Caught Up

Caught Up

By:  zellerougeliet  Completed
Language: English
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Ace was raised in a world where death and betrayal go hand in hand. How can she move forward if she's still trapped in her past? She can't trust anyone except herself and her trusty bullets. Can someone thaw her frozen heart? Or will she kill them all and it will be too late for her.

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45 Chapters
She shut the blinds, untied her robe where she had nothing underneath and made her way to the bathtub. Smelling the honeysuckle and its almost thick sort of scent, but fruity and warm hints of honey and ripe citrus relaxes the soul. It's like she could stay like that forever but can't afford that luxury. Submerging into the water together with her in-depth thoughts. Half an hour had passed, on her way out of the tub she heard the door knob clicking. By that instinct she took out Des-- her stunning, black finish Desert Eagle Scope.
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If you want something, you have to put effort to it. Actually I have a better way to settle things and I do believe that 'a little lie won' hurt'. Growing up aside from my gun and bullets, LYING became my best friend. Oh c'mon don't deny yourself the benefits. Way back in high school, all girls were so pumped up to become the class rep for the upcoming promenade. What I did was the most clever thing, I got to be the class rep and guess what the PROM QUEEN myself .Wondering how I got the post?
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Loss, failure, despair, anxiety and grief all have different amounts of pain to tell. Some say it out loud while others writhe silently in pain. There's only one reason behind this, the most talked about affection in town LOVE. Disgusting right? How many times has it brought chaos to the world? The sole reason for war, treachery and vengeance. Well it does have its good points, like you could loathe the person you never thought you could hate in your life. Stand against your weakness and succeed. Feel nothing but motivation tow
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She felt her jaw almost break after that last blow--- even spitted blood as her lips were cut open. Counter punches were quite her skill but  never anticipated the curl up she's gonna get when he kneed her abdomen. It felt like her innards had scrambled into places they shouldn't have gone. It is a rare case for her to get beat up like that. Not if the one she fights is a pro. Even some of his fighting styles were familiar. Her muscle memory tells her so. 
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The steam coming from a cup of black coffee is enough to tell you how it tastes the moment it is captured for a magazine page. A hundred-year-old mansion is preserved for the sake of history. The pattern of glass windows on a skyscraper. Messy lines assemble a figure. Art is due to those who appreciate it. It is a special way of giving life to things such as passion for something. The same way I kill for a living. You just can’t do a thing without reason. Although some do it out of insanity. Some just to feel alive again. But I’m different, I do this job to earn the  trust of my clients. I might n
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Every move, object, person, intention is part of a hilarious puzzle. Slightest decisions can affect the whole game. Winning will always be the best option and getting stuck in it, is your worse. But life doesn't come with a handy recipe to follow. For starters it's either you get the wrong move and realize how to make it work in your advantage. Power ups are hardly recognized, life itself is untrusting.
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Tattered pillow cases. White feathers stucked on a lopsided curtain. Cluttered sheets, empty bottles of beer and whiskey lying lazily on the floor. Black combat boots and a bra beside it. Near the edge of the bed revealed two sets of  legs. One on top and one below.
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"You know what Ed I did a little research."She was pretending to be engrossed i
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Everything is in a slow motion. Seeing a faint ray of light above her. She felt her body drifting from the surface and falls deeper into the ocean. She tried to swim into the upwards but to no avail her body just keeps getting heavier-it gets harder to breathe each passing second. Her legs are cramped. She can barely manage a decent flutter kick.
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"Here put them on." The lookout gave both of them white robes and towels to dry themselves. 
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