Claimed By The Possessive Billionaire

Claimed By The Possessive Billionaire

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Ava Vasquez has dated Damien for three years, a relationship she gave her all to keep. To show how she loved him, she decided to work in a club as a private dancer, just to make money and support Damien with his mother's hospital bills... Then came an anonymous masked client, the most feared billionaire, Lucien Rodriguez, who is intrigued and obsessed with making Ava his woman. Betrayed and fooled by her boyfriend Damien and her best friend Emilia, Ava tried to live life on her terms but she ended up getting a proposal from a billionaire just when she needed it the most. "Marry me Ava and I promise to be the best husband ever" "Why do I feel like I know him?" Unknown to Ava, her new husband was the anonymous masked client whom she couldn't stop thinking about, he had claimed her and those who betrayed her must pay. A bumpy love affair and a tiny line between love and obsession.

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10 Chapters
001 Love sacrifice
Ava Vasquez"Ava darling, he's here, please don't keep him waiting for too long," Victoria said while walking closer to where I stood, lost in thought. "Hmmm," I hummed and turned to face her."Don't be like that Ava, I promise you it's not as bad as you think" Victoria said, patting my shoulders.I had just accepted to work in Victoria's club, club forte as a private dancer, I just had to do it to save Damien's mom, who is on the verge of dying if nothing is done.I love Damien so much that I can't imagine seeing him in so much pain, I still can't shake off the tears I saw in his eyes the last time I was at his place, he was really going through a lot and I just had to help.Even though I was yet to meet Damien's mom after dating him for three years now, well she seemed really sick and Damien said I was going to meet her when she gets better.I had to quit my other job, the money I was making there was barely enough to pay my bills, let alone help Damien out, I've sent all my saving
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002 A crush on her
Lucien Rodriguez "Any news?" I queried my best bodyguard and private detective Jeff as he walked into one of my underground houses. "Yes boss," he said, bowing his head in respect. "Speak" I ordered. "She wants to work in club forte as a private dancer," he said and paused. I raised my eyebrows immediately, glaring at Jeff whose head was still bent, I stood up from the chair and paced nervously around the room. "And why is that? I thought she had a job?" I questioned. "She had quit her job two days ago, something about raising money to support her boyfriend's mom who is due for a heart surgery" Jeff retorted. "That cunning bastard put her up to this?" I asked frustratingly but at the same time, I tried to remain calm. "Book a section with her, she will only dance for me and no one else, offer the owner of the club any amount to get it done" I ordered sternly. I had fallen in love with a simple girl, I met her a few months back, and it was more like love at first sight I
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003 My peace
Ava's PovI've never seen a calm and gentle billionaire like this, I mean he has to be a billionaire to pay that kind of money just for a dance section. And then again he insisted on talking and even offered me money for the extra time, this is new, no one has been this kind to me in recent times, not even Damien. I feel like Damien and I are slowly drifting apart, I feel so lonely in this relationship but yet I didn't want to give up on us. His mother's condition is taking a ton on him and that's why I want to help out.He's usually stressed this days and then there is my best friend Emilia who I haven't heard from since I started this new job.I picked up my phone and dialed Emilia's number, I wanted to tell her how things has been going so far since she didn't ask."Hi bestie" I called out happily. "Ava, please can I call you back, I'm in a middle of something" she said ending the call."That was weird" I mumbled and dropped my phone, I made a mental note to call Damien later, h
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004 Deceit
Ava's PovI grumbled on my bed, rolling from one end of the bed to the other. Why is Damien not picking any of my calls? I mumbled inwardly, staring at the ceiling. I'm beginning to get so worked up about his attitude, I'm just trying to help him out and he's out there, not appreciating my efforts. I told him about the new job and he didn't even bother to call to know how it's going."Could it be that his mother's sickness is getting worse? I rolled my eyes at the thought of that, maybe I'm thinking too much" I said inwardly. But how will I even check up on him and his mother, when he had refused to tell me the hospital his mother was admitted to. Damien can be weird sometimes, always keeping to himself but regardless of his shortcomings, I still loved him with all my heart. If he would just let me in, allow me to be by his side throughout this phase, I don't know why he shut me out of his life completely, I just hope he's fine. I jolted out of my reverie when I heard someone kn
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005 Confrontation
Ava's PovI noticed Emilia was acting weird the last time she visited but I decided to wave that thought, it's just work stress like she said, I retort inwardly, trying to convince myself. Maybe Emilia is right about Damien, I'm just overthinking things and he's truly going through a lot, I understand if he wants to look after his mother without dragging me into it, I mean I was already doing all I can to raise money for the surgery, maybe he doesn't want to stress me any further. But deep down, I wanted him to let me in about everything. And slowly, my mind drifted off to the masked guy, my client who chooses to remain anonymous. I can't help but imagine what he looks like, seeing his body already sends shivers down my spineI wonder what I will do if I get to see him without the mask someday. I somehow prayed the day goes by quickly so I can get to see him again, he has a great sense of humor and most importantly he listens to me.Don't get me wrong, I'm not ogling my client or a
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006 Stunned
Ava's PovIt's been one hell of a boring weekend for me. Emilia seemed to have disappeared on me again.As I shrugged back to the backseat of the taxi, my thoughts spirals around, I reflected on how things I've been lately.I recalled how happy I was when Damien asked me out, the few early months of our relationship was blissful but then he changed even though he wouldn't admit it.He switched up on me, more like I couldn't recognize the man I fell in love with, he's distant, hardly checks up on and most importantly he cared less.I've seen all the red flags but for some reason I was still holding onto our happy moment. Hoping he would realize how much I'm hurting from his actions.I snapped back to reality when the driver notified me that we had arrived to my apartment. I had gone for grocery shopping. Perhaps that would help keep my mind afloat.I flashed the driver a warm smile, handing him a few dollars notes, and carrying the things I got from the mall to my apartment door.As I
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007 Reunited
Ava's Pov.Sarah had asked for us to meet and catch up. I jumped on the idea, eager to meet up with her.When I arrived, I'm stuck with how elegant the place is, the exterior is sleek and modern, the inside simple and luxurious with plush chairs and transparent tables.The soft lighting cast a warm glow to the place.I'm halfway down the coffee aisle when I spotted Sarah, sitting at one end of the bar, her eyes fixed on her phone, she looked different, more sophisticated.As I approached her, a warm smile spread across my face. "Sarah," I call out, my face beaming with a smile.Sarah turns, her face flushed, she looked like she was about to explode with excitement. "Ava! It's so good to see you again," she said, pulling me into a warm hug, she sounded really happy to see me.It makes me wonder though. "Aren't you mad at me?" I blurted out, unable to hide my surprise. We haven't talked since my aunt's burial.Sarah shakes her head, smiling slightly. "Nah, I get it. It wasn't easy for y
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008 Shopping spree
Ava's POV Sarah responds. "I always want to be there for you, Ava. That's what friends are for, right?"I couldn't have agreed more, Sarah is that friend that was there for me when I moved in with my aunt, even when the drama with my Dad got out of hand, she was there.I thought I needed to get rid of everything that reminds me of my aunt's death. I guess I let that got in the way of our friendship.But I'm so glad Sarah never gave up on our friendship, that's something I'd cherish henceforth."So, any prince charming yet?" Sarah asked, bringing me back to reality."Uhmm," I hesitated, things haven't been really rossy between Damien and I but truth is I still loved him.Even though I've been thinking a lot about Mr. Anonymous lately, I still couldn't place a finger to what I think I feel for him. Maybe it was mere admiration. Or perhaps, I see the Damien I really wanted in him.He's everything I want in Damien and more…"I have a boyfriend," I managed to say, my tone laced with uncer
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009 Laws of attraction
Damien's POV"Where the heck are you coming from?" Emilia yelled, furrowing her brows at me as I entered the room the next morning."Oh my god! Not today, Emilia," I say, unbuttoning my shirt. Emilia drives me crazy sometimes.Emilia doesn't back down. "You went to see her, right? You fucked her?" She pressed further.I closed my eyes and take a few deep breaths, turning my attention to her. "And what if I did?" I let out, my attempt to stay calm is betrayed by a slight tremble in my voice. I was pissed.Emilia's eyes flickers with hurt, her expression falters. Quickly, she recovers as her voice perks up. "You fucking bastard!"Frustrated I moved closer to her. "Watch your tone, Emilia. Watch it!"Emilia snorted. "You're still a dickhead, Damien. You'd never change, why the heck would you fuck that bitch?" she says, "I see you're still into her, just like every other men out there lusting over her, what do you all even see in her?" She asked, her tone laced with anger.My face contort
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010 More than a stranger
Ava's POV I prepared and left my apartment in a flash, boarding the next available taxi to club forte.Adrenaline rushed through my veins as excitement crept in, the thought of seeing Mr. Anonymous makes my heart race faster. It's been torture not getting to see him.As I walk through the hallway, my heart sinks deeper with each passing second. I swing by Victoria's office for a quick chatter."Hey, Ava." Victoria retorted sharply as soon as she sighted me. "That was so fast!" She mouthed, giving me a side smirk.I cut her off sharply, clearing the air. "You know how much I need this money. So?" I retorted."Right. Well, he's in the VIP room,". Victoria retorted, giving me a reassuring smile.As I walked into the changing room, I could hear murmurs from the other strippers. They didn't fail to show the fact that they don't like me, maybe because I was close to Victoria or something, it's not like she gives me any preferential treatment or something. Maybe they were just being bitchy
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