CEO BILLIONAIRE'S Personal Assistant

CEO BILLIONAIRE'S Personal Assistant

By:  Nikkilynz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Annabelle Sherwood has been down on her luck and on the verge of losing her apartment. For the past week she has been tirelessly searching for a high paying job because she knows she has what it takes to get the job done and do it well. She knows this because she has her Masters degree in business. The last interview she has for the day is only for a personal assistant for which she is way overqualified for. She will be the personal assistant to Ryan O'Rourke. He is CEO of ROURKEKEE INDUSTRIES, on top of being a CEO he is also a billionaire. He is the most arrogant,selfish, and womanizing man on the planet but right now Annabelle will take what she has to take not to mention she does not believe she will get the position but at this point she has to try anything and everything available.

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Gina Frost
This is great!! Hope there is more!!
2021-07-29 06:33:34
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Rachel Quine
there are alot of gramatic errors
2021-07-25 07:08:47
user avatar
Mary Kennedy
Boring! TMI. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!
2021-08-08 05:09:59
user avatar
Very boring and meaningless book
2023-04-25 00:19:40
user avatar
Prabha Rani
interesting & catchy
2021-09-16 15:40:04
9 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Annabelle looking for work
Here it is Friday afternoon and it has been a  very long week for Annabelle Sherwood. Who just so happens to be down on her luck lately. Not only did she lose both her parents about 6 months ago, she is well on her way to losing their family home as well which would just kill her. As of this moment she has been searching for a job day and night, preferably one that pays well being that she has her Masters Degree in Business, just like her father did. He had owned his own business and named her his successor should anything happen to him and not even two months later him and her mother got t-boned by a tractor trailer where they died on impact meanwhile the driver of the truck walks away without a scratch on him. In the meantime the crowd that had surfaced around the accident refused to let the driver pass through them knowing full well that he reeked of alcohol and they were not going to let him away that easy. After thirty mins the police and ambulance had finally showed to my
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Chapter 2 : Annabelle rushes her parents off
Annabelle follows her father to her childhood home, and together they surprise her mother with a trip. Although it's not just any trip but it is the trip she has always wanted to take to visit multiple countries and learn everything there is to know about that country. The country she is most looking forward to is Greece, being that is her heritage she may not have been born there but her parents were both born and raised there. They always told her how beautiful it is and how they would love to move back theere one day if they could afford it. Now her parents are finally back and only waiting to say goodbye to their youngest daughter, Evalynn, who of course got extremely drunk last night and now has the world's worst hangover. So instead of driving over there in this condition she does the responsible thing and just stays at her apartment and FaceTimes her parents instead. The phone rings Marie answers it " Hi babygirl! How is my baby girl doing? " "Morning Mommy. I'm not feeling q
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Chapter 3 : The bad news
Here it is 3 months later and Annabelle's and Evalynn's parents should have been back home 6 hours ago. They are starting to get worried. Thank god Evalynn is married to a cop and he had just found out that one town over a couple was t-boned by a tractor trailer and as of right now they are still looking for the ID cards. They told him if it was their parents where the ID cards would be. Next thing the knew it was  an hour later and the doorbell rings, it's Shawn, Evalynn's husband, he had came to tell the sisters that the couple had indeed been their parents. Evalynn and Annabelle just hugged each other and fell to the floor crying. They had asked everyone to leave except for Shawn being that he is family and they need to discuss what is to happen next. They ended up getting through the funeral and sitting through the court cases of the man who killed their parents. In the end he received life in prison with no parole because this was not his first offense. What happened next
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Chapter 4 : Annabelle Starts Her Job
Today is the first day as Annabelle's personal assistant job to Ryan O'Rourke. She isnt very happy about but she has no other choice. As she goes to his office to find out what it is that is expected of her in this position. She knocks on his office door, his voice rings out "Come in Ms. Sherwood I don't have all day." She rolls her eyes just before she pushes the door open. "Good morning Mr O'Rourke, hope you had a good night last night. Now onto business I have come to see what my job will entail, if you would be so kind as to fill me in." She greeted " Yes, yes come in and take a seat. Now your job will insist of you being available at all times of the day for whatever I may ask of you. I do not tolerate tardiness or missing a day at any cost no matter the reason. Now before we get any further into this do you think you can handle that?" He asked. "Yes sir I do indeed believe that I can manage that." She replied " Good. Now there will be things I ask of you that you will most def
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Chapter 5 : Annabelle's POV
As I am walking out ROURKE Industries I start to question if this is something I truly want to get stuck doing and if I do it how long will it take me to get back to what I want to do and get my father's company back from the backstabbers who downright stole it from me. As of right now I don't have any other options at the moment and the pay is good so maybe after a year I can resign and in the meantime keep tabs on what's going on in my father's company and maybe even find someone willing to help me that is on the inside. So for now all I have to do is keep Mr. O'Rourke happy which in all my research I have done is going to be quite hard to do apparently but I will give it everything I got. We just now reached my house that I have no idea how much longer I will have it for, but more to the point I rush to my room grab a couple luggage bags pack every suit, some dresses, a bunch of different heels, pajamas, some lingerie (in case I meet someone for a one night stand), of course I ca
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Chapter 6 : Ryan's POV
We are now in another limo I own taking us to the hotel. Ana is sitting as far from me as possible. She is a sweet little thing but I know she can be feisty to as I think back to the day of her interview. I still could not believe out of everyone Melinda the receptionist I had let go for her purposely trying to ensure I did not hire this girl and I know why. We had a one night stand a year ago because I was heavily intoxicated at an office party and I know she took advantage of me in that state but that night I could care less, I was horny and hard as hell and she was pretty enough for me to fuck her brains out to get my fill then never think of it again and I never did. That must not have been the case for her because she was constantly trying to find reasons to talk to me and being she worked on the first floor and I worked on the 21st meant she had to go to extreme measures to find a reason to come up and talk to me and when she couldnt id find notes asking me to dinner, or the m
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Chapter 7 : Ana's POV
The whole ride to the hotel Ryan kept looking at me when he didn't think I was looking. I was starting to wonder if maybe I had done something wrong and thought oh God this will be my last business trip but then a small smile kept playing on his lips as he tried desperately to hide it but not from me I'm very observant I was raised to be, both me and Eva, we were meant to run the company tofether but she had to complete her schooling first which she has 2 1/2 years left I pray she doesn't change her plans now with everything that's happened. I will just have to get the company back before she graduates. Anyway we finally reach the hotel and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding until just now and it earned me a worried look from Ryan. I just continued to act like nothing was wrong I was good at that. I had to be I was the oldest I couldn't let Eva know that inside my heart is broken into a millions pieces and its not at all for the company it is for my parents who are now g
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Chapter 8 : Ryan's POV
So as we got to the hotel room Ana went straight to her room which of course is the furthest from mine which I was not to pleased with. She had asked me what time I needed to be waken up I told her 6 a.m and then she went inside her room. Later on I heard her pleasuring herself I of course knew she was alone and I was going to let her be but it got to be so hot that I ended up accidentally bursting into her room. She did not seem to mind however as she just stared into my eyes and finished pleasuring herself and I started to jerk myself off as she watched me then as soon aa she came back to reality she jumped out of the bed and wrapped heraelf in a sheet and demanded to know what the hell I was doing. I of course came up with a satisfactory lie that she obviously bought and then I continued to press my luck and asked her for help with releasing my pent up pleasure aand to my surprise she offered to blow me or let me fuck her from behind. I took no time in turning her around and thru
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Chapter 9 : Ryans POV
She holds the front door open for me and follows in after me. We get through security no problem because I had her added to the security system along with getting her a photo ID done all yesterday so we got through in minutes. Next we make it to the 18th floor which is the top floor in this building which is where my office is housed along with the COO Garys Sands and CFO Tom Marks who I introduce Ana to right away and then finally get to my office which her office is inside of in the corner its not too big and not too small but she will barely be in it if she does the job right. So I go about telling her what to do for the first meeting since she has no idea what the job entails yet at this point. " I need you to open this company's offer file proofread, fix the mistakes, and send the revision in email to me, Sands, and Marks , whose email I've sent to your inbox. Next you will print out copies for the three of us and one for everyone who is on their side. You will need to look up
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