Claim Of His Claws

Claim Of His Claws

By:  ZIA  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was an orphan and treated ill by her previous pack but chosen by the Bad Alpha to be a slave in his pack. She had her first shift and the Alpha realized that she is his mate. He was a demon who wanted to break her, but she was the healer who fixed his broken heart. In this battle of love and desire, who will win?

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42 Chapters
Aura's povI was sleeping soundly on my bed when a loud thud woke me up. I got up quickly to check upon the surroundings but found nothing. As I was about to lay back on my bed when I noticed the door of my room left ajar, my instinct told me that something was not right. 
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Aura’s povThe night has passed but there was no shine of the ray in the cell the new pack kept me as a prisoner. No one actually knows what time it is or what day except the shifts of the guard wolves that remind me it’s day and now it’s night.
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Aura’s povThe indescribable pain was cursing through my blood vessels. They said that your first shift is always hard and painful but this is way too painful then I have ever thought. The bones were arranged in a different skeleton and the skin grew furry hair on my body.
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Keiser’s povI carried my mate in bridal style and immediately took her to the medical wing where the doctor proceeded for further investigation. They treated the wound and covered it with bandages and other injuries on her body.
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Aura’s povWhen the darkness faded and I opened my eyes slowly, the lights in the room blinded me for a while. It hurt my sensitive eyes. I stayed motionless for an hour to adjust back into the room.
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Keiser’s povAs soon as my Beta informed me about my mate escaping the pack, my veins popped under invading aggression. No one, literally no one had ever dared enough to betray me but his
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Aura’s povI screamed and I cried until the unbearable pain passed but it never happened. The pain was there till I closed my eyes and the darkness consumed me. Having no idea of where I headed to, or where I am right now, I fell on the floor and let the darkness control over me.
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My heart sank deeper and deeper as her words hit me like a poisoned arrow. They left me paralysed. My heart wrenched deeply but I shrugged that feeling out from my body. There is no place for such emotions in my heart, or even in my mind.Just because she is my mate and my Luna, she can’t do whatever she thinks. She was just an
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Aura’s povI ran away from his sight, as far as I could. My anger burst out in tears as I cried river for that. How can someone be so cruel to their mate but I was forgetting that he is the most ruthless alpha present in the existing packs.
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Aura’s povThe carpets were stinky and burned my nostrils but I still made up my mind to sleep here. I know i was pushing myself to the limit but there’s no other option i got for myself. I don’t want to give anyone trouble because of me.
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