Cat Who Walks Thru The Wall

Cat Who Walks Thru The Wall

By:  lilseasalt  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bing-er, Qing, BingQuing… One girl with many names…Nameless with only the words BingQuing serving as an identity from young, that was who she was.One day, tragedy struck, and all left of her was a girl being sold in the slave market.Deciding that the heavens and fate was cruel, she vowed to become even stronger in order to overcome her destiny to become a slave.“This life will never end in a bad end for me, if heaven dares to swallow me up in its game of fate… Then I will swallow it up and break through to be the overlord of the nine heavens!”Thus a fate changing nameless one was born to rule over the world.

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131 Chapters
The 235th year to commemorate the crown glory of the Caiwong Empire.  Such blessing that such a long lasting country could continue to exist in amiss the changes that were brought among the hands of various rulers who wore the crown.  However, the once strong country had crumbled slowly over the centuries to become a shadow of its former glorious self with the progression of men who refused to really take a care to the common folk.  There were constant wars raging in the borderlands as the vanity of the rulers had fought for farther land to add to the glory.  The old trade routes were robbed with bandits causing the large city markets to be empty of quality goods.  Towns were raided constantly such that the farmers had little to sell other than the meager that they could keep to survive for their own self.  Even the city folk feared to venture out after dark behind the safety of the shadow of their city wall.  It was an age thirsty for change. 
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Emperor Tong of Caiwong, was unique in that he choose not to name a prince as a successor.   There was a crown prince whom was named, however, this was only a placeholder as he wanted there to be someone for the younger brothers to look up to, but it held no power other than the position of the name to sound nice to whom was speaking. He wanted to avoid the normal battle amongst princes for that position so he kept the position with someone who did not live in the capital often.  Also, to save his intended successor from assassination and usurping attempts from his relatives who were always griping for what did not belong to them. He'd kept his final edict inside of a special box that he had hidden away behind a painting in the main imperial hall.  It was guarded day and night by a crew of specially trained soldiers.  Many assassins had come for the prize, but so far all of them had been defeated soundly.  The emperor was confident in this
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Bingquing nodded in understanding.  Even though she had been raised in private quarters, Bingquing was not as sheltered away from the outside world as her counterparts.  As she was her father's only child, Bingquing was well aware of all of the plots and exchanges in the palace.  It was a treacherous place full of smoke and mirrors.  The box sitting at the palace was a decoy as to attract those who coveted the throne by her father's own design.She knew the real successor was actually buried in the box by the cypress tree on the island in the pond in their back garden.  No one had seen the location other than her and her father.  And the order to entrust this task was written in blood by the emperor to her father.  It was their dearest secret.  Although he had not said it in so many words, Bingquing knew her father's order was to go home to see if the earth had been disturbed around the cypress.  Was their secret still
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Bingquing held in her sobs as she watched her home burn.  The ghost of her innocence was hiding so far behind her that she could no longer remember what it was like to not know the sight of so much death.  It was so dissociated that her yells had faded to action.  There were bodies strewn about like ragdolls only here she could not be indifferent.  These were people that she knew.  These were her own . . .They were lost . . . but there must be something that she could save.The horse pulled at his lead as Bingquing neared the entrance.  The flames roared as she came closer.  She grew irritated with the horse's fuss so she let go of his reins.  The horse bolted in the opposite direction, but Bingquing's face didn't follow the direction.  She had tears streaming down her face as she was rocked with rolling emotions.  She entered the main atrium and her sobs turned into a scream as she recognized the bodies strewn about.
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The swaying of a cart is what woke Bingquing.  She awoke with a start from the pain in her blistering hands that were chafting as they were tied tightly together with a rough biting rope that was threaded with small rivers of glass.  It was hot and she felt a sting of pin and needles in her head.  She looked up and realized a flimsy bandage that had been tied too tightly around her head.  Upon seeing it, she felt against her chest and was relieved to see the scroll was still there.  She knew her idea to cut the document out of it's scroll would have some raised eyebrows, but she knew it would be better than leaving it there for someone to stumble upon when a new tree was potentially planted in that spot.  It was not simple to have something like this anywhere honestly.There were many girls in a similar state who were all sniffling or in various stages of crying.  The one closest to Bingquing had a burlap cloth roughly shoved into her mouth.
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"Qing! Qing!" Mo'lan shouted as she was sold and being taken away in a cart.  Bingquing shook her head, but Mo'lan's shouts only increased to a shrill level.  The well-dressed man buying her shoved her into the cart and then put his hand around Bingquing's neck.  He had the body of a soldier and his direct gruff manner was off putting and typical of men of his class.He smelled too of unwashed man and the beef he had consumed the night before.  He jingled coins in the handler's face, "How much for this one?  I already bought the most expensive one, can you make this one at a discount?"The traffickers exchanged glances at each other as they considered this."She's not of much use to us, other than as a back door, if you understand what I mean.  I doubt she'd sell for more than a couple cents."A couple cents, Bingquing scoffed internally.  Her father would have started crying from laughter if someone had presented this s
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Mo'lan sat down in a huff.  She wrapped her hands around her knees and raised an eyebrow at Bingquing who was obeying the command.  "Qing-er, I thought we were going to meet someone rich.  This looks like some old geeser's house whose run into hard times.  I don't want to be the wife of a crumbling old man.  I'm still young.  This is the opposite of what you promised me . . . I know I'm not supposed to trust someone who is more intelligent than me, but I feel like you're very nice to me.""Maybe he'll be nice to you, mam.  You should kneel like the guard said.  It might not be what you think."  Bingquing said quickly.  She said this more out of a fear that the guard was a fan of collective punishment.  She did not want then, for Mo'lan to be whipped for being ostentatious.Mo'lan complied in an irritated fashion, "You know the only reason I'm doing this is because I don't want to see his ugly face when he coos over
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"I'm very sorry to hear that, your grace."The master looked at her with a strange expression,  "Do you know what that's like to grow up without your mother?  It's a pain so deep that no one can understand.  I've always been alone."Bingquing found herself nodding.  She felt locked in the gaze of a snake.  His beauty was disorienting her and at the same time she just wanted to hold his gaze for as long as she could.  His eyes were so empty of anything that she wondered what it would be like to meet someone whom he cared for.Wrinkles appeared to disrupt his forehead as he considered this.  His mouth hung open at an angle as he watched her,  "You?"At the same moment, Ning Fan came back into the room and rushed towards his master, "Highness . . ."  The master was sideways in his chair as he tried to lunge at Bingquing.  "Highness, please get ahold of yourself."  He took the wine flask and handed to the
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The next day, Bingquing woke refreshed.  Her back was surprisingly sore from several weeks sitting cramped in a cart. There was a maid who did her hair and helped her dress.  There was a qin laid out for her to play.  The view was beautiful.  The meal the chef made for her was nice and fragrant.  It was almost as if the last month had not occured.  She could for a millisecond fantasize that she was still the daughter of a minor court official.Father . . . she wondered if he were still alive.Escape would not be easy as the guard's eyes were on her as she traversed the room.  She slept mostly and looked out the window.  Interestingly, even though the outside of the manor was not well tended, the inside was immaculate.  The trees were cut in the shapes of flying swans and soldiers battling endlessly.  It was a bit comical as she realized from an angle it looked like the soldiers were battling a swarm of swans."Wh
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Ning Fan and Ning Ren exchanged glances on the balcony as they watched Bingquing play with some white rabbits in the garden.  They had been caught to be roasted and served to guests, but as she had found them in their covered baskets by the kitchen, she had insisted that she wanted to have them as pets.  The wide eyed cook could say nothing as a boiling pot of water simmered. The chef had apologized profusely for not being able to prepare the rabits as she had been ordered.  Ning Ren had held up a hand when the older woman had cowered before him,  he didn't seem bothered much and instead deftly changed the subject to use some old jerked meat for the filling, saying it would add a rustic taste to the existing  palate which he had not often eaten.Ning Fan had exchanged glances with the cook in alarm, but quietly the better meat had been exchanged for one that the cook knew was not really appreciated by the princes who prefered fresh meat t
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