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DARK ROMANCE | EROTIC | VENGEANCE (Not suitable for sensitive person) " Don't worry, Cupcake. Everything is halal when it comes to us. " He twisted the hair string which was kissing her face. Sort of jealousy maybe. " Even if I f**k you here. " He patted the counter behind her. " On the counter. Or on the floor. Or the table of the shop, or the cash counter of the shop. My touch. " He was scanning her pale face when his back of finger caressed her soft and red cheek. " My desire for you. My intention towards you. Nothing is wrong.." Slap! After a hard sound, his words cut off and silence swathed the whole shop along with the kitchen. What will happen when her blind eyes see the wrath of his darkness? Will his obsession tarnish her soul? Will she see the color of the love she was promised?

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hello author... please do upload ashes series too
2023-07-17 01:37:12
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scare me read this gem it breaks my heart into thousand pieces when you kill him why just why
2023-07-14 15:35:30
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" For the villains who were once a hero." The cold breeze engulfs her and compels her to close her eyes even though it doesn't matter. Her open eyes or close, they only show darkness. Her face felt the cold winds hitting her cheeks softly. It was a relief and blessing at least she could feel it. The beauty of the town was on the point of termination but for her, it was still beautiful because she only felt with her heart. Her Allah had given her enough power to feel what winter feels like and she was blessed and thankful. So what if she can't see? Sometimes the colors of the world become dull, not feelings. She heard small approaching steps, and a smile droned to her lips. " Did you find it? " She asked with her big eyes filled with curiosity and excitement. " Yeah! Yeah! Here is your snowdrop. " She felt someone bring her hand forth and made her hold a few sticks which felt fresh and slightly wet. Her smile widened and she leaned it closer to her nose. A sweet and relieving scent
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Morning rays hit her face passing through the panel of the window. She groaned lightly getting up from her place. At the same time, the clock made an ordinary sound seven times, and she sighed. It was early seven, and she hopped off the bed and grabbed a pin. Gathering her all messy yet silky hair-like threads, she cages them into a bun holding her hairpin in her mouth. Suddenly she felt a strange heated gaze over her face. A shiver runs down her body. She was stiff. She lived alone then who was staring at her and from where. Her trembling hands fell to her sides and her lips were still holding the small and delicate pin. Her hair fell on her face and back when she became a statue all of a sudden. Her sweaty forehead was dripping off the droplets. She finally got the clue, the window. The damn window was open. Someone was staring her out of the house. A relief rushed over her mind, someone wasn't inside the house but someone was watching her and she wasn't wearing her hijab. She ga
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She was walking straight with her head dipped forth between her shoulders which seemed slamming down too. She could feel the tickling session raised all over her body when a cold wind passed through her. Kissing her face and piercing into her bones. She let out a huff in frustration, not knowing what to do next. Amy asked her to come along with her but she refused on the spot, not even giving it a second thought. It might have made Amy's mood sour and she started to plead. The argument didn't go well and they headed back to their path with disappointed and frustrated faces. Now, when she was walking all alone, a sudden chill was making her feel frozen. Like she wasn't alone. This town was small and had a small population, moreover, where she was living rarely people came out of their comfort name, houses. Especially at this hour. She knows it was a whiff of danger. Feeling someone coming close to her, making her sweaty. Her legs started to shake but she increased her pace and mostl
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A fresh and cold wind passed through her body. Mind felt at ease and amused by the fresh aroma, she just came out of the cab along with Amy when a breeze touched her. A tickling session rose in her whole body. Pure fear was taking a huge place in her heart because she knows, something was waiting for her inside the art gallery. The Art Gallery. Where she wanted to visit and was eager to feel the strong stone walls of it- now when she was standing in front of the building it felt empty. When she heard the news about the building of an art gallery she was dying of excitement but it seemed hollow. Chatting sounds were clear enough to hear and she felt a rush around her. People were eager to get in but guards were checking the pass and invitation cards. "Let's go, Dianna. " Amy held her hand and walked on the long pathway along with the people. She was getting nervous now, her forehead was sweaty- the band-aid surely got wet, but her hijab was hiding the clue of her getting hurt. He
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With a low groan, she woke up, rubbing her eyes until they ached and got red. She was wide awake the whole damn night until it was time for the Fajr prayer. After praying she finally got some sleep but woke up in a few hours.The morning was bright and a blessing for everyone but for her, it was another day to face the world with blind eyes. She wasn't hungry and skipped it. Making a draft for the bakery shop." As-salamu Alaykum. Auntie. " She greeted her, who replied." Wa Alaykumu s-salam. " But she paused for a second before adding in a worried tone. " What happened, my girl? Didn't sleep well? " She felt a warm hand brush her face and her cheeks were cupped by auntie. " Look at you, how pale you're. Your eyes aren't bright but red and swollen. Is everything okay? " Worries soaked in her voice when caressed her head tenderly." Yes, Auntie, I'm fine. Just couldn't sleep last night and didn't get the idea when it was time for the Fajr." It was a half-lie and half-truth." Oh! My gi
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Adnan's P.O.VA thud followed after a loud sigh when I rested my expensive watch and wallet on the table. The whole damn mansion was drenched in darkness and I didn't want to turn on the lights. Because it feels wrong, seeing she was facing the darkness in her whole damn life.I have thrown my tired body on the couch, along with my head back. Looking at the ceiling pointlessly.My mind again, slowly, neatly, shifted back to the woman.She wasn't just a woman.She was a miracle in my life.She was fragile.I did everything wrong, from start to end it's not the end but I somehow know-I'll end everything wrong.The only thing I know is that.SHE WAS MINE.SHE IS MINE.SHE WILL REMAIN MINE.That's the fact she needs to accept. I know everything about her, her past, her present and I'm creating her future too. Her life has belonged to me since I first laid my eyes on her.She was fire yet ice.I'm her prey. I'm burning for her. My heart is burning. My mind is foggy.Again the scene of me b
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Adnan's P.O.V" If you won't stop crying I'll fill up this sweet mouth of yours with my hard dick. Cupcake. " I threatened, and like always she got scared. My lungs expanded with pride and a smirk droned to my face.She was crying silently but after my threat, those eyes- full of innocence- were only wet but had stopped pouring the salty water.A deep and irritating sigh skips through my nose. I really wanted to hold her and caress her head, telling her to stop getting anxious.It's over now.She can rely on me.The hard part of her life is gone now, I'm her future and her family. She can toss those unworthy people out of her life. I'm all she needs and wants.But another part of me was annoyed with her, how dare she call that name? Eden. It was in the past. She needs to understand. He's gone. I'm here for her and she doesn't need a weak pathetic and emotional jerk.It was a twenty minute ride to my house- which was dark and empty. I drove at medium speed, it was a valley so I can't r
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Dianna's P.O.VA strong fruity smell hits my nostrils and a groan- which sounds like a moan- left my mouth. I smiled at the thought of a new day. A blessing day.My hands dip on the mattress which was softer than necessary. I furrowed, my bed never felt this comfortable.I snapped my eyes open but the view was the same. Pitch Dark.I sat holding my head and yawned. What was the time? I put my feet on the floor but it hits me hard. The silk of the carpet caressed my barefoot instead of the cold wooden floor. I jumped back on the bed like I had an encounter with a lion.I swallowed, trying to get to the point where I was. Morning unexpected visit from my landlord. Being homeless. A voice. Calling my name. I searched for my bag. My bag? Where is it? And then what happened after that? Huh? That creepy man.A sudden chill ran down my spine. He just forcefully took me here. Here? I don't know where exactly.Then I choked my saliva.He was trying to kill me.He was choking me to death.My br
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Adnan's P.O.V " You're gonna regret it." Fuck! This girl is driving me crazy. I bury my temptation to fuck her right here. Under my huge figure, she seems so small. Like...Just like. I won't go there. I had made up my mind and I won't go back. Tonight I'll only touch her but not that far. I just wanted to make her fall on her knees in front of me. Tarnish all her wishes to run off. Her eyes widen and I almost melt. Almost. But she needs to bring her brain on track. She needs to know where she belongs and there's no going back. " You like to be wild. " She squirmed under me. " And I like the wild. " I whispered in her ear and the small figure shivered like I just passed her electric shock. She was crying yet at the same time was fuming in rage. That's my girl! " Stop touching me. " She again growled, making me amused. I practically laid on my one shoulder next to her but kept my second around her so this wild cat doesn't run off. " Or? " I raised my brow and saw her pupils divert
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Dianna's P.O.VI hate him.I hate him.I hate him.This mantra was restlessly chanted in my mind. Only if I could shout at his face. It was early morning and I was woken up by Phoebe. She informed me, I need to hurry. Not giving me a brief explanation I was thrown into the bathroom along with a heavy dress. It was so heavy and weighty that my body started to get numb with the weight but it hit me hard when I guessed what it was. My palms touched the embroidery of the gown." We're going to get married tomorrow. " His words rang into my ears. I almost dropped to my knees, due to sudden shock or the gown I don't know. I shook my head in no, it can't happen. This man can never be my husband. I can't marry this person who almost rape me last night.Phoebe and two women forcefully made me sit on the stool and did something to my face. Allah knows what they were even doing, makeup was something I never liked. I was gritting my teeth in helplessness and rage.It has been hours but they didn'
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