CEO's Sweet Love: Arranged Marriage

CEO's Sweet Love: Arranged Marriage

By:  R.Y.E.  Completed
Language: English
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After 3 years, he came back with his mistress, and I heard him talking about divorce. I was deeply hurt. He never gave me a chance to be a wife to him and yet he wanted to divorce me. It's not that I love him, it's just I thought I had been loyal to him while he enjoyed himself with his mistress, and yet he has the audacity to complain as if I had him on his neck. I was furious, and I will make sure that he and his mistress have a difficult time convincing me of the divorce. 

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I did not expect this turn.I thought she would turn around and left that place and left kenom. Or their misunderstanding grow even bigger.This is nice.she is standing in her point not to divorce him.
2023-01-10 14:40:08
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sofia sofi
Please update. I don't want to put down the book.want to read the book continuosly
2022-12-25 15:57:43
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Please update more chapters. I started to read your other book also. They both are good.Please continue writing and complete the books. They are really good
2022-12-25 01:24:59
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hey, it's me!
It was good so far.
2022-12-17 18:31:43
76 Chapters
Chapter One
Jefferson's POV "Marry her and you will have all my shares in the company," Dad told me. I was furious. He knew I had a girlfriend and yet he wanted me to marry someone else. Ever since, Dad has never bothered himself with me. He always said he trusted my decisions and would never meddle in my personal affairs. Now, here he is, singing different tunes. "If I did not agree?" I asked him. I knew that he had no choice but to hand me the company. It's not because I'm his only son, but because I know that he knew that I was capable. "Then I am going to offer it to Noris." Shocking was an understatement. How could he? Is he willing to give his shares to that b****** just to marry that woman, whoever she is? "You've got to be kidding me. You knew he'd grabbed the opportunity at once. " I told him. "Yes, that's why I am offering it to you first, because I already knew the answer I would be getting from him." He answered. I didn't want you to tell me. After that, I didn't let you know abo
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Chapter Two
Celina's POV"You have no say in this. You have to marry Jefferson Scotts, " Daniel said."Give me one big reason to agree with this," I told him. I was keeping my cool and tried not to lash out at him. He is my adoptive father. When I was in the orphanage, I longed to have someone who'd take me away from there.When he and his wife Lalaine took me, I thought I was the happiest person in the world. As it turned out, there's nothing to be happy about. They are the worst. At a very young age, they exploited me. They made me their maid without a salary.I had to force them to allow me to study on the condition that I'd do them a favor in return. I guess they are using it now against me."You owe us your diploma. We agreed that when the time comes, you would do us a favor," Daniel said. I looked at him and chuckled."You're doing this to me? It's the marriage we were talking about. The rest of my life. It was already hell living with you and yet you wanted the rest of my life in a marriage
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Chapter Three
Third Person's POV Celina went to Clandestine. As she entered the restaurant, a waitress stopped her. "Excuse me, but this part of the restaurant is off-limits," the waitress told her. Celina nodded, and told the waitress that she had a reservation. "Reservation under Mr. John Scott," Celina said, and the waitress glared at her. She rolled her eyes at the waitress when she realized that she was being criticized, and she didn't like it a bit. "If you are going to look down on me, you better look at yourself first. Remember what you are here for," she said, and the waitress ushered her to a private room after feeling embarrassed by what Celina had said. As she entered the room, she found Jefferson in a suit. His face hardened and darkened while waiting, and Celina smiled internally as she thought that she had made him wait. Jefferson looked at her and didn't say a word, so she just sat opposite him. "You're late," he said. "I am not applying for the job, so I don't need to be punctu
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Chapter Four
Jefferson's POV Mine and Celina's wedding was announced, and everyone in the company knew about it as they were all invited. They wanted to know who Mrs. Scott was and how she was. Is she pretty, smart? From which family did she come from? They were expecting my future wife to be the most elegant bride because I was the groom. The well-known most sought after bachelor and one of the wealthiest too. Thinking she was chosen by her dad, who was very strict and known to be very meticulous when it comes to work, they expected her to come from a prominent family. But I know where she came from and the word prominent was not in her family's vocabulary. Dad knew that I wouldn't agree to this, so he made a great bargain of using the company and gave me no choice but to marry and deal with this woman who thought highly of herself. It made me furious thinking dad had set aside everything I had done for the company for him to just freely give it away to Noris and that woman. Ever since I was a
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Chapter Five
Third Person's POV The wedding had ended, and everyone was satisfied, especially John. If Celina and Jefferson just acted, John would not have noticed anything either. He was busy with the guests when they were at the reception. He was occupied by nonstop greetings and best wishes for the newlyweds and an overwhelming number of gifts from everyone who had all left the ceremony happily, except Noris. In the mansion, the newlyweds were in their room trying to rest when one of the maids knocked on their door. Celina was looking at them when Jefferson opened the door for her. "Sir, Sir Noris is outside. He was drunk and was breaking everything. He was calling you out. " The maid informed him. He looked at Celina, who was waiting for him to say anything. "I'll be back; stay here." Jefferson told Celina, who just nodded. She was curious why Noris was making a scene. She knew him, and she was shocked earlier when she found out that they were brothers. Noris was her friend, and he had no
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Chapter Six
Jefferson's POV *** Flashback ***"Let's break up," I told Wendy as soon as she got in my car. Wendy just looked at me for a moment, shocked. "What? Babe, what are you talking about? This isn't a funny joke," she responded worriedly after taking in what I had just said. I'm not sure why; shouldn't she feel sad or wounded and not worried? What is she so concerned about?"You're just saying that. Fine, let's try f****** in your vehicle. I know you've been begging for this, so let's try. Just don't make jokes like that, huh?" she added, going to sit on my lap but I stopped her."I'm going to marry someone else that Dad had arranged for me," I informed her."What? He knew we were dating, why would he do that?" Wendy cried. "He never once talked to me and attempted to keep me away from you, why would he suddenly urge you to marry someone else?""I'm not sure either; he just informed me earlier, and I didn't want to upset you by continuing our relationship," I stated."No, I can never agre
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Chapter Seven
Third Person's POV Jefferson rushed to the hospital thinking Wendy was in a critical condition. He started to blame himself for what she did and he thought he would not be able to forgive himself if something happened to her. He was on his way to the nurse's station when he looked around and saw Wendy's figure not too far from the staircase. He was thinking about what she was doing there when the nurse who called him told him that she had overdosed. He walked slowly because he noticed that she was talking on her phone as she walked down the stairs. "I called him and he answered, so there's no way that he and whoever that woman was, were busy on their honeymoon." She said, "I'm sure that this is going to work, it better be. I didn't want to lose him either. Can't you imagine, all the things that I got used to will be gone forever? No way, I ain't gonna let that happen, so I am going to try to separate those two and be with Jefferson when he needs a companion." She added, which mad
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Chapter Eight
Celina's POV I wake up early, nothing unusual about that. When I looked at the other side of the bed, Jefferson was not there already, or to be accurate, he never came to sleep at all. I get up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I can say that his room was really beautiful and I like his bathroom because it was spacious. There were toiletries that I could use and if I didn't know that we are being forced into this marriage, I would think that Jefferson cared for me for exerting his effort in buying everything for me. The facial wash was all expensive. It was the one I usually saw on a glass cabinet that had a lock on it. Did he actually think that I use such expensive things to wash my face? Well I decided to just use it because it was mine after all. After I washed myself, I changed my clothes and went down to the kitchen. I was planning on making my own breakfast bottle maids already done for me. "Ma'am Celina, you can wait for your breakfast on the dining table." On of th
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Chapter Nine
Jefferson's POV I know that Celina knew that I left because she was already at the dining table very early in the morning. I was sure that she thought that I went to see Wendy and I didn't deny that. Even if I was cruel to Wendy, it was because I found out that she was cheating on me from the very beginning. I know myself that I am not going to cheat on my wife even if I don't like her a bit. But after knowing the truth, I feel relieved that I don't need to feel guilty towards Wendy as well. The talk that I planned to have with Celina was very simple. I will just let her know that I am going to leave the country and that I am making her the officer in-charge when I'm away. I asked her to come to my study room and wait for me there after she ate because I know that I stink. She didn't noticed me get in so I watched her massage her temple. I got a little worried and asked her if she had headache and she replied "slightly." I don't know how that was but she insisted on talking even if
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Chapter Ten
Third Person's POV After Jefferson left, Celina started to work on her design. The five designs she finished before meeting with Jefferson in Clandestine was her last project and she had not accepted any after that because she had been busy with their wedding preparation. Thinking about their wedding, Celina realized that Jefferson had been with her all the time. He accompanied her in choosing her gown and even when she talked to the wedding organizers. She didn't want to have a grand wedding but John wanted it so much so she let him do what he wanted. She never heard Jefferson complain about everything and she was happy about that. The only thing that angered her was when he left on the night of their wedding. She decided to stop thinking about it anymore and work on her new project. Jefferson on the other hand went back to his study room. He wanted to make a plan for Celina to follow as she managed the companies. He will be making a list of people she can ask for help as well
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