The Rebirth Heiress Wants A Divorce

The Rebirth Heiress Wants A Divorce

By:  BELLA  Completed
Language: English
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After a heated confrontation with her husband and mistress, Brianna was pushed down to stairs. She thought she would die but when she woke up again, she realized that she traveled back two years ago, when it was not late for her to correct her path. The first thing she needed to do when she was reborn was divorce that scum. She saved from the darkest time but he lied to her and murdered her in the end. This time, she would not repeat the same mistakes anymore. She would bring the glory of her family back and make those people who betrayed her pay the price! However, in the process of climbing up to the peak of her career, she met a very intimidating and handsome man who kept on messing with her head through his bold attitude. Brianna doesn't want to be involved with another man again, for she has proven to herself that they will just drag her down, but her constant incidents with him are slowly breaking the wall she built to protect her heart. Brianna will surely choose her career over a man this time, but it’s possible to choose both, right? What if he hurt her too? No! She won’t risk it but… “You have to run away from me, Bree. Coz I’m done running away, I’ll chase you now.”

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melanie townsend
Awesome book
2024-06-17 03:58:03
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Trina Shayna Chua
Surprisingly good story
2024-04-11 00:48:35
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Christine Owings
60 chapters 2/23/24
2024-02-24 09:16:38
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Rhyn Kelly Mari Ma
Interesting story..
2024-02-24 03:08:03
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Very good story with many twists and turns. Rogue love is purest and selfless. Feel his purest love in this book. Don't miss
2024-05-14 04:55:10
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Jennifer Map
loved it awesome read ... thanks you
2024-06-10 23:14:00
146 Chapters
Before I Fall
Brianna’s POVI drank my last shot and turned to my only friend Kate. She shot an eyebrow up after I grabbed my bag and looked at her, planning to leave. Annoyed, she glanced at her wristwatch.“C’mon, Bree! It’s still early.”I shook my head. “I need to go home. Cain is probably waiting for me.”She laughed sarcastically. “He doesn’t even care about you. Why are you even staying in this shit marriage of yours?”Her words stung me like a pin, even though I knew she didn't mean to do that. It’s been three years since I married Cain Hamilton, but he never showed his love to me. Kate saw it all.Pressing down the sourness inside, I stared at her. “You know that, Kate. I just love him.”She sighed and took my hands. "Is this really worth it, Bree?"I could see the full worry in her eyes, I knew my marriage didn't have a good start. But in all these years, I had only ever loved Cain Hamilton.Though he’s always cold to me, I agreed to marry him without hesitation when he was in the darkest
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Reborn Stronger
Brianna’s POVI flinched when I felt the cold air kissing my cheeks. My body even feels cold and seems wet.Slowly, I opened my eyes and a calm sky welcomed me.What…Aren't I dead? Being pushed down the stairs by my heartless husband, I bled to death.I still remember how horrible it was. The vitality of life slipped away from your body little by little and what you can feel was only weakness, coldness, and fear.I remembered I had asked Cain for help but what he left for me was just his cold eyes. He didn't feel guilty at all, he was even waiting for my death.As if he had been waiting for that moment long.I should have guessed that. As soon as I die, he will have access to all my possessions, in the capacity of my husband.That's what he married me for.I thought angrily as I caressed my head to feel the evidence he murdered me but there was no wound and what I felt in my hand was my wet hair, which seemed to be caused by water instead of blood.What happened?!!!I looked down to
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Her Counterattack Begins!
Brianna’s POVI was standing in front of the calendar in my room. It says May 2021 and now I'm certain I'm not dreaming.I really traveled back to the past.I don't know how this happened but I plan to use this advantage to make things right. I'm not gonna be a slave to him anymore.I am a successful woman and not anyone's slave. Not anymore.After this day, my married life will completely change. One week before this incident, I remember Cain forcing me to leave my grandfather's company.That was my second-worst mistake. The worst mistake was my insistence on marrying him.Fortunately, it's not too late now.I tilted my head and faced my closet. I grabbed my luggage and started putting my clothes and other things inside. I had a total of five suitcases when I finished.I went out of my room and paused in front of the stairs. This is where I fell. This is where I'll start to change my fate."M-Ma'am?"I looked at the maids. Cain will fire them two days from now and will make me do all
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Return of the Heiress
Brianna’s POV“Miss Quinn!” My assistant Levi was shocked after he saw me entering the company. The other employees are also watching me with widened eyes.“Miss Quinn, are you finally back? But it has not been long since you…” Levi trailed his words as he stared at me.I smiled at him and started walking towards the elevator. I can feel him behind me.“Brief me about the situation of the company, Levi.”We entered the elevator. He cleared his throat. “The new condominium project was on hold, Miss Quinn since the fund is short. And uh…the sales of the units are dropping low.”I swallowed hard. This is the consequence of my stupidity.“What about the collaboration proposal to the RYD Estate? I thought they’re the top real estate company?”He scratched his neck. “The thing is… The acting Vice CEO did not approve the proposal letter, Miss Quinn.”I massaged my temple and heaved a sigh. The collaboration proposal was my idea. Before I filed a leave, I told Levi to assign some employees to
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Female Alpha
Brianna’s POV"Cheating? Really, Cain? Coming from your own mouth?"He clenched his jaws and his eyes sharpened even more. He's tongue-tied now. I can't believe he's accusing me of the things he's doing.“There’s no other reason why you’re doing this, Brianna. It’s either you want to have another man or you really have another man.”I smirked. “Think, Cain. Think until you lose your mind.”I pulled my arm back and went to my car. He was so shocked by my fierce attitude that he couldn't follow me. I cursed him numerous times in my head. His ego just couldn’t accept that I want out of this marriage, huh?It's just a start, Cain.All the things you owed me I will take them back soon. You’d better get used to failure.I just shook my head at his furious look in the rearview mirror and drove the car. I'm already on the national road when a limousine violently took over and blocked me.My eyes widened in fraction. I almost hit the car. And I definitely know who owns that freaking limousine.
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Her Mysterious Knight?
Brianna's POV“You did? Are you serious, Bree? Or you’re just pranking me?”I smirked at Kate. “You think I’m joking? I’m serious, Kate. I’m divorcing him.”Kate laughed so hard that the other people in the Eros, a nightclub where we were drinking, turned in our direction. I laughed and dragged the glass of Bloody Mary to my lips and sipped on it.Kate laughed again and clapped her hands while shaking her head. “God! This calls for a celebration, Bree!”“Reason I brought you here,” I said and winked.“Then let’s dance!” Kate grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the dancefloor.My eyes were silently moist when Kate held my hands. On the night I died, we also met at this bar. If God had not given me this second chance, I would never see Kate again.I shudder to think how much she would have blamed herself when she learned of my death. I know she would have fought Cain to the death, but anger and guilt can also consume my best friend. I don't want that to happen.Luckily, I'm back. I have
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Burning Touch
Brianna’s POVI was in awe. I couldn’t breathe properly. The man in front of me is so tall, even taller than Cain who’s already 6 feet tall. The man’s shoulders were broad. His muscles were bulging inside the sleeves of his white button-down polo. His uh…butt is protruded and sexy and damn! He smells so nice. But…who is he?I swallowed hard and glanced at Cain. His expression was dark and his jaws were clenched but it’s slowly fading. For some reason, he looked afraid and…offended?“Hurting a woman? Are you gay?”My lips parted. Even this man’s voice is freaking sexy. Fck! Get a grip of your sanity, Bree! He’s a man and he’s also an asshole.“Who are you? Why are you meddling with our business?” Cain, who seemed to have already recovered, growled.The man moved to the side, revealing his side profile which made my jaws drop. His eyelashes were thick and curled. His pointed nose is proud. His lips are so red and wet and his eyes are dark, expressive and hooded.I flinched when he slowl
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It's The Liquor
Brianna's POVI can barely stand his stares. He was too handsome and intense that I felt the tension in my heart as we stayed in the same private room.My heart was hammering inside my chest. I can still feel his hand on mine and his lips on mine. The warm feeling of his touch and the electrifying sensations I felt when he kissed back. God! I couldn't remember the time I felt that way. Or that's really a first."Sit down," he urged and walked towards the couch.I roamed my eyes. This is a VIP room, and he comfortably roams around as if he's very familiar with this place.Speechless, I followed him and sat on the couch across from him. The corner of his lips rose as he watched me sit on the place far from him. He cocked an eyebrow up and crossed his legs.I wonder why he interfered with my business, but I'm glad he did. I was able to get away from Cain and his disrespectful friends. Not that I can't handle myself. I just can't stand them."I'm not being nosy, but may I know what happen
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Rogue Adams
Brianna's POVI groaned and cupped my aching head. Fragments of memories started flashing back in my mind painfully. I gasped and paled when I realized what I did last night. The confrontation and argument with Cain and the stranger. I…I kissed him and…did something crazy.The horror of last night’s memories made my heart race. I quickly sat on the bed and looked at myself. I was wearing different clothes. It was a white plain shirt and shorts.My lips trembled as I tried to recall what happened inside that private bar. I am certain I’m in a different room and I’m guessing I’m in a hotel.“No no no!” I whispered to myself.Did something happen? Where is that stranger? Did I give myself to him recklessly and impulsively? I didn’t even know him for God’s sake!I grabbed my hair in frustration and groaned. What the hell did you do, Brianna?I roamed my eyes around, looking for my cell phone. I found it on the bedside table and was about to get it when the door swung open. I jumped on the
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Brianna’s POVI gasped and cupped my mouth when I saw my photo spreading on the internet. There was an intriguing caption of ‘Brianna Quinn and Cain Hamilton’s marriage for convenience. Did they just use each other for their business?’. The photo of my face and Cain’s face were clear. The shot also took a blurry face of Amber and Rogue Adams. It was taken from the bar last night.I quickly got off the bed and grabbed the dress I was wearing last night. I wore it and grabbed my pouch and without looking back, I rushed out of the hotel room. I was too worried about my grandfather that I forgot about the food Rogue Adams left for me. I didn’t even glance at the woman I bumped into in the lobby as I apologized to her.When I arrived at my grandfather’s hospital room, I froze when I saw uncle Aiden inside. He turned to me and smiled after he realized my arrival.“My dear niece. I didn’t know you’d visit today,” he greeted and then his eyes examined my dress.My forehead creased. His smile
Read more Protection Status