Chained By A Possessive Mafia's Love

Chained By A Possessive Mafia's Love

By:  TSI  Completed
Language: English
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[R-18] No Rape. On her wedding day, he kidnapped Anna; when she woke up, she discovered herself on an unknown island, in the middle of an ocean. She tried her best to escape from there. But will he let that happen since he finally got her after so long? What will be her reaction after seeing him? Will she fall apart? Anna refused to do that; she tried to stay strong with her hatred for him these years. But will he let her keep hating him, or something going to change between them, but how, since he hid so many secrets from her, can she accept everything when the truth comes to light? What she's going to do when she's bound to know some truth, she never imagined her dream. Follow me on Insta to learn more about my work "tsi-author-official."

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42 Chapters
* Someone had kidnapped me *
  Anna’s POV’   In the middle of an ocean, into an unknown island of a vast castle.   It was a dazzling day — the sunlight coming through the window. I was lying inside a vast master bedroom. In front of me, there was a big window made of glass and curtains fully opened. My head felt heavy, so I sat up with a bit of trouble.   After looking around, I thought something was wrong. Everything was dead silent, and nobody was around. I tried to think about what I was doing here, and the most crucial point was who brought me here.   I looked around and carefully scanned my surroundings. I was in a bedroom decorated in dark chocolate color, giving me a dark and dangerous aura; I didn't know where exactly I was for now
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* Real king is back *
Anna’s POV   Now that I was missing from my wedding, what would happen to my parents? How would they face Dylan's family? Did they know someone kidnapped me, or would they think I escaped from my wedding?   The more I thought about my parents; the more my heart ached for them.   I was a calm girl from childhood, who never even cried loudly, but at this moment, I wanted to shout in my mother's arms. I was the lone child of my parents—everything for them—their only world. Although my parents belonged to a middle-class family, we were happy in our life. 
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Chapter 3 ~ It's him ~
*Unknown Person’s Pov *   Who was that bastard to marry my queen or think he could? How dare was he?  He wanted to snatch the most precious person in my life. No way, never can, and I never will let that happen. Now I’m back, and I will let him know who the real king is. A person like me who can destroy him or a person like him who only knows how to steal from someone else – I will show him who the real man is. Now he will know that this city’s real king is back. Everyone should know what would happen when someone touches his girl, whom he had been guarding for five years. Yeah, five long years. Every sells inside his body, yearning for her, so how he could give anyone the chance to take her away from him. But he was worrie
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Chapter 4 ~ Nightmare ~
Anna's Pov He's searching for something inside my eyes.But it's too bad for him; he couldn't because I was not 19 years old Anna anymore; I bury that Anna in the grave a long time ago.She would never show up again. I would never let that happen. I will not forgive him.I look straight into his eyes to let him know she is not here anymore. Who was stupid and an idiot "Stop looking already. you can't find that foolish girl; she will never come back." I smirked at him. He took a step toward me, and I stood still in my spot without moving even an inch. When he was in front of me, a beatific smile was on his face, which was why I hated him even more at that moment. “Don't worry. She will come back, and you also can't stop her either," he said in a calm tone.;  I gritted my teeth; this m
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Chapter 5~ Like football ~
Anna’s Pov So, I just ran without knowing where I was going right now. Finally, after running some time, I reached an empty alley. I looked around, seeing nobody was around; I burst into tears. I pressed my hands over my mouth to stop myself and prevent others from hearing me. I silently let my tears come out; I didn’t want to look weak in front of everyone, especially in front of that devil. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction he wanted from me. After a while, I stopped myself; I looked up and fanned my teary eyes. I wanted to dry these tears and prevent them from coming out. But I already spent so many tears on this heartless devil. Five long years were enough; he didn’t deserve that, nor would he ever do. Also, I couldn’t believe th
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Chapter 6 ~ Owner ~
Blaze’s POV  I was their boss, and she tarnished my formidable reputation in front of them. She kicked my reputation like a football. I helplessly rubbed my aching forehead; other than that, what could I do? I came out behind the pillar and started walking towards her. She might have felt my presence because she looked back at me. Seeing me, she let out a sigh. I stood in front of her and looked at her helplessly, saying, "Still childish.'' I couldn't even scold her because my heart was against this idea. "So, what if you kidnapped me here? I can do whatever I want," she snorted like an angry child. Her face turned red from anger; her eyes and nose already looked red chili. "Yeah, Your Majesty, you can do whatever you want. Look, you called for me, and I'm here at your service," I said as gently as I could. I didn't want to anger my stubborn queen again. " So what? Should I feel happy and dance in happiness, getting such a
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Chapter 7 ~ You are mine ~
Anna’s POV He slipped it out and I looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me look, and he looked embarrassed knowing that I didn't trust him, and yeah, he broke many promises he once made to me. This man was once the person I loved even more than my own life, but today he was the person I hated the most. I never dreamt that I would meet him after five long years, but life was extraordinary. We didn't know what would happen on the next turn. "Anna, I am sorry, love. I never wanted to break my promise, but I was helpless. Believe me, I didn't break my promise. It was on hold for a little longer. See, you are sitting in front of me, so that means I didn't break my promise." Blaze looked at me and said as if he was the most miserable person in the world. I looked at him and said, "Blaze, I just want my answer. I need nothing more from you," I said, expressionless. I was not that sassy girl anymore. He sighed. "Okay, then ea
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Chapter 8 ~ I deserve this ~
Blaze’s POV She coldly laughed, "Give me this back, otherwise send me back, choose one." She wants to deal with this, but it's too sad that both of them were precious to me.  "No, love. You're more precious than my own life, but our memory is also important to me. I have only one photo, and I can't let you ruin it, right?" I turned the photo frame towards her. She finally looked at the picture. I saw the surprise all over her face, which I clearly understood. Because she already destroyed all our memories, and everything attached to our love. I knew every detail of things she did after I left her heartbroken.  "Are you trying to fool me? I have once loved a bastard," Anna screamed at me—the pain in her eyes was something that I never wanted to see, yet I was the one who caused this pain. I moved my hand to her face and tried to touch her tears, which were flowing out, but she slapped my hand away and wiped her tears
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Chapter 9 ~ Delusional disorder ~
Anna's POV I must be crazy.    I didn't know yet. I was already crying while giving some punches to his chest, he silently bore that, but the most shocking part was, I was hugging this bastard. Anna, have you lost your mind? You promised you would never shed drops of tears for this heartless bastard, yet you are hugging this bastard. You are such a double-standard person; I cursed myself for being such a fool.  "Let me go." I put my hands down from his waist and tried to get rid of his hands from my abdomen, but this stubborn cow was too much. He even hugged me more tightly, as if he didn't hear my words. "You let me go right now." At first, I was too emotional, so I did not care for anything, but now when he tightened his hug, I felt how hard his body was — like a stone. It was nothing like five years ago. Really, it seemed everything was showing me the reality that my Blaze and this Blaze
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Chapter 10 ~ My obsession ~
*Blaze’s POV I didn’t know which type of madness took over my head. I lost control over my anger and showed the actual character I never wanted to show her. Anna knew me as a gentleman and a calm person, but I never was calm or a gentleman. Even before I took over the leader position of Black Reaper, I was a hot-tempered person and a very possessive type. My possessiveness climbed on a different level and touched the sky after I met Anna. I felt jealous even when she smiled at any other girls at college. I hated when other people tried to be friendly with her.  Even my heart knew, the more she would be away from those outsiders, the more she would spend her time with me. I wanted her 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I forgot to count how many nights I spent hanging on her window without her knowing and watched my sleepy Anna. Even her sleeping posture was entirely wrong. I loved every bit of her. My obsession was
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