Chasing the Last Werewolf

Chasing the Last Werewolf

By:  Gailines  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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The world is divided into four tribes: witches, vampires, werewolves, and people. But that all changed when the normies killed all the werewolves.... or not. Samara Moon witnessed her parents' deaths at the hands of a werewolf when she was seven years old, she told the police who investigated everything she saw that night but they never believed her because they believed the werewolves had vanished forever. When her parents died, she ended up spending a year in an orphanage before being adopted by the Vega family, who changed her name to Sabrina Vega. Living under this name, she secretly practiced fighting to chase down the werewolf who murdered her real parents. She enrolled in a normal school, but the difference between this school and the other is that they train students to fight. This school is divided into three organizations: the Witch Organization, the Vampire Organization, and the Werewolf Organization. This organization is designed to hunt witches, vampires, or werewolves, and students are required to choose which organization they will join, Sabrina/Samara choosing to hunt werewolves. There she will meet the Organization's Leader, Ace Glynn, whose father was also killed by the Werewolf. They will learn every secret that they are not prepared. The betrayal they had never known before. The past events that already have followed them. Sit back and relax while they are Chasing The Last Werewolf. (P.S- the 1st to 7th chapters are pure English and the rest are Filipino. Thank you,.. hope you will love it.)

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7 Chapters
One boy is frantically searching the woods for his father in the middle of the night in the werewolf territory.He continues to run but stops when he hears a loud noise that sounds like a bomb and is coming from the main werewolf village, where all of the best werewolves are located. Including the Alpha. He is unsure of what to do, but in the end he decides to return to the village to know about the difficulties they are facing.When he was almost there, he got to witness how normal folks destroyed the werewolf-built home.He hears the baby wolf's cries as well as a mother's wailing and gnashing of teeth over the unexpected death of her child. Wolves' dead bodies are scattered all over the place.He also observed how the other remaining werewolves are all desperately trying to survive despite the fact that they are all seriously hurt.The kid believed that if ordinary people fought fairly, they could win.The poison gas has spread throughout the forest. The normies have protective gea
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Chapter 1
It's been 11 years since the day when all of the werewolves vanished from this world."Are you sure about this, Sabrina?" her mother asked her for the fifth time."Yes, mom, you always knew I liked this school and that it was my dream," she replied.Sabrina received an email from Hunt University informing her that she had passed. She is so excited about it that she told her mother about it, but her mom is opposed to the idea."You wanted to be a hunter? No way, no freaking way," the mother said, looking at her as if she didn't believe Sabrina."Mom, trust me, I will graduate from that school without a scratch," Sabrina assured her mom, assuring her that everything would be fine."No, talk to your father first," her mom said before leaving her alone in her room.That day, Sabrina waited for her father to return home, but he never did. The next day, she found him at the dining table, waiting for the food her mom had prepared."Good morning, dad," She greet him, giving him the same mornin
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Chapter 2
"This is your room; please be courteous to them."Sabrina is now standing in front of a room with the secretary. She noticed a sign in the top of the door that said 'Werewolf Organization.'Sabrina was about to ask the secretary some questions when she abruptly vanished beside her. She's not even aware of her leaving.She just wanted to know how many people are members of this organization. Sabrina noticed that many students had joined the Witch Organization.She knocked and waited for someone to open the door before knocking again so they could hear her. She heard some sounds coming from the inside. She could hear footsteps approaching the front door.When the door opened, a lady appeared in front of her. She noticed a scar near her eye on her face, and Sabrina believe she got it recently because it was still fresh.She looked at her, puzzled."Who are you?" she asked."New member," Sabrina replied.She inspected Sabrina from head to toe before she sigh, and she simply let Sabrina in.
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Chapter 3
"Before we end tonight's discussion, I'd like to ask Sabrina a question that we've all answered before: why did you choose to join our Organization?" The first thing Aston said was this.They're all looking at Sabrina, waiting for her response to that question. She looked down, wondering what she should say to them, whether she should be honest or not."I enjoy adventure and mystery, so I chose this organization," She lied to them. It is not an ideal time for them to find out the true reason."But you can get adventure and mystery from other organizations as well," Ace explained.They're still staring at her as if she is not telling them the truth, which she's not, but she also enjoy adventure and mysteries."I think it'd be fun if I joined here knowing that every werewolf is gone; it'd be fun hunting the long gone," they all agreed."What makes you all choose this organization?" Sabrina inquired.They all looked at Blaire as if they were waiting for her to respond to Sabrina's questio
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Chapter 4
The man introduces them to a man named Dr. Lopez, who he says is the man responsible for these incredible weapons.He was dressed in a lab coat and wore a face mask, which is the reason why they can't see his face."You're all lucky because you're the first to choose the weapons you want," Dr. Lopez said.While Dr. Lopez and the other man who came with them talked, they both allowed them to roam the area."What's the name of the man who came in with us?" Sabrina asked BlaireBlaire said, "That is Mr. Knoxx, Aston and Axel's father."That took Sabrina by surprise. She take a look around to figure out what kind of weapon she want.There are numerous options, including katana, battle axe, throwing knife, crossbow, and many more. Sabrina go to the crossbow section, where there are many different crossbows, but one weapon catches her eye.It's a bow and arrow weapon in black, nothing special, but it really attracts her."That is a bow and arrow designed specifically to kill a werewolf. A hu
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Chapter 5
All of them are now in their first mission together.Blaire is beside Sabrina, and Blaire is fed up with the grasses in the forest. They're now on their way to some village in human territory. Someone claimed to have witnessed a werewolf attack."What with this grass, it's so irritating and gross," Blaire said, making a face."Shut it down, go back to school if you don't want this anymore," Axel advised. Irritated by her."I'm not talking to you, bitch," Blaire said, rolling her eyes."I'm not talking to you, beach," Axel teased, mimicking her voice. They just kept walking until they heard some noises coming from the nearby part of the forest that they were in. Sabrina's companions were overjoyed when they arrived across that village.They left at 4 a.m. through the jungle to reach this village, and now it's 1 p.m., and almost everyone with her is hungry.They all felt the looks that the people here gave them while they were walking around the village, they overheard them whispering t
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Chapter 6
"What exactly do you mean?" Ace wondered out loud calmly. The four notice a distinct difference in the atmosphere here.The man did not say anything and simply smiled at him. Smile as if he was pestering all of them.The five members felt like they were just messing with them after such a long journey.Yesterday, the way people looked at them and whispered as if they were speaking of all of them. "Are you stupid, your brain is weak? Haven't you noticed the looks on people's faces here since you arrived?" The man's face is still teasing. His tone of voice sounded dismissive of them."I knew Hunter University students were smart, but I had no idea they would accept a fool like you."Sabrina and others didn't want to fight that man anymore, so we ignored him right away. He screamed as they walked away from him."They teased us," Aston said sparingly.They all agreed with everything he said right away. People were yelling as they drove away from this village."You are not being properly s
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