Trapped in the Storm

Trapped in the Storm

By:  Shaeleigh Wolf  Completed
Language: English
65 ratings
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He was unlike anything one of our kind should have been. He was evil! And... he was my father! He had a duty as an Alpha to protect the pack, but it soon became apparent, the pack needed protecting from him! Unable to save our pack, My sister Winter and I had been left with no other option but to run for our lives. We hadn't been able to save our pack from our father... now I had to wonder... were we going to be able to save ourselves?

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Great storyline, I enjoyed this book.
2023-08-21 22:58:52
default avatar
I really like this book BUT I don’t like the repeats some times I thought I was listening to the chapter again
2023-05-29 12:04:24
default avatar
Melissa Cotis
Book 1 was so much better with her brother Logan.
2023-02-12 11:13:41
default avatar
No comment !'
2022-12-12 05:43:04
user avatar
olease finish your other book pove
2022-07-26 04:02:02
user avatar
Derin Olatunbosun Dunmade
Fantastic read, i enjoyed it
2022-03-30 04:26:50
user avatar
Diane Dexter-Halterman
good book. written very well and not too drawn out.
2022-03-07 06:18:00
user avatar
Donna Dolan
this book is very good. very little grammar issues. love it.
2022-01-03 11:36:40
default avatar
PJ Gargin
Beautiful story
2022-01-02 04:16:35
user avatar
Stephanie Kerr
great story and amazing writing. great job .........
2021-12-28 21:04:14
user avatar
Christal N Carlos
i wish there was a sequal i loved this novel.
2021-12-07 12:04:56
user avatar
Euline Samantha Smith
love this book .Amazing story line .Love shows theough all characters
2021-12-07 00:03:56
user avatar
April Chouinard
great book. I hope you do a second one for storm and her pack Wich she clearly loves. it must have been hard for her. plus I would love to see how things turn out after she told her story. Also with her pregnancy with her second baby with Alpha Doyle.
2021-12-01 02:07:22
default avatar
Charity McAllister
It’s an amazing book. It’s one of my favorite ones.
2021-11-19 10:25:42
default avatar
Great read!
2021-11-16 13:16:16
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110 Chapters
Copyright & Prologue
COPYRIGHT   All rights reserved.   No part of this book can be stored on a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by whatever means without the prior permission in writing of the person holding the copyright.   No part of this material may be reproduced in any country by any process, electronic or otherwise, in any material form or transmitted to any other person or stored electronically in any form without the prior written permission of Shaeleigh Wolf.           Storm The air was thick with tension and fear, and I couldn’t control the panic which was beginning to consume me as I watched the scene playing out before me. My mother was terrified, that much I could tell. I could see she knew that this altercation wasn’t going to end well for any of us. My father was an incredibly dangerous man. Anyone who knew him would tell yo
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Chapter 1
 Storm Seven years later   The music out here in the woods was blaring out of the speakers that had been set up earlier in the day, and the pounding of the beat of the bass was enough to make my ears ring. The air around me was thick and heavy, with the stench of alcohol, sweat, cigarette smoke and pot, which was mixing in with the smells of sex, lust and arousal which were also thick in the open air. Lost in my own little world, I moved my body seductively to the beat of the music. My body was drawing the attention of every horny male around me. I was dressed in a pair of black leather pants which fit me like a second skin. I had matched the pants with a silver sequined long sleeved crop top, and a pair of rhinestone platform silver high heels. Not the wisest of choices for being out in the woods… but… oh well. My clothes may not have been showing any skin, but they were tight, and they certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination. As I d
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Chapter 2
Storm I was thinking of calling it a night and heading home. As much as I didn’t want to be at home and dealing with my father, along with Mason and his stupid mate, Jewel. I knew that I should leave the party before the men here got even more drunk and became even more difficult to deal with. Mine and Winter’s relationships with the members of our pack had taken a turn for the worst after the death of our mother. Our pack had turned on the both of us on account of our father’s rumours. Rumours which had painted a dark picture of our mother. Our mother had been well respected by the members of our pack. Many of our pack’s members had pitied our mother for having to put up with a man like our father. But once our father had started spreading rumours about our mother being unfaithful, the pack had forgiven him for all his past indiscretions and had condemned her for daring to try to have a little happiness in her life. Now thanks to my no-good father, Winter and I got
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Chapter 3
Storm I was turning eighteen in two weeks, and when I did, I would find my fated mate, or soul mate in human terms. Josh’s birthday was three days after mine. There was once a time when I was still a kid when Josh and I had been friends. Back then, I had hoped my fated mate would end up being Josh. But now? Now I was constantly worried that in two weeks’ time I’d find out Josh is my mate and just like my mother, I’d be stuck with an unfaithful mate for the rest of my life. If that were to happen, I would be destined to live my mother’s disastrous life all over again. Well, no thank you. Living through it once had been enough. “Well, well, well, lookie who finally showed up! Had enough of getting the men folk all hot and bothered on the dance floor, have you?” Josh asked, as he looked at me with a smirk on his face. Before I could respond, Cameron said, “Oh there you are! Girls, may I introduce you to Emma and Alice,” as he gestured to the two bimbos standing
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Chapter 4
Storm I took in his words, and after a moment I nodded. He was right. If I wanted our escape plan to go off without a hitch, then I needed to stay out of my father and my brother’s way. I needed to fly under the radar and not attract any unwanted attention from either of them. If I were to get on their nasty side now, it would throw a spanner into the works. Effectively ruining our escape plan and seeing me trapped in this never-ending vicious cycle I had been caught in with the men in my family since my mother’s death. Felix was flying back out to Germany in two days’ time, to return to his pack. Felix’s father was his pack’s Alpha, and Winter had met him last month when he had flown over here to America with his parents to attend a conference with our pack, along with several other packs in the Texas area. I remember how excited Winter had been when she had first met Felix. She was twenty-one now and had been waiting to find her mate since she had
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Chapter 5
Storm Now, standing here in front of him, I had had enough of his crap. Now that he could see that someone appeared to be showing an interest in me, he was annoyed about it, and he had begun to think he had the God-given right to sabotage what he interpreted to be my new love interest by acting in the manner of a typical jealous boyfriend. “Thank you for your concern, Josh. But you can leave now and take those two bimbos with you. Screw them and then just throw them away, just like you always do. Like you have done with every other girl you have ever slept with and then thrown away, as though she was nothing more than yesterday’s trash. I don’t give a stuff what you do anymore. I couldn’t care less. But I am going home with whoever I want to, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do or say about it.”  As I spoke, the venom in my voice was coming through plain as day. Cameron was standing back, a short distance away from us with bimbo one
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Chapter 6
Storm I woke up the next morning and it wasn’t long before the thought that today was my last day with Kat sank in. Laying there, I felt the ache in my chest as the tears gathered in my eyes. I was going to miss her when I left here, but my leaving here had to happen. There really was no other option for me. My survival depended on me getting out of here and making a life for myself elsewhere. In this case, 'elsewhere,' being as far away from here as humanly possible. Thinking about how tomorrow meant that I would no longer be living here in this pack, slightly eased the ache in my chest. Soon I would be free of this place for good. I was meeting Kat for lunch today at a local cafe in town. For Kat, it would just be a normal lunch, the same as we did each week, but for me, it would be a farewell lunch. The only thing was, I would have to make sure that Kat didn’t catch on to what I was up to. I had told Winter that I would be spending the morning packing my b
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Chapter 7
Storm I snuck outside of the Alpha residence and made my way towards the eight-foot concrete wall which surrounded the Alpha residence. Crouching behind an enormous tree in the garden, I watched as two of my father’s guards made their way past my hiding spot. Even though these guards were assigned to protect the entire Alpha family, my father and Mason had turned the guards against me and Winter, just as they had done everyone else within the pack. So, if the guards caught on to my presence and I was captured, it would mean trouble for me for sure. I waited until the guards were out of sight, and when I could no longer see them; I ran over to the wall hiding among the trees near the wall. When I was sure the coast was clear, I crawled behind the shrubby bush which covered the hole in the wall that I used to sneak in and out of the Alpha compound. I crawled through the hole and found myself between the wall and another bush which hid the hole on the outside of
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Chapter 8
Storm When Winter arrived, I was relieved to see that she had brought Felix with her. Winter and Felix sat with us and joined in for a brief chat with Kat so that we wouldn’t appear suspicious. It wasn’t long before Winter suddenly announced that we had to be leaving, because we had somewhere that we needed to be. Thankful that Winter had come up with an excuse for us to leave, I got up from the table, glad to be away from Asher, and hugged my friend for the very last time. I held onto her tight, and when I let her go, I saw the curious look she gave me. So that she didn’t ask me questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer, I simply said, “I will call you tomorrow and see where you are at, and what your plans are, maybe we can go do something together, okay?” Seeming happy with that, Kat smiled at me and nodded. As soon as we got into Winter’s SUV, unable to hold my emotions at bay anymore, I burst into tears. Winter who was sitting in the back seat
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Chapter 9
Storm Setting my backpack on one of the shelves in my wardrobe, I started arranging my outfit for tomorrow. Selecting a pair of black yoga pants with lime green pin stripes that ran down the sides, along with a lime green long sleeved tee shirt and a dark purple zip up jacket, and a pair of Nike runners. I put the clothes on the shelf beside my backpack ready for in the morning. With my outfit and everything I needed ready for tomorrow morning; I made my way downstairs where I found Felix and Winter snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. When Winter saw me, she smiled, and I sat beside her on the couch, and watched the movie until it was time for us to make our way into the dining room for dinner. When we got into the dining room, I felt relieved when I saw that Winter, Felix and I were the only ones who would be eating dinner that evening. Everyone else must have been out, as there were no other places set at the table. The three of us ate our meal quiet
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