Chains to Crowns

Chains to Crowns

By:  Avery Lepp  Ongoing
Language: English
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A tale of healing. Klara has been abused for over half of her life by her father and wolves of her pack. When she finally runs she ends up running straight to her mate - King Marc. Follow Marc and Klara as she learns to trust him and he guides her through her recovery, only to discover that Klara isn't all as she appears. Can be read as a stand-alone but is the second in the Hunterson Royals series. The first in the series - The Imprisoned Princess. - Adelaide, Trey and Wade's story. DISCLAIMER- Trigger warnings. - Depictions of physical abuse and references to (non-graphic) sexual abuse of an adolescent throughout - if this will upset you do not read the Italics 'prologue' before each chapter.

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40 Chapters
Chapter 1
The swishing of the whip made her flinch before it made contact. It soon did, the silver cutting deep into her flesh. She bit her tongue; it’s only worse if she made a noise. *The husky wolf pounded the ground as hard as she could. Her limbs hurt but she couldn’t stop, not yet. She panted as her chest burnt with the speed, she was pushing herself to her limit; she knew her tracks would be followed. She’d tried to avoid other’s territories, there was one that was going to be unavoidable, and she’d be there soon. It would be a miracle if she got through it alive, but she had to try.She was running so fast her eyes barely registered the royal crest carved into the trees; the border. She realised too late. Growls soon ripped through the trees. The husky wolf tried to think as she ran. She could submit, which could mean death, or run, which also could mean death. But before she could think more she felt teeth on her scruff and she tumbled to the ground. Snarling and snapping of teeth
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Chapter 2
The whip sailed down for the fifth time.She let out a whimper, she tried not to, she really did. “Shut up bitch!” he roared. His steel toe capped boot crashed into her thigh. *Klara peered up to the white palace, walls appeared to go on forever into the sky, the sun glinting off the many arched windows. There were so many it would probably take an hour to count them all. Trey stepped through the large wooden door, Klara’s eyes wide at the entrance hall, gold glinted everywhere where the walls had been expertly painted. They snaked through the many corridors until the black haired man that had been following them stepped in front and pushed a set of double doors open. “Thanks Terry.” Trey nodded as he stepped into the bright white infirmary, placing her onto the nearest bed. Terry stood at the foot of the bed and almost immediately another male stood next to him.She looked up fearfully to the two large men at the foot of the bed before Trey got her attention “The doctor will come
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Chapter 3
A tear rolled down her cheek, she’d counted ten.Ten cracks of the whip, he’d never gone above ten. The terrifying swish told her it’s not over. She let out a sob.*Klara was pulled into Marc’s side, she felt tiny against him, she wanted to relax into him but she was very aware who he was. He was leading her through multiple corridors, she was slightly glad of The King half holding her up, despite the wish to whimper with the burning pain at every movement of his arm. He pushed open a set of double doors gilded in gold. “This is my Wing,” He gestured around the grand entrance way, a desk sat in the middle. “That’s Rose, she helps manage the Wing, if you need anything just ask her,” he said as he half dragged her into the room, his arm locked around her waist tighter. Unknown to Marc she winced and had to grit her teeth to not make a sound. “Good morning King Marc.” “Morning Rose. this is Klara, she’ll be your Queen.” Klara looked around, her cheeks burning at Marc’s blatant decla
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Chapter 4
 “Please daddy,” she sobbed as she counts twelve“This is your fault!” He yanked her hair so she’s looking into his red face.“If you were a good girl you wouldn’t make me,” he sneered before punching her arm. * Klara stretched feeling sore, her back was still burning from the last whipping although she knew the welts were healing. She jumped when she felt the tank top being moved from her back, she scrambled away from the finger. She didn’t want anyone to see them, then they’ll know what she was. She turned to see Marc, a horrified expression on his face. Klara took it as anger and started shuffling away from him “You said you had no othe
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Chapter 5
Tears streamed down her face. The whip cracked over her back. Number fourteen. She slumped against the bedpost her hands are tied to. * Marc had seen blood on the dressing gown Klara had been wearing, and had frowned. He saw Klara’s back to him, the tank top covered her whole back, he had hooked his finger under the hem gently pulling up, he saw the end of a whip mark before she had scrambled away from his touch. He had never expected it to be as bad as he was seeing. Klara’s back was ripped open, distinctively from a tipped whip. There were so many he was surprised she was alive. Adelaide stormed over to her brother “I
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Chapter 6
“No more, daddy, no more, please,” she whimpered desperately trying to keep the tears from her voice.  “Weak, pathetic, pup. No one is ever going to want you.”   *   “WHAT!” both Wade and Marc cried in unison  “But… father… he whipped her…. He beat her,” Marc tried to reason with his father, he had never expected him to suggest sending an abused female back to the abuser. “She is not under our protection, we protect our Kingdom son.” Marc’s lips twitched in irritation  “She’s my mate,” Marc growled lowly  “You will find another mate.” Marc’s mouth dropped
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Chapter 7
She heard the door close with the grind of the key.She curled up on the floor trying to pull the scraps of t-shirt from her wounds.She whimpered, that was her worst beating so far.She was confused… he’d watched. * Klara stretched, birdsong reaching her ears as the sun streamed into the bedroom through the curtains she didn’t close. She was surprised her back only felt tight, it didn’t feel painful. She wasn’t used to being able to have a shower whenever she wanted - if ever. So she wanted to take advantage of it.  Just as she stepped into the bedroom with a towel wr
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Chapter 8
“Hey sweetie, how you feeling?” she looked down from his kind blue eyes“It hurts, Derrek,” “I’ve got something that’ll help.” He sloshed a bottle at the fourteen year old. * She looked at the TV, it was blank. She hadn’t watched how he made it work, and she couldn’t remember. She looked around the sides of the TV and found some buttons, she pressed each one… nothing happened. She stuck her bottom lip out on a pout. She sighed and turned to the books, she looked at the spines, unsure what she would like. There were so many books her head was spinning with the choice.  “Klara?
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Chapter 9
“That’s it sweetie,” he pushed the glass to tip into her mouth.“I don’t feel good,” she slurred. “But it won’t hurt the more you have,” he said, removing his shirt. * Over the next few days, Klara was trying to trust Marc wouldn’t hurt her, there was a niggle in the back of her mind but she was battling to ignore it. She still wouldn’t let him touch her apart from holding her hand, and even that was slightly hesitantly. She enjoyed his forehead kisses the most, he gave her one every morning after asking. She was beginning to want to ask for them but didn’t dare just in case he stopped.  
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Chapter 10
“Derrek. What do do’ng?” she slurred almost incoherently “Keep your eyes on me.” He slapped her as her eyes shut. The room was spinning as she became numb all over.*Marc strode quickly from the palace down the hill, he could hear the disruption and chaos already despite still being a mile from the town. He went past the first two story houses, his feet moving from cobble stones to paving slabs. He quickened his pace, Wade was on his way too but Marc hoped he was going to be the first just to be able to see for his own eyes the wolves who were responsible for such a din. The sun was setting already and he was just about to leave his office for the day when a mind link had come throu
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