Crazy Rich Omega

Crazy Rich Omega

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As the wealthiest person in Scotland, Seth Lacklored, an omega, lacks nothing including beauty and fame but love. On impulse, he decided to chase the only alpha he longed for - Cade Salvians, his rival. Using partnership as the starting point, will Seth move closer to his goal? When wealth clashes with wealth, dominance with perseverance, in a world where the second gender is more essential than skills and achievement will he be able to get the man his heart yearns for or forever be treated as his rival?

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66 Chapters
Chapter 1: My only Alpha
Seth Lacklord, the country's richest Omega. His beauty transcends a thousand deities, his smile can melt a ton of gold in an instant. He can buy your loyalty, he can buy your love, he can even buy your soul but... this richest omega only wanted one thing, his Alpha's love. His friends only stayed for money, all these Alphas lining up only wants his beauty, stupid Alphas who only knew how to use their dick and not their hearts. His eyes were already set on that one specific Alpha who never, even for a second, tried to talk to him or look at him. The only Alpha who never chased him. "Good morning, Mr. Salvians!" A man in a full white tuxedo was walking full of confidence and overbearing, behind him were five sets of tall and buff men all wearing black Americana. Mr. Salvians was the owner of the largest shopping mall in Scotland with three more branches in other countries. The Alpha was considered the second richest person next to the omega. A pride being hit by a rank lower than hi
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Chapter 2: Not in my domain
What could be the hardest and heart-pounding events that a person could experience in his life? It was when that person finally has an interaction with his long-time love and knows that you have to make an impression that will make him interested in you. However, impressions were either bad or good so one should make full use of them. Ensure that all actions were up to the good side."Shopping again?" his assistant asks."Yes. My Alpha will come to the studio this Monday. I need to look good." he said with a full smile on his face, his eyes sparkling like a collector who will finally get that limited edition bag."Why don't you wear your designs?" he said, "that way Mr. Salvians won't suspect that you’re only flirting with him.""Why do you have such a foul mouth but a genius? Help me choose my outfit." Seth was already immune to his assistant’s foul mouth. At this point, it’s a normal conversation for them.They went to the room at the end of the corridor, the only door painted gold
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Chapter 3: Only in front of you
When it comes to his profession, Seth can talk non-stop. It was his gasoline, his engine, his food, his heart, and his soul. The only light in the dark. Fashion design was his baby."Shall we begin, Mr. Salvians?" a soft and sweet smile flashed on his face yet he exudes a bold aura ready to fight whoever was on his way. Seth was unlike any other typical omega, he knew what he wants, he will fight for what he wanted and he will strive to get what he wants even if it means clashing with an alpha.Mr. Salvians looked at him from the bottom to the top, his eyes fixed on the omega’s eyes for a second, "Please, Mr. Lacklored." "I have five minutes, so reserve your question at the end of my presentation." He took the laser pointer and a black pen, "here's a pen if you don't have one."Mr. Salvians slightly raised his brow upon hearing the last line, he took the pen and played with it in between his slender fingers. He sits with his back propped on the back of the chair, his index finger unc
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Chapter 4: Don't touch me
"Is this how you flirt?" Cade can’t seem to forget what he saw. Those actions were an indirect act of invitation. No matter what, he was still alpha and alpha has its needs… stronger needs.Seth who was handling the contract with Mr. Salvians paused in the midst of it. What was this Alpha saying? Flirting? Well, that was right, however... did he make it so obvious?"What are you talk-"Mr. Salvians looked him straight in the eye, crossed his legs and arms, "You want me to wear your designs in front of you "only" and now you want me to take off my clothes? Seems like you are thirsty, should I quench it for you?"There was a total sense of filthiness at that stare and tone. He gave so much emphasis to the word quench. Cade was known to dislike omegas in general, for him they were all using their pheromones to lure the Alpha, to snag one, to get a mark and get themselves pregnant to tie them to the eternal partnership without love but only lust and greed."I won't be surprised if you use
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Chapter 5: His side
Cade Salvians, is the only Alpha known for his overbearing dominance, arrogance, and belief in true love, not lust. He was not the buff kind of Alpha but his body structure was enough to make one salivate.His aura was so strong, like a magnet forcing you to bow down and fold your knees. He had a sharp tongue, speaking anything he thought was true and this adds to his charisma. Women and men alike run after him but no one succeeds. Nobody has caught the Alpha's eyes.As the President of a company, Cade’s routine was to check the mall once every week. There were times that he visits without everyone's knowledge. Once a month he will check the branches located in other countries, that's how serious he was in business. No time to slack off, a second wasted was a million loss. Only fools with no ambition stay stagnant. "Mr. President! Here is the schedule for today."Cade was walking on the second floor of the mall; this floor was mostly selling dresses that the only upper class can aff
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Chapter 6: Love and Pride
Weeks after the heat incident, Seth did not bother to contact Cade nor did he ask his assistant to follow up on the signed partnership agreement. He made himself busy with designing and thinking about how his alpha views him now. He was too embarrassed to face Cade after all the things he said to him. It was half true that the reason he approached him was to get his attention but he never thought of using his pheromones to get him.How can he face his Alpha, when he thought that he was only there to seduce him? Such an epic scenario. He wanted to hide in a cave or bury himself in an underground tunnel. He was too ashamed.He was sighing all day, keep thinking of Cade, and pestering his assistant to keep his mind distracted. He wanted to see him but for now, he should distance himself to avoid his Alpha from slipping away."Can you stop that? If you want to see him then visit his office." Alexis was at his limit now. Seth follows him everywhere and talks about Cade all day but his hand
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Chapter 7: Blooming Flowers
Two hearts: one heart fully knew what he wanted, his feelings, and the object of his desire while the other heart mistook the other party’s advances as evil seduction, bewitching him with flawless tactics. For the Salvians family, meeting four times a year was always a must; all the family members should follow. Whatever emergency or important plans they have, everything should be canceled, or rather it should not be planned at all in the first place. It was a tradition that should be respected. However, ... It was a fine sunny morning; gentle winds blew outside and the little leaves on the trees sway along with it. Seth woke up at six in the morning to prepare to meet his alpha, Cade Salvians. He made himself a simple breakfast of coffee and toasted bread to leave space for the early morning meeting with Cade. With what the secretary conveyed, they were meant to meet at eight in the morning sharp, not a minute late and so he was trying his best not to make his venerable alpha wai
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Chapter 8: Meeting the family
He felt it. He sensed it. He knew... his gut feeling never failed him. Just seeing the familiar road of his once old home still shocked his whole being. He lived on this side of the city once when he was still part of the Lacklored family.Now, he’s going to his Alpha's home, or was it really a home and not some pieces of cement put together, painted with white and gold, adorned with luxurious furniture? "Are you sure you want me inside?" asked Seth who was still surprised by the sudden turn of events, "... I'm sure this is not part of the meeting. Think about it again.""Are you afraid? Is the great omega, the top richest omega afraid of entering the wolf's den?" his tone had a hint of probing and insult yet manipulative. His eyes never leave the tablet."I'll gladly enter that gate but what I'm afraid of is you get-""Seems the great omega knows a lot about me. Are you…” he turns his head slowly away from the tablet and faces Seth eye to eye, his pinkish lips curved upward, he conti
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Chapter 9: Invitation
If asked if he was happy about him going to the Salvians Family Villa, Seth would immediately say no. He was not happy for his Alpha. He was not happy for himself. He was not happy for both of them. He does not want to meet any of his family. It was exhausting faking pleasantries, exchanging smiles, and saying artificially sham words to get their good sides. A lady in her early twenties approached Seth who was sitting on the big sofa. The lady's voice was soft and calm, with a friendly tone and a friendly aura. "... are you not tired?" Casey was the only one that Seth felt comfortable talking to maybe because she exudes familiarity, they have the same interest in fashion and an omega like him. All in all, Casey was at least bearable. "…if it's him, I'm not tired at all." Seth then stood up not willing to continue the conversation. It was already too much for him to eat with the whole family, he wanted to spare himself from pain. After all, he was just a pretend lover. "Why is the
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Chapter 10: Start of friendship
A businessman was a risk-taker and Cade was willing to bet his "I'm not easy to get, I am an Alpha" image to let the great omega understand that he was better than that fly alpha. As a business partner, he deemed it his responsibility to help Seth select an outstanding alpha that he deserved. Besides, Seth agreed to pretend so this can be considered as his gratitude. Also, it was just a coffee and Seth was his business partner. One should get to know his business partner well... in every way possible.His grips loosen, his seatbelt unbuckled and the door opens in a flash. He stood beside his car and without hesitation, he shouted, "Mr. Lacklored, does the offer still stand?"Seth who was approaching the gate, with both his hands in his pocket, paused and lightly curved up his lips, turning half of his face to Cade, he said, "Mr. Salvians said he has another appointment, it's bad for business to keep the other party waiting."Cade, who made up the excuse had to come up with another exc
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