The Idiotic Billionaire

The Idiotic Billionaire

By:  Glory Tina  Completed
Language: English
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*No one messes with fire and goes unburnt and Cainan Inferno is a living proof of that.* “Twenty four hours is my most generous offer to you," he says with no trace of pity in his tone. Her eyes widen in surprise, “But that's unfair!" “Unfair is demolishing the house on you while you're still inside and believe me that's what I'm going to do if you don't get lost in twenty four hours!" He threatens acidly.She scoff, “You're unbelievable."“Being unbelievable is what has brought me here today." He agrees with a nod. "And being an idiot is what will take you to where you will be tomorrow, 'cause you might be a billionaire, but you sure are an idiotic one." She angrily spit out at him and everyone around gasp in disbelief. **** Cainan Inferno is a self made billionaire and since he has worked for everything he had, he doesn't do well with insult from people especially from those whom he considers underneath him. So what happened when poor Neriah Gomez crosses the line with Cainan and calls him an idiotic billionaire before his staffs? Will he do to her what he has done to the rest of will the cold hearted monster choose to let it go?

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25 Chapters
One and half years ago…“Promise me you will take care of yourself, dear,” Gina says as she follows Neriah into the already moving train.“I promise, mom,” Neriah says for the one millionth time today.Tears run down Gina's face ruining the perfect face Neriah hopes to remember for a long time. “And you promise to always call right?” She asks, making Neriah’s heart hurt even more.Neriah pulls her into a tight hug, “I’ll call; I promise I’ll call every week as much as I can.” She vows, before pulling away and helping to wipe her tears away.She gently takes Neriah’s hands making her look into her eyes, trying to insert assertiveness. “If things get bad, you know you can always come back home okay?” she reminds her.Neriah nods, biting her lips. Gina seems to be making it as though this is a final goodbye, which she knows isn’t true. “I know, and if things don’t work out well after two years, I’ll come back home and find a decent job in the town, and get married. I promise, now stop cry
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“So what do you think?” Shawn asks when he sees Neriah walk out of the apartment with a broad smile on her face. They had both checked out the apartment and when Cecilia, his mother’s friend and owner of the place, came by, they both discussed while Shawn waited outside. It’s been close to fifteen minutes since the two women had talked. “It’s okay, I like it!” she squeals and hugs him, “and according to Cecilia I can move in if I have six months’ payment down.” She couldn’t have been happier to say those words. “That’s great news then?” He asks as he stared into her eyes. She may not have known Shawn for so long, but he’s helped her out, and she’s grateful for that. “Yes. Thank you, Shawn, you’re a lifesaver.” She says as they begin to walk on. His smile dies down as he mutters, “If only that were true.” Neriah doesn’t need to think twice to know what he’s referring to because she’d heard him talk about his mom being in the hospital when Cainan fired him in the morning. How cold
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Two weeks later——> There comes a knock on Cainan’s door and his head lifted from the pillow and a low moan erupted from his throat. Thinking he’s probably still dreaming, he drops his head down on the pillow and his eyes close, but the knock comes again, this time louder than the first and he groans aloud in frustrations he shouldn’t be feeling so early. “Go away!” He growls and shoves his head into the pillow. The knock comes the third time and Cainan knows the only solution there is getting up, going to the door and knocking out whoever is at the door, but there’s a familiar voice, “I’m not leaving until I see you, Cainan Inferno.” The voice caused a stir in him and it wasn’t in a good way; it was most horrifyingly. “Samantha?” His voice comes out surprised and sceptical as it comes out. His eyes finally pulling apart, causing him to wince at the presence of the already bright day. “Yes, and I think you’ve avoided me enough, so you’re gonna face me and tell me why you’ve reject
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One month later------ “There’s an invitation for us,” Samantha announces as she makes her way towards the bedroom. “The maid just brought it in,” she further adds. Cainan sits up in bed and turns to her, running his face. “Who is it from?” He can’t remember any of his closest friends having any party today. He had no such notification on his calendar. “From the Attah family.” She turns the card around and reads out the name on it. Hearing the name unpleasantly makes his stomach curl. “What’s the event for?” He lowly groans out. She opens the envelope and reads the message on it, “It’s the fifth wedding anniversary of Mr Hugo Attah and his wife Clara Hugo and they officially invited us.” Five years ago today, Clara married the asshole named Hugo and that day and the weeks that followed were the darkest times of Cainan’s life and though it’s been five years since then, it hasn’t healed the wound left by Clara's betrayal. The entire world knew he and Clara were soulmates and he had
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“Will you wait and let’s talk about this!” Shawn calls out after Neriah as she storms out of Cecilia's house without an utterance of a word. She stops and turns to him, her eyes blazing and red all at the same time. Shawn has never since he started dating her seen this side of her, but more than anything, he wants to comfort her, wrap his arms around her and tell her everything is okay, but he knows her enough to know, that would be the last thing she’d want. There was something in comfort hugs that didn’t sit well with her. Shawn has argued about their effective power, but she laughed it off in the past and said she’d rather not get one when on a rollercoaster of emotions. “What else is there to talk about? It’s no coincidence that the buyer of the house I live in is Cainan Inferno. The same Cainan Inferno that bought and kicked me out of the previous house I was in and let’s not forget that he’s the same person I confronted seven weeks ago and called an idiotic billionaire.” She w
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“I don’t want to be here,” Cainan grumbles, holding onto Samantha’s hand as they stroll through the guest present at the party. Some faces are familiar and some aren’t, but they all seem to have one thing in common, they are all old, just like Hugo. Everyone here would probably be dead in ten years, including Hugo, and if wishes came true, Hugo’s ten years would be tonight. He knew that is a horrible thing to wish someone but he can’t help it. A few grandpas here had young ladies in their arms, and he wondered which poor bastards they had snatched them from. He would bet all his money that most of these women weren't here because they loved these men. Their riches probably enticed them. Clara is a thirty-five-year-old woman married to a sixty-six-year-old man and if that doesn’t irk Cainan’s skin, nothing else would. It’s probably obvious to the world, and him she married him for his money, but he knows he wouldn’t have complained if she had waited and married him for his own money.
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“Neriah?” Shawn calls, stepping into the bathroom where Cainan just left. It is quiet as the graveyard and his heart feels as though about to explode. He sees Neriah by the basin washing her hands. “Neriah?” He calls again and this time she looks up at him. “Shawn, hey,” she warmly smiles at him as she pulls the tissue and wipes her hands before tossing it into the dustbin. “What’s going on and why the hell is Cainan leaving the ladies’ bathroom.” Shawn's tone is hard and demanding answer. “I got you your job back?” There’s no victory in her words and for someone who just did something good, she doesn’t look good and this draws him in weirdly. The news is indeed good news, but stupidity would rejoice before knowing how the good news came about. He stares at her for an unending moment before requesting, “Can I at least ask how you could do that? The Cainan I know does not negotiate or changes his mind Neriah, what did he ask for in return?” “Nothing,” she answers with a mild shrug
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“Move in with me,” Shawn says, after a long while of watching Neriah go through the vacancy spot available in the newspaper. It’s been four days since they got the eviction notice and so far there has been no luck in finding a new place for Neriah to move to. Most of the apartments are too expensive or too poor to even consider or have already rented out to others. Shawn bought and brought in the newspaper earlier today and Neriah has spent all her hours on it calling the numbers on the houses that are available and Shawn has tried to be the most supporting boyfriend around her. She immediately looks up at him. “What?” He gets up from his chair and moves to sit close to her, making their bodies touch. “Move in with me,” he says again. “You live with your mom,” she points out to him without even bothering to look up. “And let’s not forget she’s still recovering.” He laughs, but shakes his head, “My mom lives with me, there’s a huge difference and yes, but she’s improved faster than
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The taxi comes to a stop at the Inferno company building and Shawn gets down and pays the taxi driver before turning around and looking at the gigantic company building. There’s a chill that runs down his spine as he looks at the building once again. Maybe it’s because Cainan threw him out of this place three months ago and his plead and cry for mercy fell on the deaf ears of the man, who now wants him back. He also doesn’t forget the fact that Cainan had kissed his girlfriend before giving him this job and even though he had punched him in the face for that, he doesn’t think that is enough for what he did or the things he said. Shawn's not thrilled, no. He has a bad feeling about it and he knows it’s not going away soon. Although hoping for the best, he reminds himself who he’s working for and that’s Inferno. At exactly eight o’clock, he steps into the fourth floor of the building and he remembers most of the faces that turned to him and some stare at him with a face filled with co
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Just like the previous day, Shawn knocks on Neriah’s door at exactly seven forty-five a.m. and she opens it before smiling brightly at him. She’s wearing black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. Her thick curly hair is packed into a neat bun and there’s a little trace of make-up on her face. She has always been pleasant and mind-blowing with her looks and beholding it makes his day even better. “Good morning, Mr Ola,” she greets, pulling closer to him. He’s wearing a strong, but real nice Cologne and all she wants to do is bury her face in his chest and leave it there. “Good morning, princess.” He says before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her to himself. “Did you sleep well?” She bites her lips and nod still smiling brightly at him, “Did you?” “Hmm, of course I did.” He takes her lips between his for a deep and sensual morning kiss. “It was the best because I dreamt of you.” Her eyes spark with excitement. “Really? What was I doing?” He wraps his arms around her w
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