my bed when the alarm rang. I groaned loudly before covering my ears with the pillow and rolled onto the other side. Like an annoying person the alarm won't stop and kept going. Stop it. Stop it! STOP THIS LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT CALLED THE ALARM CLOCK! It's annoying the hell out of me.I wanted to cry. I almost did because of frustration. Can't a person get some sleep? I legit slept at three in the morning for god's sake! But being an 'alarm clock' it continued ringing until I was not taking it anymore.Frustratedly, I kicked my legs making the covers fall off of me and turning to the side I got up....Imagining I was strangling the alarm I slapped it to quiet down.  Damn you! I grumbled at the alarm clock. 
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2. Life Playing a Game
"You are such a nerd." Anna and stace complaint to me. It was lunch time and we were sitting in our usual seats. The whole cafeteria was full of people and I could hear the chitter chatter of everyone as I put the notebook aside."No I'm not!" I protested."Yeah? I don't recall anyone being stupid enough to study during lunch." Stace rolled her eyes at me."Hey! Don't say that. I'm not stupid! And what is it with you and the others calling me nerd? Let me make it clear, I AM NOT A NERD. God! Can this day get any worse?"I swear I could see Anna and Stace watching me a little scared at my sudden burst of emotions. But you can't blame me! I don't like when people assume I am a nerd, just because I was reading something or the fact that I like maths."Relax girl, we were just kidding...Not really," I glared at her at this, "but yeah, as long as you say you are not a nerd. You aren't, okay?" She paused to look at me approving her, "But who is this 'oth
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3. Car Pooling
I was laying down on my bed, checking my phone when I heard my mom call me from downstairs."Yeah mom?" I asked not moving from the bed."There are new neighbours in our neighbourhood. Come on down, I want you to meet this guy. He says, he goes to the same school as you. He is is your age too. Just come down, I think you'll love to meet him."I rolled my eyes. New neighbor? Same school? Who else could it be? Damien puts a check to both of them. I guess, moving in so close wasn't enough that he decided to come home and greet my mom too. We just waved our goodbyes a while ago for god's sake! And here he was already in my house.I got up from my bed throwing my legs around and descended the stairs. I was almost down when I saw my mom talking to someone."Mom?" I called her.She turned around upon hearing my voice and beamed the second she saw me, "Oh honey, you came," she moved aside as I walked down the last few steps. As soon as
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4. How does he manage to do it
"Yes, I won!" I turned towards a very excited Evan. "It's heads!" He hooted, doing a happy little dance. Damien made a face, "Fine, we'll take your car." Evan leads us to his expensive black car, letting us know he was rich. I knew already. But I wish he was as rich from heart as he was using his parents money. Upon reaching the car he turned towards me, "I'll drive..while you'll sit in the passengers' seat," then looking at Damien he added, "And as for him, he can sit wherever he wants to sit." Damien snorted, "Li is not sitting with you, and if she is sitting in there then I'm the one who's driving." "No, I'm driving and 'Li'," He said Li in quotation with his hands, "is going to sit with me." They both glared at each other. Seriously? Can't they maintain peace for like what-- I checked my watch-- about ten minutes? Is it so difficult to keep themselves from fighting? Will they only stop after I ACTUALLY start shippin
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5. Well isn’t it great
It was lunchtime. I was sitting in my seat with Anna and Stace in the corner of the room. We were just talking rubbish when Anna slammed her hands on the table out of nowhere."I am so happy!" She exclaimed. I could see her eyes twinkling. Did she fall in love?I looked at Stace and found her shrugging at me too. "What are you talking about, Anna?" I asked her.She waved her hands-- sitting back in her seat, "Oh you foolish people," she said taking a bite of her lunch, "Of course, I'm talking about Elena not being here. Doesn't this place look like heaven to you without her?"I looked around and actually noticed the change of mood in the cafeteria. Even her friends were quiet and sitting like they didn't exist. How much I wish it stayed like this."You speak like she's never coming back," I rolled my eyes knowing the truth.She snorted, " You have no idea how much I wish that. Every time she is
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6. Jerk is back
I was riding a horse. The airbrushing against my face-- so soothing. There was no one to irritate me. No one to annoy me. Get on my nerves. I was finally alone and in peace. Far away from the cruel world. Wanting to live here forever until my face was splashed with water. What the heck? I snapped my eyes open and sat straight in bed while taking deep breaths. I looked around and noticed all my sheets and covers were covered in water. Not to mention that I had practically taken a shower in bed. "Good morning sleepyhead," Joey said amused grabbing my attention to him. Of course, it had to be him. Nobody hates me as much as him. Nobody would do this to me as him. I sat up straight, "You came?" He grinned and stretched his arms, "One and only." "But why?" I groaned rubbing my eyes. "To spend some time with my cousin." He stated as a matter of fact. "Spend some time," I mocked him, "more likely to torture me." "That'
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7. Ferris wheel
I got ready to go to the fair. I didn't dress up much. Just a white blouse and black leggings. I was checking myself out in the mirror when I saw Joey entering the room from my mirror. I raised my eyebrows at him, "Well guess what? You'll have to learn how to knock on the door." He smirked at me, "Why would I? It's not like I haven't seen you naked when we were young." I snorted and smacked him on his head. "Hey! What was that for?" He complaint rubbing the back of his head where I just hit him. "That was for you being a pervert." I turned away from the mirror and was about to go and take my belongings from the bed when the door bell rang. Joey got up from my bed, "That's my call." I raised my eyebrows, "Who is it?" He shrugged his shoulder, "My date for today." I nodded. I might not like Joey. I might even want to choke him to dead but I hate to admit it that Joey is a handsome man. With hazel eyes, wel
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8. His confession
I was sitting on the sofa with my legs propped up on the table in front of me. I was watching some show when Dad came and stood in between me and the tv. I raised my eyebrows at him in a questioning way. "Honey, your mom and I are going on a date," Dad told me. I removed my legs from the table and stood up. It was kind of a ritual for them to go on a date once a week. They were the definition of a perfect couple, making me want to have what they have someday. But if only... I would trust someone. Dad was telling me about all his plans for the date when it struck me. If mom and Dad were going out on a date that means...Oh no. Not happening.  I'll have to spend the rest of the night with Joey? I don't want to. It will be hell... I can sense it. But of course, I cannot tell that to my parents and make them miss their date.  I nodded at him and
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9. Drunk Joey
I ran outside the house. Breathing heavily I reached Joey, who was… What? What does he think he is doing?He was singing while jumping. Who even does that?... Of course, Joey does that."Hey Joey, where are the keys?" I asked him. He looked at me a little dazed, "I've been calling on you from heaven and Earth, where were you?""You basically locked me out of the house, remember? So I had to stay somewhere while it rained." Damien came running and stood beside me. Joey looked at the both of us and then ran his eyes over my clothes. Then holding his two fingers at us he said, "D-Did you two just-"I cut him off, "Hell no! We didn't do that!" Damien chuckled and whispered into my ears, "You do realize you really want that, right?""In your Dreams, Calvo." I rolled my eyes at him."Oh, you don't want to know about my dreams, Li.
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10. Don’t tell grumpy Applepie
"Damien! Joey is not in the room!" I frantically looked around his room.  Heck! Even below his bed! But he was nowhere to be seen. I promise, the first thing I will be doing in the morning is punching him in the face when he would be all in his senses. I faced towards his bed. And took a deep breath to shout again for Damien. "Dam-" Suddenly I felt a hand clamp on my mouth from behind me. I struggled in the person's arms. I don't want to get freaking kidnapped! But the person was not ready to leave me. I felt him lean... and now I could feel his breath against my ear. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything I kicked him.  The person groaned in pain, "God damnit, Applepie!! Are you sure you did not hit your head?! You just fucking kicked me! And before that you were shouting like an idiot!" Joey.
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