CEO's Cold But Sweet Wife

CEO's Cold But Sweet Wife

By:  ShyaShyan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kristi was pregnant with a stranger before she knew. Her Five year's old relationship boyfriend and her best friends sold her body to a stranger for a one-night stand just for money. As an orphan and being betrayed by both her Lover and Best friends, she had nobody to rely on. With the little money she had saved, she went to a foreign country and gave birth to the child. After Five Years, She saw a handsome guy with a beautiful lady having dinner in the restaurant where she worked as a chef. At the first glance, She notices him who looks more like her son though it was hard to believe it. He was the young CEO of a world-famous company. She was afraid that he might take her son away from him. She packed her all belongings and went back to her country. Will CEO ever knows about the existence of his son?

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I loved Kristi!
2021-10-04 00:06:14
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Teddy Bear
this story is superb... interesting... keep it up ...
2021-10-03 19:11:05
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Hello beautiful Soul!! If you see any problems in my story please feel free to write in the comment as a suggestion....... I'll try my best to improve in the best way... Thank you very much. ......
2021-09-27 11:35:39
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Update soon!!... Wow that kiddddddddd............ Kristiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....
2021-09-27 11:32:38
9 Chapters
Chapter 1 ~Waking up at hotel bed~
"Baby! Why don't you just trust me since you already know how much I love you?" The gorgeous man in a black shirt and pants exclaimed to the person seated next to him, "Kristi, believe me." He looked apprehensive. Kriti gave him a skeptical-looking stare and said, "How on earth do you expect that I will trust you, Rick?" He seemed to have a gloomy and dejected expression as he gazed at her. "Kristi! I beg you, just once. Please accompany me tonight when I meet up with my pals at the club. Believe me! They are absolutely great and will appreciate you as a sister-in-law, I can assure you." Even though he was assuring her, she couldn't bring herself to trust him. She heavily sighed, saying, "I've lost count of you always using the exact same phrase over and over. I hope you didn't forget that; you did nothing as they made several attempts to touch me. You simply lingered there, sipping drinks and interacting with some random women as if I didn't exist." She gritted her teeth. "How am
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Chapter 2 ~Shocked~
Kristi peek into the room from the bathroom and saw the doctor "Doctor? Why is she here?" She was confused but still stayed quiet.  After the doctor went out, She immediately searched for her shoes and saw them beside the bed. She wore them at full speed. She covered her whole face so that no one could see it.  She slowly and steadily opened the door and looked around. She saw no one. She shortly ran away from there as soon as possible. Right after, she reached home, she fell on her bed feeling intense pain all over her body "Aww... My back... It hurts. Damn it! I'm feeling pain all over my body."  She looked at the ceiling quietly as if she wanted some peace of mind.   She gave a tired and painful breath.   "I was with Rick last night. How did I get there? Did I go there with him? If I had, Where did he went? After I had a drink with him, I can't remember anything. He did tell me it was non-alcoholic though. A
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Chapter 3 ~Betrayed by beloved one~
It was none other than Lily and Silu she saw with Rick. She was shocked "Huh? Didn't Silu tell me that she was at her sister's house? Even Lily told me the same thing. How could they be here and more than that, they were here to meet with Rick? Didn't they tell me that they don't know anything?"   When she was about to go to them, she heard their conversation.   "Rick! Why didn't you called Kristi? She is eating our heads. It's too irritating." Silu said feeling irritating.  Lily rolled her eyes "Yeah Rick! By the way... I'm glad that she doesn't know anything about that night."  Rick smirked "Of course. That drug is very special. Once you take it, you can't remember even a damn single thing."  Kristi frowned "What are they talking about?"  Silu looked at Rick feeling disgusting. "You're a freak, Rick! How could you even do this thing with your girlfriend? Just for money, you sold her body for a on
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Chapter 4 ~Baby? (Unknown news)~
 Rick looked back and saw the police force. Rick was dumbfounded. "Wh-What? Police?"   "You are all under arrest. The Police force came inside and arrest Rick, Lily, and Silu.   Rick tried to explain "Police officer! How could you arrest an innocent person? I haven't done anything wrong."   Lily and Silu were also screaming about being innocent.  "Yes, police officer! How could you just arrest us!" "First of all you need evidence to arrest someone and how could you arrest someone innocent without any evidence?"   "Innocent? Evidence?" Kristi looked back with a cold face "Seriously?"   Rick looked at her angrily "Of course... Without evidence, Police has no rights to arrest innocent person like us."  "Oh! Is that so?" Her voice was cold, she showed them her phone "You see? I was on the call with the police officer since I heard your conversation! You clearly know, the Police statio
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Chapter 5 ~Her child, Her precious gift~
Kristi was lying on her bed quietly looking at the ceiling.   She remembered about the conversation with a doctor.   "Baby?" Kristi was shocked about hearing this news.    "Yeah! You've just become pregnant! So... Congratulations about going to be a mother soon." The doctor said with a smile.   "Uh... Y-Yeah..." She quietly stood up from the hospital bed touching her belly.    The doctor gave her a piece of paper "Here's the list of routines to take care of yourself. Be sure to take food on time and don't stay hungry. Don't give yourself too much pressure or any stress. It's not good for the baby."   Kristi quietly nodded her head and took the paper with her.   Kristi was still shocked about what had happened?   Kristi lied down on her bed touching her belly.  She didn't have anyone to talk about this also and somehow she didn't really care about it.
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Chapter 6 ~Old past, New Future~
Chapter 6 CEO's Cold But Sweet Wife "Mom! Did you know I got full marks on my test today? The teacher always looks at me with acknowledgements." The little boy said to his mom feeling proud as he rubbed his nose with a chubby hand "Aren't I too cool!?"  Kristi looked at her cute little son who was funny. She smiled "Ye—" but before she could speak any word, Feng interrupted her "I know! I know! I'm cool!! Enough of these compliments."   "Hahaha!" Kristi burst out into laughter "Okay! Okay!"  Feng giggled "Hehehe!" He saw a small ice cream shop on the way "Mommmmmm!! Ice-cream!! He said pointing out there with a cute little chubby hand.   Kristi looks in his pointing direction " You wanna eat Ice-Cream? But—" again, Feng interrupted her "Ahem!! Ice-Cream is bad for teeth, so I was going to stop you." He stares at her with his beautiful Phoenix eye "Got it? You shouldn't eat ice cream no matter how much your heart, th
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Chapter 7 ~Part of love~
Chapter 7  CEO's Cold But Sweet Wife Kristi was busy cooking the dishes. She looked at the time and it was already 9:45 P.M.    “It's already 9:45 P.M. Feng might be worried now. He never sleeps without me. What do I do now?” She gave a helpless sigh.  “Kristi? What happened?” Simon asked. "Head Chef? When did you come here?”  “When you were looking at the time.”  “Oh!” Kristi has a wry smile.   Simon grabbed her hand gently which made Kristi stunned “Huh? head Chef? Wh—”  “Shhhh? Come on… Follow me.” He took her outside. Kristi saw the cab outside.  “This…??”  Simon nodded his head with a smile “Go home. I will take care of the rest. Feng never sleeps without you. More importantly, he might be worried about you.” “I know but, I can't just leave the work to you and go.”   Simon knocked on her forehead gently “Idiot! First
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Chapter 8 ~Shocked (Unable to accept)~
Chapter 8  CEO's Sweet But Cold Wife  Shocked  ~At resturant~   “Kristi, Good morning.”  “Good morning.”   Everyone greeted each other with a delighted smile so as Kristi.  “Kristi, You look sad. Are you okay? Is something wrong?” Simon inquired.     “Huh? No. Nothing at all.” A wry smile took a place in her pale face.   Simon gently patted her shoulder “Are you worried about Feng?”   A dejected smile replaced her wry smile with a sigh “It’s not like, I can hide anything from you, head chef. Yeah, I'm worried about Feng. He wanted me to fetch him at school, but even with my refusal, he still smiled trying to hide his sad face. He can't sleep without me but even so, he agreed to stay home being a good boy just for me when I informed him, I won't be able to come home tonight. Isn't my boy brave?”   Simon smiled “Yeah, After all,
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Chapter 9 ~Bitter truth~
Chapter 9CEO's Cold But Sweet Wife Kristi's whole body got stiffly unable to move as if the whole world was turning upside down.In front of that lady, there was a man in a black suit with a white shirt in a black tie. It looked so perfect on him as if it was made for only him.  His bewitching ocean blue eyes with perfect upward eyebrows shape, Greek nose, intriguing sexy bow-shaped lips with the perfect jawline and modern pompadour hairstyle,  he looks handsome and stunning as if his whole being was created itself by nature of beauty.     But— He had an extremely cold aura around him as if, anybody could get frozen instantly without realizing it. It was as if, he was only being in his world, and body else is allowed.   His eyes, it was as if, warmth has lost and cold has taken its place. Yet, his eyes were mesmerizing.   With all the capt
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