Business Marriage [English]

Business Marriage [English]

By:  Mairisian  Completed
Language: English
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Twenty-two years old, Aurora Torres suddenly disappeared when she learned that her father made an agreement that was against her will. She had a simple life away from her parents, but after two years of being separated from them, she was forced to return because her father needed her help. Upon her return, she openly accepted the wedding arrangement of a stranger named, Damien Harrison. Even before their marriage, they both agreed to make a rule— their marriage was only up to a piece of the paper. Will Aurora and Damien's business marriage last for a lifetime? Or will they end up never falling in love with each other?

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Business Marriage, is already completed... Thank you for reading! ......:):):)
2022-11-12 10:11:56
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Business Marriage, is already completed... Thank you for reading! ......:):):)
2022-11-12 10:11:07
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Hello, Fellah, Is there anyone enjoying this story? May I know if you enjoy it? Thank you... :):):):):):)
2022-11-01 20:14:00
93 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1Bélla ResortI moved energetically and helped the Filipino workers of a well-known Beach Resort in the Maldives Islands. That resort is owned by a Filipino businessman, so almost all the employees there are my fellow Filipinos.With the number of patron customers who booked the resort, we could no longer cope with handling people at the same time.Everyone is busy, I who am a restaurant manager also have to act and help to meet all the needs of clients."Ma'am Aurora...""Yes?" I turned to the employee who was calling me."Ma'am, our customer who is there is constantly complaining and she is still looking for you to talk to," it points to a sophisticated woman sitting in the corner overlooking the blue ocean and white sand on the beach."Alright, Flora, I'll go," I answer her."Thank you, ma'am. I'm really sorry to bother you too.""It's okay, Flora. It's summer, so there are a lot of customers at Bélla today. Also, don't worry because I know how to handle this... okay, I'll
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Yes"W-WHAT is it, Aurora?" The person in front of me who was in an expensive restaurant in the middle of the ocean asked with a frown."I said, yes..." I whispered with a smile.His face lifted. "Yes? You mean, it's finally, yes?" he repeats.I smiled sweetly. "Yes. Shall I repeat it again and again?""Yes. Yes. Yes..." He stood up, looked up at the sky, and shouted happily."Hey, Travis. It's embarrassing. Sit down, please..." I said when I felt that almost everyone there was looking at us."No...I can't stop it. Yes. Oh, my dearest, Aurora. Thank you, thank you so much for making my day complete. Thank you," he was so happy and he pulled my hand upright."T-Travis—""Everyone, I just want to scream my happiness to all of you. This woman is officially my girlfriend. Finally, she is mine starting tonight..." He still happily yelled.Little by little, someone applauded, until it increased. The others shouted congratulations to both of us.After a while, I pulled him to sit d
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3GoodbyeI GET UP with a smile on my lips. I can't believe, after 2 years I dreamed of my parents. We are so much happy in my dreams.I am eager to call them, at least mommy or one of my best friends who is in the Philippines."Why not, what's the problem if I hear from them? Yes, I should call Nancy. It's been a while since we talked," I said to myself.Before I could even dial the number I was going to call, someone called me first. I smiled when Nancy herself called me."Hello, Nance. How are you? I was going to call you but you got ahead of me—""Aurora...""Yes?""I-I'm here at the hospital now,"I frowned. "W-what happened to you? Are you okay?""Yes, I'm fine, but...""But, what? What are you doing at the hospital, Nance?""Y-your mom..."I was suddenly alarmed. "Mommy? What, nance, which mommy?""Your mom, Aurora. Aunt Helen called me earlier—""And?" I couldn't control my nervousness so I raised my voice. "What happened to my mom, Nancy?!"I heard an accented sob fro
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4A Promise"Mommy, I'm here... Mommy...""Aurora," Nancy and Cedy approached me as I arrived."Where's my mom?" I looked in the direction where their eyes turned. There I saw my mother looking at the ICU glass window. Only the big curtain can be seen and she is still crying."She was waiting for the doctor to come out. There was another emergency inside a while ago. They are still saving your daddy's life, Aurora." Cedy whispered.My tears flowed and gradually approached my mom's direction. Pity is what I feel the most at those times. She was sobbing alone."M-mom... Mommy..." I hugged her tightly from behind. "I'm here, Mommy... I'm here,"She wailed and faced me. "Aurora... My daughter... Aurora," she hugged me and I hugged her tightly."Mommy... how is Daddy?""I hope, he will be okay right now that you're here, I hope he's okay."I immediately comfort my mother. "Shhh, he will be okay. Stop crying, mom.""Aurora, don't leave me, please... I need you by my side right now.
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Chapter 5
TestamentAFTER my father's funeral, mommy and I went home.I am still very quiet inside the car, also mommy who is next to me.I sighed and turned to her. I hugged her tightly. "We can do it, mom. . I am always here no matter what happened. Promise, I will never go anywhere again." I promise her.Mom smiles and embraces me. "I love you so much, baby.""I love you too, Mommy. Let's just be strong."She nodded. "Our lawyer is waiting in our home, baby."I looked up and nodded. ."I am ready, mom. I know what I should do now."Mommy and I held hands when we entered the big house that I hadn't seen in two years. And lastly, I feel at home again. Just like that, my feet were still soft as I walked towards the opening of the wide main door.Nothing was changed in that house. What it looked like the last time I saw it, it's still the same today.The two uniformed maids who were waiting for us smiled at us. They happily greeted me on my return."Welcome home, my daughter." mom mumbled."Thank
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Chapter 6
Harrison Meet-UpI TOOK a deep breath as I was finally stuck in the noon traffic that day.Oh, Gosh. It's not rush hour and why are the cars moving so slowly on this part of the road?Annoyed but I can't do anything. I sighed and placed my hand on my forehead waiting for the vehicle to move forward.When I got through the traffic, I immediately accelerated my car. In my haste, I didn't notice a car backing up to a large establishment."Oh, shit..." I suddenly hit my brakes hard. I also closed my eyes when someone bumped in front of my car."My God... I'm late, I'm in trouble today! It's my bad luck today." I hit my forehead as I watched someone get out of the car I hit.What trouble, Aurora. You are not driving carefully.I also got down from my car. While the man in business attire had his back on me, I approached him."I'm really sorry,""Look what you have done to my car!" It is strongly stated. He gradually faced me. "You drive fast, you didn't even pay attention to the signal lig
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Chapter 7
BenefitsMY mouth fell open again for the second time. It's like I didn't expect that the man I encountered on the highway a while ago is also the man that I will meet that day.Aged Harrison next to him tsked. I also shook my head and he did the same."Damien, meet the daughter of your uncle Raul, Aurora Torres... Your soon-to-be wife,"He immediately frowned as he glanced at his father... "Dad-""Oh, Damien, I don't want to hear some objection. We've already discussed this, right?"I tried to cut their conversation. "Nice meeting you, Mr. Damien Harrison." I held out my palm without thinking because my palm spontaneously had a thought.He looked at my clear palm then looked into my eyes. "Dad, will you leave us alone?" he speaks to his father. "Let me talk to her alone,""But-""Don't worry about us, dad. We are old enough to settle this conversation just between us."I feel a little bit of embarrassment because he didn't even reach my handshake. I slowly withdrew my palm and hid it
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Chapter 8
Friend's Talk"YES, I accept it," I told in a clear voice in front of my friends."WHAT?" they answered me in shock and at the same time."Yes," I nodded to them. "I officially accepted the business marriage."My two friends ended up choking on food. We are having lunch inside our favorite restaurant at that time."Really my friend?" Cedy looks shocked."How? I-I mean, how they convinced you to accept it?" also Nancy can't believe what I've said.I sighed and wiped my mouth with a table napkin then looked at them. "I have no other choice so I accept it, there is nothing to lose since we talked and we both agreed to our setup if we ever get married.""We?!" Cedy's eyes widened again."Meaning, have you met, faced, and talked to the man that Uncle Raul was trying to negotiate with you before?" Nancy couldn't believe it either at that time."Really? Do I have to repeat it again and again, huh? I said, yes, yes, and yes. And yeah, I got my business marriage soon. It's purely business. Get
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Chapter 9
SurpriseI WAS smiling while I made a shake hand with my boss, the owner of the Bélla Resort where I worked for two years."Thank you for accepting my resignation letter, Sir. I thought you still wouldn't allow me. Thank you again.""Well, Aurora, to tell you frankly, I don't really agree with you leaving my company. But your reason is valid. So, even if I don't want to, there's still nothing I can do. It is your decision and choice. Since there is also someone who asks me to let you go."I was surprised by what he said. "Who?""My hidden business partner," his response."Hidden?" I frowned.He smiled. "Yuh.""Uhm, I thought you owned this company, sir. I mean—""Of course, I owned this company, but that was then. For the past 2 years, I had a partner here. That's why this company changes a lot. We renovated it in such an elegant resort on the whole Island."I can only nod at what I heard."Since my hidden identity business partner offers an awesome partnership, I grab it. I was not w
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Chapter 10
Black CoffeeDAMIEN brings me to one of the luxury restaurants near, Bélla Resort. It was surprising but I let myself go with it.I stopped myself to ask something when the waiter immediately put down our early dinner one by one."Is there anything you need, ma'am, sir?" it is a question for both of us.Damien shook his head, then looked at me."How about you, ma'am?" The waiter also turned to me."Nothing, thanks.""You are welcome, ma'am. Enjoy your meal,"Damien and I just nodded at the waiter."Then, let's eat," he said after the waiter was left.I looked in his direction. "Well, can I ask you something?""Hmm?""Did you follow me here?"His eyebrows arched suddenly. "No.""Then, why are you here? Enlightened me, Damien?""What's wrong if I'm here right now?"I clicked my tongue. I was embarrassed by the way he asked. "Nothing, I was just wondering."He looked seriously into my eyes. "I am here to settle some important matter, that's all.""Ah, okay. But what are you doing at Béll
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