Conquering The Alpha

Conquering The Alpha

By:  Yasuke  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nelly had been fated to her alpha, Luthan, for as long as she can remember. At a young age, Nelly had lost her parents and was saved by Luthan. He claimed it was an accident as he picked her up, took care of her and made her his own, Nelly was with him because she owed him her life. Their relationship had been going quite well until a few years ago when Luthan faced opposition from members of his pack. He changed drastically. He came home drunk and sometimes aggressive, beating and injuring Nelly and the only child she had for him. One night, he came home drunk and attacked Nelly. She tried to defend herself and In a bid, set him ablaze. In a bid to save himself, Luthan sets his only child ablaze. The child is burnt alive. Nelly is devastated and runs away in shock. She runs to a nearby ttown where she meets Bruce. Bruce offers her comfort and she finally experiences what love really is Nelly soon finds out that Bruce was a werewolf hunter who had just retired before she met him and his last job led to his left hand's amputation. She digs deeper and discovers the possibility that Bruce may be responsible for her parent's death. But if Bruce was a mercenary, who hired Bruce to kill her parents and why? One night, she is all alone trying to clear her head when someone or something tries to kill her.Luthan saves her. Luthan has now come back crawling, a changed man. He is once again the rightful alpha of the pack and wants to make things right with Nelly. Will she ever forgive Luthan? Did Bruce kill her parents? Who will she pick? And who wanted her and her parents dead?

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1
Nelly had never known a life without Luthan. She had been a part of his pack since she was a young pup and he had always been the alpha. He was a strong, powerful leader, and she had grown up admiring him and his strength.Even as a pup, Nelly had been fiercely loyal to Luthan, and she was determined to make him proud. She worked hard, trained hard, and she soon became an expert fighter and hunter. She was the best in her pack and she was proud of it.But as she grew older, Nelly started to feel like something was missing. She wanted more than just being loyal to Luthan. She wanted to be free, to make her own path. She wanted to explore the world, to find her own place in it.One day, Nelly decided to take a chance and left her pack. She ran as fast as her legs could take her, and eventually found herself at the edge of a vast forest. Nelly had never seen anything like it before. She was captivated by the beauty of the trees and the peacefulness of the woods.Nelly knew this was her c
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Chapter 2
Nelly walked into the tent, her heart pounding in her chest. She had to be brave and stand up for herself and she was determined to do whatever it took to protect herself from Luthan. Yes, she owed him her life because he had saved her but that didn't mean he had the ability to use her as he pleased. She wouldn't take that.As she stepped into his tent, she found him seated. He asked that she joined him, that he wanted to 'talk'. She sighed. The last time they 'talked', he raped her. That was what he intended to do again, she was sure of it. But she wouldn't let it happen.She remained standing. He commanded her to sit and she refused. She saw him, he looked calm untill she refused him. He suddenly grew angry and stood to his feet, coming closer and closer to him. It was show time.She counted to three and promised herself that if he still came closer after three, she would stab him. She got her knife ready.One.Two.Three.He took anothed stepped and she inserted the blade into his
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Chapter 3
"Is our Luna okay?" A voice kept echoing in Nelly's subconscious mind. She was gradually coming back to reality as she felt someone rubbing her palm. The hand seemed familiar."Someone get us some warm water. She seems fine but we need to clean her body with water. Hurry!" The voice continued. It sounded like someone close to her. Someone who had helped her in the past. It sounded like.. she remembered! It sounded like Nuna, the midwife who helped her deliver her son, Taron. Nelly took a deep breath and exhaled as she opened her eyes. She was lying face down on the floor as she saw the trees. The sun rays brightly colored the environment. It looked beautiful. It always looked beautiful in the mornings. That was when it hit her that she had heard of her mate's death at night. Was it a dream?She turned to look at Nuna. Nuna smiled, "You're alive and well, Luna. Thank the moon goddess" she bowed."Where is my sun? What time is it? What is going on?!! Where is the alpha?!! Was it all a
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Chapter 4
The snake was supposed to bite into her arm but it aimed at her face and almost got her by the cheek. Thankfully, Nelly's quick reflexes took over and she pushed backwards as the snake missed her by an inch."Fuck" she mumbled.Ganjai rushed to her after securing the snake. "I apologize for that, Luna. We will try again when you are ready." She did a mid-bow."Is this really the only way? Are you sure I will survive this?" She paused to calm herself down before she continued, "has anyone ever done this before and did they survive?"  Nelly asked as she had started doubting the healer's powers. It seemed Ganjai was not as knowledgeable as she thought. She would rather not go through with it to seem like a good Luna and loose her life."The Alpha we tried to save survived and was brought back but his Luna died. That is why we insist that you never close your eyes. It is a matter of life and death"  Ganjai said, " let us try again. This time, we wil
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Chapter 5
"Ganjai. You have got to be kidding me. How can you say my Luna is dead? Do something and bring her back to life" Luthan roared as he bent over to check for her breathing. She truly wasn't breathing. "Heal her and heal her now!" He roared again.Ganjai shrunk within seconds with dear then she recollected herself and soon, she started chanting some hymns again. She took a cocked container from her bag, uncocked it, poured out a purple substance from it and robbed it on Nelly's forehead. She continued chanting louder. Her voice turned to wails. Luthan watched with his eyes how the purple substance began to glow from beneath Ganjai's touch. It was shining brightly. Everyone stopped to stare too. The light shone brightly as it moved from Ganjai's touch and soon covered Nelly's entire body. Before long, Nelly started coughing. She was awakening. Luthan began to smile. Suddenly Nelly's eyes sprang open and Luthan pushed past Ganjai and hugged
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Chapter 6
Nelly had finished cooking and cleaning and putting Taron to bed. She was going to have a shower and also have a meal. She turned her face to look for her husband but she could not find him. "Luthan!" She yelled out as she grabbed the cover of their tent. She poked her head out. "Luthan!"  She yelled again but he did not answer and she could not still find him.Nelly scuffed and went  back inside. She was not going to wait around for him because she was tired and stressed. Heaven knew when he would come back. An hour passed and soon, Luthan stumbled into the house, reeking of smoke and beer. He woke Taron, his son up as he entered, and the boy began to cry. Nelly, his wife, emerged from the shower and immediately launched into a tirade, demanding to know where he had been and why."Luthan! What is wrong with you?!!!" She yelled as her voice tried to penetrate her baby's loud cries and Luthan's whimpering. Luthan looked at her, confus
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