Conceived under the moon

Conceived under the moon

By:  Dawn  Completed
Language: English
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Under the moon, dreams come true. Werewolves, transform and meet their inner wolves. Soul mates are found, hearts are broken. This time, a wolf is conceived. What will happen when the evil, king of the wolves forces himself on another. Causing her to run, but how long can they keep him from the child.

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96 Chapters
Chapter One
Tonight is a magical and mysterious night. It’s the night that all werewolves look forward to. Young wolves come into their powers, old wolves feed off of the energy. Some will find their soulmates, but in some cases hearts will be broken. Orenda, has been counting down the days. She will finally get her powers, and be mated to the king of the wolves. Diablo has been waiting for her since she was a pup. Witches and warlocks had predicted she would be his. Things have been hectic, and crazy all day. She hadn’t seen Diablo and she could feel her powers coming to her. The urge to turn was causing her to become erratic. She looks down at her hands and all she sees are paws. She starts to sprint as she screams for him. She gets to the stairs and she sees him. The sight causes her to go frantic.Her inner wolf takes over and it causes her to howl and growl. Diablo’s lips don’t leave the other women, He only moves his eyes. It’s not until his eyes meet Orenda that he notices that it’s her.
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Chapter Two
*Eighteen years later*Luna rocks anxiously in her chair, while knitting a dress. Rora watches out the window. Jolene is sixteen and this year's full moon will be the one that unleashes her inner wolf. Every spell they’ve ever had put on her, will be broken. They will no longer be able to protect her.Rora suddenly Jumps up in excitement, and spins around nearly shouting, “ he’s here! Alice is here!”Luna jumps out of her chair so fast that the chair goes flying backwards. Neither of them take the time to acknowledge it. They are too busy running to the door to greet their guest. Jolene brings him into the house. They are arm in arm and giggling about something. Rora snatches him from her so fast, Jolene makes a gulping noise.Luna tends to her, “It’s business my love. You know how auntie Rora gets!”Jolene nods excessively, “Oh yes!”They laugh and Luna encourages her, “Why don’t you go play outside and I’ll go make sure she doesn’t make the man feel uncomfortable.” She winks at Jo
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Chapter Three
They pull into a driveway and Rora gets out of the car. She’s about to come and get Luna, but stops at the sight of her. Her eyes are bloodshot and filled with tears, and her face is pale. Her hands are ghost white from clenching to hard in the steering wheel.For a moment Rora looks like she feels bad. Then her eyes shift over to Jolene, and she remembers why they are there in the first place. She gives Jolene a knowing look and they nod in a silent agreement. Rora makes her way to the house.Jolene and Luna sit in a moment of silence. Luna suddenly screams angrily. It scares Jolene so bad, that it causes her to jump into the air and hit her head on the roof. Without explaining herself, flop, climbs out of the car and angrily to the house.Jolene tries to stop her, but it's no use. By the time Jolene catches up to her. Luna is already in the house. She is using some sort of a magical force to hold the man and the woman both up against the wall. Jolene wants to ask her why she is mad,
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Chapter Four
It’s been a few hours and Luna is picking on Jolene, “What if your mate is a grandpa?”Jolene makes a mocking, gagging noise.Luna laughs, “I am serious! What if he has been waiting for you for like fifty years?”Jolene shakes her head, “That's gross!”Luna shrugs but argues, “I agree, but wolves live by different rules. Your soulmate could already have a wife and children. If he has been waiting for you for over ten years, he’s allowed to marry an unmated she wolf.”In slow motion, Jolene turns her head to look at Luna.Seeing that she's not kidding Jolen freaks out, “What if he is old, Can he protect me? If hes married to another wolf, then where does that leave me?”Luna’s tries not to laugh, “You’d have to share him..”Jolene freaks out, “Ewe!”Luna can’t contain her laughter, “I’ve seen where two unmated 40 year old wolves got married. Both of their mates came like 20 years later. They all lived together and were a very powerful four-some.”Jolene would normally laugh but she sha
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Chapter Five
As they continue the journey Luna tells her story, “A long time ago, back when I was beautiful..”They both laugh it off and she continues, “I was born in the colony with my sister and our friends. The time went on, and I realized that I’m different. Most witches use verbal commands, I only need to think something and it happens. You thought that I needed to use my hands but I don’t. I just use my hands for dramatic effect.”She pauses for a moment and giggles before continuing, “ This scared everybody including our parents.”Tears fill her eyes, and she continues, “It was a cold and rainy night, of all night, when my parents woke me up. They had taken me to the woods, and told me that I was not allowed to return home. That I’m a danger to the colony. If they don’t kick me out, the colony will kick them out.”I had nowhere to go, and I was terrified. I was sitting by the river, and it was a full moon, and all I could hear were werewolves around me. No one was coming for me, but everyo
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Chapter six
As the goddesses disappear, Jolene‘s body starts to float to the ground. Theo catches her and she lands gently in his arms. He carries her smoothly over to Rora and Luna. He and Luna and Luna smiles at him softly. She motions for him to follow her and to place her back in the seat.Rora tells him, “You can ride with me.”He disagrees, “My job is to protect Jolene. I will be riding with Jolene.”Luna appreciates him but explains, “There is no room for you in the car.”He argues, “Then I will drive.”Luna laughs, “have you ever driven before?”He surprises her, “I have, I have driven the moon goddess around a few times when she just needed some fresh air and wanted to enjoy the earth.”He snatches the keys from her hands, and then climbs in next to Jolene. Rora and Luna share worried looks, but they know that they aren’t going to win this one. The climb into the van bickering among each other.*A few hours later*Jolene wakes up and is shocked and confused by the handsome Stranger sitt
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Chapter Seven
Rora and Theo become instant friends. Jolene finds herself getting a little jealous. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to be her friend. Luna and Jolene are riding together again. Rora was able to talk him into riding with her.Luna can’t stop talking about him, “I can’t believe he’s so handsome. I heard stories, but they do not compare.”She laughs, but Jolene just remains quiet.Luna continues, “I can’t believe out of all of us that it’s Rora he has taken to.”She laughs but is getting annoyed by Jolene’s silence, “What’s so quiet? What are you jealous of Rora?”She laughs, but Jolene's silent answer is more than enough and she gasps, “OMG, you're jealous!”Jolene shrugs, “Maybe, I'm not sure. I’m happy that she finally had a friend. I just wish that I could have a chance to get to know him too.”She just stares blankly at Jolene. Jolene gets frustrated, “Why are you staring at me like that?”Luna smiles at her, “I think you have a crush on him?”Jolene laughs, “I don’t kn
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Chapter Eight
Diablo takes them back to his place.he takes Holene to her guest room, for a nap. Luna and Rora, admire the cave. He built a cozy mention inside a cave. Theo is skeptical, “You're the son of the king of the werewolves, and this is your home?”Diabo is irritated, “I don’t live with my father. I don’t live off of my father. We haven’t even spoken in over a year.”Theo crosses his arms, “And why not?”Diablo mimics him, “My dad isn’t what he used to be. He’s obsessed with finding Jolene. He’s out of control and uses cruel and unusual punishments on wolves that don’t deserve it.Theo studies him for a moment and then decides to drop it. He walks to Jolene's room and peaks in on her. He watches her for a moment and can’t contain his smile. She starts to move and he speed walks to his room.Jolene's eyes open, she looks around and sees that she's alone. She shakes off that feeling like someones watching her, and she drifts back to sleep.Luna and Rora can't stop touching the wall. The cave
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Chapter Nine
After a few days of being with Diablo at his house, he stresses to everybody, “I will admit that we are safe here, but it’s not doing any good. We need back up, we need an army, we need to be better prepared.”Diablo agrees, “You’re right, but we need wolves, we don't need witches.” Rora debates, “I agreed that we need wolves, but we also need witches, too”Theo suggests, “ What if we go to my old clan and see if they’ll help us?”Luna is confused, “I thought you killed all of them?”Theo is slightly amused, “No, that was not my clan. There was a she wolf, and she was in love with me, and she got jealous, because she thought that her and I should have been married, because neither of us had found our mates.”Diablo laughs, “You sly dog!”They all start to laugh.Rora does her little chants and items start to pack themselves.Diablo seems sad, “You’re leaving?”Luna encourages, “You can come with us?”Theo doesn’t look like he agrees but Diablo asks, “Really?”Luna blushes and runs h
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Chapter Ten
*Two days later*Jolene is starting to lose faith in those that promised to protect her. One of the werewolves walks by the curtain and it moves. It allows a little ray of sunshine to sneak in. As the heat hits her face she thinks of Apollo.The sun burns so bright, it causes the curtain to set fire. The whole building starts to shake and water seeps in through every crack. Wild and deadly vines start to kill the werewolves one by one. She hears screams and Luna comes barricading through the walls and demands, “Get out!”Jolene smiles at the sight of her but listens and runs.Her wolf takes over and she runs right past Diablo Jr.He follows her, “How is this possible? Our father didn’t even do this? You are so much stronger than him!”At this point she doesn’t care, “Forget about him! He’s no father to me!”He howls in agreement and leads her to safety.When they get where they need to be he tells her, “when you left, Theo took it hard!”Jolene is confused, “How?”He shakes his head
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