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WRONG BRIDE - CORRECT BRIDE Regardless of being a self- made Billionaire, the untamed billionaire Antonio is the heir apparent to his Father's stinky wealth. On the contrary, his Father has decided to make life difficult for him or he will risk losing his entitlement to be the CEO of the RODRIGUEZ EMPIRE to his not so favorite cousin Andre. Megan has to work hard to make sure she manages to send her only little sister Mitch to school and help her achieve her dream. Unfortunately, the only job she could get for now is being the maid to the untamed billionaire Antonio. "Unfortunately, whilst saving the model for a bride, the maid has got to be the bride". Antonio must get himself a wife quickly before the clock turns red. His maid could be his only desperate option for now, since his model goddess is not available for the marriage right, but is that all she's going to be... Apparently from being a desperate option to being the mother of his son and the woman he can't live with. Warning: This contract marriage which starts with no love gets to be a steamy romance as our hero takes over the life of our heroin who doesn't want to be his. Grab your best drink and cozy up with this sweet treat.

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Good book, it will not disappoint you.
2023-01-16 01:44:45
13 Chapters
The sudden violent twist of fate hits Antonio in an uncontrovertible manner. From what he thought to just be a contract marriage to falling deep unexpectedly with Megan.A shy, hardworking and very reserved girl, Megan takes her destiny into her own hands. From cooking and warming the hot untamed Billionaire Antonio's food to warming his bed.*****************************I paused in front of the mirror in the office I was cleaning, the duster I held was in one hand and the article on 'How to be a successful Entrepreneur' I held it in the other. Subtlety, what the article said, was just another word for failure.On the contrary, a nervous dip from my tummy made me realise that I had barely recognised the glittering in my eyes, the sharply defined cheekbones, muggy and my own bibbed mouth. That was the correct thing right? I had worked for Antonio Rodriguez for 2 good years now and have been able to send my sister to the best school in town and been able to pay all my bills. I put ba
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Antonio's POV"No Father, No! That's impossible, what you're saying cannot happen! You cannot take my entitlement and give it to someone else, no father, no!" I screamed and yelled in frustration at my father. I was shocked by what my father just said. How could he do this to me? How can my own father call me to a serious meeting like this only to blackmail me? I can't find any possible word to describe this, I am so pissed off right now in fact I am boiling inside.I quickly made my way out of our family house and asked my driver to take me to the airport. "You can't run away from this Antonio, it's time for you to face the music." I heard my father shout before I entered the car. I boarded my private jet and I didn't even want anyone to disturb me or talk to me. I just wanted to be by alone and think of what my father had told me. How can he blackmail me like that?Hours later, I arrived in Italy and was met by Herrera my driver waiting for me to drive me home. I finally reached hom
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Megan's POVSo after I told Sir Antonio that his girlfriend was here, I decided to go bury myself in the library since there was no more work for the time being. I just needed to rest and enjoy reading a novel. I buried myself in my novel and read.I later, realized it was almost dinner time and had to prepare dinner. At exactly 7 p.m. sharp, I was done with preparing dinner. Roast pork with crackling that could break your teeth and an abundance of roasted vegetables and pasta. The smell of the food was so succulent even I was salivating.I called Antonio for dinner and served him the food. He munched on the food, I could not tell if he was hungry or because he was loving the food because the way he was munching on the food left me with a lot of questions.Antonio: Thank you, you should cook like this more often. I didn't even reply except fake a smile. The dinner ravenously filled his belly now his talking nonsense. This guy is going to be the death of me. He stays home one day and
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Antonio's POVI hope I am making the right decision. I have never been so unsure in my life until today. She is the only one that came to mind when I saw her. I just wish she'll agree, but at least there is something in it for her too. These days it's something for something. She did look intimidated by the issue of being called to task.Anyway let's get this over with and see the outcome. Let me call her, I think she's downstairs.👨 "Hey, come up to my office now." I said whilst I was on top of the stairs, I saw her doing her downstairs doing something.👩 "Ok sir, coming right up". She said looking up to me.Just as I settled down on my chair, a knock followed through. "Come in." I answered and she made her way in my office. She just stood there, I think waiting for permission to be told to sit down or what, I really don't know. 👨"So are you just going to be idle there and stare at the wall." I said in a pissed of manner. I mean I called her here to come and talk and there she go
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Antonio's POVJeez, I hope this stupid girl will agree to the terms of the contract. My father will soon start asking questions and be on my throat for this. Speaking of my father, let me call him and hear how is doing cause the last message I received from him was that of his hyperglycemia rising.I love my father but I really don't know why he is doing this. Anyway, it's fine. I will handle that matter later.📲 Hello, my son! 📱 My father. How are you dad? 📲 M fine, m fine. How are you too son?📱 I am okay dad, how are you feeling now. How's the sugar levels? Anything I should worry about yet?📲 Son don't you worry. The sugar is not to worry about at all. What I am worried about is when you'll come and introduce your soon to be bride to us. Your mom can't wait. 📱Here we go again.📲 You know the drill son. Your mother and I want grandchildren. I know, you will make me proud huh.📱hahaha dad. I am planning about it. 📲 Good, Now you're talking.📱Ohh dad. Anyway let me ge
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Megan's POV“So if I agree to this contract, exactly 6 months from now it will end right?” I asked him. "You know when you said you had questions I thought you had serious questions but anyway I am going to answer. Yes, that's what it means, and you're good to go. Make sure you don't get pregnant in the process." He barked and annoyed he was repeating himself.“But what if I don't agree to some of the terms on this contact?” I demanded. “Like what terms?” He asked rudely and the corner of his mouth curled. He looked really cute like that.“Like here, it says that you can have sex with me anytime that you want and I am supposed to agree all the times. And here it says none of my family is supposed to know about this marriage, why?” I inquired. I needed to know. How can I get married and my family doesn't know about it? This is awkwardly insane, highest level of insanity.“Yes and yes. We are going to have a very private wedding. It is just for me to get my inheritance and that's fina
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Megan's POV2 weeks later“Megan, prepare we are going to Spain tomorrow to meet with my parents and plan for the marriage.” Antonio said while he was watching soccer. “Okay fine, what else must I prepare.” I asked him that's when he shifted his attention to me.“Just your nighties and the clothes you'll wear tomorrow. I will buy you new clothes on our way to the airport. By the way, we are getting married in Spain. Tell your sister to prepare to come in one week.” he said and I didn't know how to feel about it.“Okay, but that will disturb her studies. I mean, to travel from Italy to Spain and then come back and prepare for her exams which are forthcoming, that kind of trouble for her.” I said but I was worried of his response.“I'll take care of that, don't worry okay. Just prepare okay.” I nodded and went to my room. I really don't know how I am going to cope with leaving with his parents. I barely have a 5 minute conversation with Antonio. He is so cold and ever since the signing
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Antonio's POVWe went downstairs and on the final step, I was met with my mother with a wide smile. Her hands were open and so welcoming. I opened my arms to hug my mom, and out of my surprise, she pushed me aside and said, "oh, gustar Dominique....get out of my way. I want to welcome my newfound daughter here." She said and she was all smiles. I was so dumbfounded. I staggered a bit. "Isn't she a goddess Alejandro? She so beautiful, adorable and elegant." I even saw Megan blushing and her face beaming. "She is. She looks humble too mi esposa." My father admitted."Mi Hija. Come and sit down. I guess you're so famished by now." My mom said accompanying Megan to the dinner table. "Yes, ma," Megan replied smiling and her head slightly bent to her left side. She looked at me with a huge grin and composed herself to a cute smile when she turned to look at my mother. I just walked behind them like a lost puppy. My mom didn't even greet me. Why? I don't know why? But I felt a lump of jea
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Megan's POVThings have really taken a twisted turn here in Spain. Antonio has really been trying to be closer to me but at the same time I hear him talking to his girlfriend all the time on the phone. He cuddles with me every single day not that I am complaining. I am even starting to feel some type of way whenever we cuddle.He tries all the time to be doing activities with me and I have told him he doesn't have to keep on pretending by being with me all the time. I know I am getting paid to do this but I am kind of feeling otherwise about the whole issue. For me to call it quits it's kind of difficult also because I am already in the mess. Yesterday I called Mitch and told her I am getting married to Antonio and she seemed skeptical about the whole issue. She knows I don't like Antonio but now I am saying I am marrying him she just wasn't buying it. She just agreed to come to the wedding but not because she loved the idea. "I am doing the right thing," was the answer I gave her wh
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Antonio's POV5 months laterIt has been 5 months since I got back from Italy and I can say it has been quite hard for me. I tried to work things out with Hannah but we ended up breaking up. It wasn't worth it at all. I couldn't get over Megan. One time I called her Megan when we were having sex. The whole relationship was a wrong ordeal altogether.I went to look for Megan after I broke things off with Hannah but I couldn't find her at her place. I even went to look for her sister at her school but I couldn't find her and the school also said they don't give information about their students to strangers or none family members. I have even sent my goons out to look for her but they haven't come out with anything yet. I just miss her and I want to be with her. I used to think Hannah was the one for me but she wasn't, I even wanted to propose her when I got back but I chose against it. She wasn't the one for me but the maid I had lived with for a couple or years, the one I wanted to use
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