Broken Innocence

Broken Innocence

By:  Artemisia  Completed
Language: English
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" I am pregnant," I said timidly caressing my flat belly hoping that he will be happy hearing the news. After all, he is going to be a father. He said chewing the food," Abort it." He said it so usually like it's the obvious thing to say at this situation. My eyes get watered immediately. I said crying," It's my first baby. I want to give birth to this baby." "I have told my decision already. You can never have my baby," He said finishing his food. " Why can't I have it? please, let me have it, I replied tightening my hold on my belly. He said banging his palm on the table," You will not listen like that." Saying that he dragged me towards the staircase and said creepily almost pushing me on the stairs," Just one push and the result will be same. Mistresses are for pleasure not for bearing children. So, don't forget your place." Warning - There are several mature content. If your are under 18 then don't read.

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user avatar
Finally, i finished this book. One of the best book i read so far. it’s the first time i read book with different epilogue. it was good. keep up the good work.
2023-07-27 11:26:37
user avatar
y'all need to read "ruined" (Pikachu) to understand what a rapist deserve
2023-07-27 01:11:21
user avatar
I'll go with realistic end coz a rapist doesn't deserve happiness but punishment. how can ya'll like your rapist could you spend your entire life with a man who doesn't respect you
2023-07-24 15:14:56
user avatar
i hope they don't ended up together that bastard doesn't deserve her
2023-07-24 13:31:53
default avatar
Ash C
Loved this book and love that there are 2 endings
2023-07-22 02:33:12
user avatar
Anwar Begum
A very good book and what impressed me is that the author put effort in writing 2 ending as people like me go for the realistic one but teenagers still want happy go lucky stuff .it was a refreshing dark experience i crave so thankyou very much ...️
2023-07-13 18:14:28
user avatar
Ntombizodwa Tozane
Wonderful book sad story sooo touchy
2023-07-12 14:29:11
user avatar
Satinder Gill
I love first ending...
2023-06-15 14:17:03
user avatar
grace nwawo
by reading other people's reviews, I do not think this story ends well. if it doesn't, then I don't think I can continue.
2023-05-30 05:45:29
user avatar
Teneisha Frazier
I love the story and both endings, but you could have combined both with Meher making a name for herself independently, then introducing Sehreyar to the Mehmet and giving him a chance to be a father and better person. she got her justice but she became the devil by taunting him and taking his kids.
2023-04-21 14:06:43
user avatar
This story is amazing actually I love shereyar possesive role i know iam weird but that is truth;)
2022-12-01 23:02:04
user avatar
Susmita sai
amazing story ...️
2022-09-25 13:43:45
default avatar
Superb, can't stop myself from reading. Wonderful to hv 2 different endings. ......
2022-08-18 00:42:47
user avatar
Daja Hazelton
I love the regular ending and how she got her payback great read she deserved her justice
2022-01-02 16:16:11
default avatar
Bangtan Baby
Loved the happy ending
2021-12-14 05:23:54
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65 Chapters
" Tell me, whose child is it? He asked me holding my chin. He is looking at my baby with pure hatred.Somehow I freed myself from his grip and said holding my baby protectively in my arms," The baby is only mine. I am the mother."He clenched his fists in anger and yelled," For the last time I am asking you, who is the father?""it's none of your business. At least you are not my baby's father," I snapped at him with pure hatred and found him groaning in total frustration. He pulled his hairs in frustration and anger.My baby started crying badly hearing his loud voice. I cooed in my baby's ear," Mera baccha (my dear). Don't cry. Mamma is here. No one will harm you."Hearing me, my baby snuggled more into my chest. Then, without any warning, he snatched my baby from my arms and asked angrily," Tell me this bastard's father's name. Tell me, who dares to fuck you. Oh! Correction
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Sehreyar Al-Sheikh A 30-year-old billionaire businessman who is the owner of " Sheikh Enterprise".  He is very handsome with his 6'3" height with muscular body. He has brownish skin tone, sharp jawline with black hairs.Though he is handsome but he is very cold, heartless and obviously cruel. People don't dare to mess with him because he literally owns the police. Though he is not a mafia but he has powerful friends in the mafia world. He has many politician friends which made him more powerful. If someone dares to mess with him then he shows the person actual hell from earth. He is very straightforward about everything.  For him, money is everything. He believes that for money people can do anything.He only believes in himself and no one else. Maybe he is a Muslim but he is not a religious person. He does everything which is forbidden in his religion. Moreover, he is the another form of Devil. I
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At Night Meher's p.o.vI wrapped the bed sheet around my body. I was naked in front of him but I was not feeling embarrassed because I have given up on my shame 7 months ago when I first stripped in front of him.7 months ago I used to have everything. I used to have a happy life with my brothers. I was a happy teenager until the great businessman Sehreyar Al-Sheikh entered into my life. He made an 18-year teenager his mistress where he was already a 30-year-old grown-up man. After becoming his mistress my happy life is gone. I have nothing with me anymore. I have given up on my self-respect that day when I agreed to be his mistress.I am thinking about my miserable life and some whimpers left from my mouth. I felt his scrutinising eyes on me and rested my one palm on my mouth to stop any kind of sound. If I make any kind of sound then he will again insult m
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Chapter 2- Sister
Sehreyar's p.o.v" Hani, eat the food right now. Aren't you a good girl," I said to Haniya holding the spoonful of food in front of her mouth. She replied holding the doll in her embrace," First, I want to feed my baby. After that, I will eat."Saying that she snatched the spoon from my hand and started trying to feed the lifeless doll. Seeing her condition I am feeling like someone has stabbed me with a knife inside my heart. It's been one year since my sister is mentally unstable. My sister was a happy girl until those horrible things happened with her.I looked at her with my teary eyes and found her spreading the whole food on her mouth along with the doll making the whole bed dirty.I immediately called a nurse to clean this place as soon as possible.
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Chapter 3- Too much possessive
Meher's p.o.v" Then who is the girl in these photos," he asked me showing his phone.I was silent because I don't have an answer. I am not understanding what I should say. But, how did he know that I went to meet my brother and spent some time with my friends. That means he was following my every move. Once he told me that his eyes are on my every move. I never thought that he was telling the truth. How stupid I am!" Why did you open your niqab? He asked me holding my shoulder and opened my hijab and niqab forcefully. My hair became loosened and fall on my shoulder. I didn't answer. I just hissed in pain. I said trying to free myself from his grip," Leave me. You are hurting me."" Even after my warning why did you go to meet your brother? Why did
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Chapter 4- Guilty or not guilty
Sehreyar's p.o.vI wake up from my sleep having a slight pain in my head because I had drunk too much last night. I rubbed my forehead to soothe the pain.After rubbing my forehead for some time I went to the washroom and took a quick shower. I came back into my room wrapping my towel around my waist.I am getting ready for my office when I remembered Meher. Last night she was very upset and I fucked her really hard. Is she ok? Should I check her?Without further thinking I just wore my pant and walked towards her room. She was not there. She must be in the kitchen making my breakfast. I looked at the clock and it's 7:45 a.m. She definitely is in the kitchen.I came downstairs and entered into the kitchen. I found her working with very difficulty. She is walking slowly and hissing in pain time to time. She is walking with her limping legs and
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Chapter 5- Caring for her
Meher's p.o.vBhaiya asked me with a suspicious look," Meher, Are you really staying in Fuppo's (Aunt) house? I am feeling that you are hiding something from me."I masked my unbearable expression forcing a smile and asked him," Why are you feeling like that?"" I had insulted Fuppo and her husband so badly. Still, they are helping me in my case by giving money to the lawyer! This thing is really hard to believe," Bhaiya replied with a slightly suspicious tone.I rested my one hand on his shoulder and said," They are helping us on my request. You know very well that Fuppo liked me very much."He sighed and said," Yeah, I know that. They are really generous that even after my insult they are helping me in my case and bearing the expenses of Asif's treatment. Moreover, they are also bearing the expense of your studies."Hearing h
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Chapter 6- Flashback
At MorningMeher's p.o.vI wake up from my sleep and felt that someone is hugging me from behind. It's none other than him. It's Sehreyar Sir.He is sleeping resting his face in the crook of my neck. He has rested his one hand on my stomach. I can easily say that he is sleeping peacefully.Last night what happened to him that he became so generous. He didn't force me to have sex with me. I am really grateful for that.I tried to come out from his grip but he is hugging me very tightly. I touched his hand and something metallic touched my skin. I looked at his hand and the metallic thing was his engagement ring.I don't know why I felt very bad after seeing the engagement ring. I felt that my eyes are becoming blurry due to tears.What's th
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Chapter 7- Flashback continues
Flashback ContinuesMeher's p.o.vI walked towards the procession and found that Arham Bhai (brother) is trying his best to convince the employees but they aren't listening any of his sentences. The employees are looking quite angry.Suddenly, Arham Bhai noticed me and gave me a worried look. He gestured me to go inside the office by his eyes and I obliged him immediately.I am waiting for Arham bhai and praying that everything is fine in the company. I am chanting Allah's name continuously.After some time, Arham bhai entered into the room having a worried expression on his face.I asked him hurriedly," What's happening out there? Why the employees are holding a procession?"He replied worriedly," You don't know anything, Meher. Our company is going down. Our
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Chapter 8- Becoming his mistress
Flashback ContinuesAuthor's p.o.v" You have to be my mistress," Sehreyar said without any hesitation.Meher is looking at him with her wide eyes and blinking repeatedly. She became dumbfounded hearing his demand.Meher uttered frowning her brows," Mistress?"" I think you are enough educated to understand what a mistress is. What's a mistress's job," Sehreyar replied like a shameless person smirking at Meher.Meher understood what kind of offer he is giving her. Meher is feeling like to slap him again and again.She tried to say something when Sehreyar said eyeing her like a creep," Ms Meher, listen to me very carefully. Be my mistress. I will take care of your needs and you will take care of my needs. It's a simple deal."" How can you be so shameless! For God's sake, you
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