Contracted To The Mafia (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)
Contracted To The Mafia (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)
Author: Crystal L

Chapter 1


I kept my eyes on the paper that I just signed.

My wedding contract.

“Congratulations to our new groom and bride” My father announced proudly. Of course he would be, the man was forcing me into a marriage for a stupid peace between him and this family. The two families couldn’t just simply stop their fights, no, they had to wed me and their don, their eldest son, Vladimir Romanov.

The man’s brown eyes avoided mine as they remained fixed on his own parents. His father may have been alive, but the man had resigned his position a few years ago to his son.

Vladimir took my hand in his as the music started and I had to fight back glaring at him, knowing that everyone was now watching us. We both walked to the dance floor as to have our first dance, the glare my father gave me for not smiling told me that he would be making sure that I regretted making any wrong move. He had promised me to pay for the consequence with my life if I did ruin this marriage, therefore, I was forced to comply despite not wanting anything with the man.

Vladimir’s eyes met my own as his hand slid behind my blonde hair to my waist pulling me to him, my own arm wrapped around his neck as we swayed to the music. Our eyes cold toward one another despite our smiles, no one outside our families knew that this marriage was arranged.

The song stopped a few minutes later and Vladimir’s mum, Maria, came to take my place while my dad took Vladimir’s. His eyes met mine and I could swear that I could see fire souring through them toward me, and to make it worse, I couldn’t even flinch or react to the force he had added to my waist as he pulled me to him.

“You seem to be forgetting our deal” dad said reminding me of what he had told me that night.

“I didn’t even do anything for you to be this angry” I hissed glaring at him. This time, he squeezed my hand, the tightness of his hand was enough to make me want to withdraw my hand, however, I forced myself to remain as stable as I could as we swayed to the music.

“It seems like you have forgotten that even you not smiling, or anyone finding out about this would lead to you being sold at the black market” dad said angrily. I blinked away a tear at his words and he let out a mocking chuckle “you being a virgin would be bringing me a fortune, therefore, you being married should be considered a blessing to you”

He twirled me around before bringing me closer to him once again “I do suggest that you make use of it before I force you to make use of yourself, and you know, it is about time that you paid back everything that has been made for you”

I nodded not saying a word, not that any word would have made a difference anyway. The man was doing his very best to want to ruin me, and I couldn’t do anything about it, why? Because I was simply not his biological daughter.

Years went by and the man’s urge to be aggressive grew as I grew older, until he believed that he could make use of me. That meant me marrying a man I didn’t love.

I pulled away from my father to look at Vladimir who was frowning in confusion at my state, my hand ached from the tight grasp my dad had on it. But I made sure to keep a smile on my face despite the pain and anger that I was in.

I walked toward my husband who nodded at me, the two of us have barely said a few words to one another since we met, not that we cared about it. We both knew the reason behind this marriage, and no matter how much we hated or liked it, it happened just as our parents have decided that it would.

“Are you okay?” He asked once I was beside him, his eyes studying me intently. I could tell that he simply asked out of curiosity, he couldn’t care less about how I was feeling. He wrapped his arm around my waist, his hand holding my now bruised one as we swayed to the music making it harder for me not to flinch despite his gentle grasp.

“I am fine…” I snapped “Vladimir”

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I wish I had read this book first.
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i like the story
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it is nice and interesting

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