Crimson Crest

Crimson Crest

By:  dollascube  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Connor went to the human village to meet up with other pack Alphas to form an alliance against the rogue and lycan attacks. They met at a bar that reeks of alcohol where no one can track their scent. At the middle of their talk, Alpha Connor's attention was caught by a disturbing sight. There he saw a woman with white hair and a calming scent of a delicate peony. Her face shows discomfort as she was getting picked up by a group of drunk guys. He knew then that he has to do something. He knew then that she wasn’t just a nobody to him. She was his mate. He couldn’t track a female wolf in that woman. But what could a human mate do for a pack in danger? Little did he know that she wasn’t just a normal human. She is the daughter of the moon goddess.

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Great plot!
2022-07-25 02:21:30
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Jazsime Angeles
NOOOO How could you stop it just when things were getting really interesting. I don't usually bug people about updates but please tell me I won't have too long to wait to find out what happens with Azriel and Connor, I want to know she's in no danger from that jealous shewolf Olivia.
2021-06-15 18:17:42
47 Chapters
No one ever saw the face of the moon goddess. She is the creator of mates and maintains the balance of the wolf life as well as the rogues. Nobody knows anything about her until one day. The moon goddess fell in love with a human villager. He was harvesting some apples on their apple tree to sell them to the market. The moon goddess shifted into her human form. Her human form looks like normal girl but with white locks. They both fell in love and in no time, the moon goddess gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Azrael, which means the help of God. The moon goddess named her this because someday, she will be of great help to a lot of people. Meanwhile, as the moon goddess got all caught up by her own personal life, the lycans and rogues formed an alliance and attacked the wolf packs from north, south, east and west. They dominated the wolves and their day of reigning has come. When the moon goddess knew about this, she knew she had to leave her life in the human world. She knew
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Chapter 1
Deafening music, reeks of alcohol, crazy people grinding themselves against each other like there is no tomorrow. The bar has hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the rock music that dominates the atmosphere. I sighed. I have no other choice but to do this in order to live and sustain my father’s medications. My life is about surviving and me, myself, doesn’t know what the word ‘fun’ is.“Looks like someone is fed up,” I voice behind me said.I turned around and saw Cris, my co-worker. He’s holding a bottle of liquor in his hand while the other was free. He’s the bartender and he pretty much enjoy what he does, unlike me.“What can I say? A nickel would make a difference,” I sighed, again. “I am tired and disgusted of what I am doing for a living but I should still do it, right? As if I got a choice.”My job is not the so likeable one
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Chapter 2
“Tch, you have no manners do you, little boy?” the middle aged man joked, while the other maniacs laugh.I heard a growl for the man in front of me. Did I heard it right? This man growling?“Well then, you scumbags will have a bad time.” as the attractive man said those words, things happened so fast.He started punching the middle aged man first and at the same time, kicked the shit out off those laughing maniacs. I was left stunned.Should I laugh or call for some help? I don’t know what to do but watch as the man who saved me from those disgusting maniacs beat them all up. I hear some shouts from the crowd as the people started to run away from the scene.“Azrael!” I heard a familiar voice calling.“Cris!” I called as he suddenly hugged me.I don’t have the strength to push him away so I let him embrace me.“Are you alright? Didn’t they touch you or beat
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Chapter 3
I checked my watch to see that it is already 1:58 am. Only two minutes left and I am out of here. My apartment is in walking distance so I’ll be fine going home without any vehicle. Putting on my hoodie over my body, I look at the mirror looking decent with my pants on. Better.I took my phone from my pocket and started dialing someone’s number, I heard the dial tone, waiting for the other line to answer.“Hello?”“Good morning nurse Gwen. Am I disturbing your sleep?” I mentally smacked my forehead. I forgot that it’s still bedtime.“Good morning too Azrael. No actually not all. I am attending your father at the moment and you’re calling at the right time.”I sighed.“How is he?”“He just had another manic episode. He keeps saying ‘Is Selene home?’ ‘I must see her!’. He gets really worked up and we can&r
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Chapter 4
“Where am I? Why have you abducted me?” Fear was evident in my voice as I try to stay calm but failed miserably. I can feel my heart pounding against my chest as if it’s coming out of my ribs. This is all too sudden and I think this would be the end of me. “Calm down. It’s not the end of the world.” He said like I am being all paranoid What’s going on? I thought he’s a good guy? But why have he captured me and chained me to this bed? “Look what they’ve done to you.” he said and started walking towards me. Every thud of his footsteps is like another thud on my heart getting frightened every second. It seems like danger is approaching but there is no place to run. I was confused when he started to get the chain out of my ankle. “They just can’t get things righ
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Chapter 5
 Connor went towards me with his canines out. He was walking normally, but to me he was walking ever so slowly. Like he was devouring my soul, taking his time. It was a nightmare to see in real life. His left hand slowly made it’s way to my neck sending shivers down my spine. I can feel little sparks landing on his every touch. It was addictive yet frightening. “Close your eyes and brace yourself.” he whispered down to my hear I did not know what he meant but his voice was husky but soft at the same time. His wolf voice went out but his human voice was soothing and calming. It must have took a lot of power to control two personalities at the same time. Before I could even think and digest the thing he whispered, I felt his sharp teeth piercing into my neck. It was agonizing and painful. I let out yet another loud scream. “Aaahhh!”
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Chapter 6
Hmmm, the bed is sooo soft. I don’t wanna wake up now, the bed is seducing me, heh. ..... Wait, as far as I remembered, my bed is not soft enough compared to how comfortable the bed right where I am now. I bolted my eyes open and realize, I’m not in my room. I sat up quickly only to feel a sting sensation coming from both of my hand and neck. Ouch! I looked at my hand and I remembered everything… I was chained in this room yesterday, got married yesterday, getting bitten by a dog yesterday, almost lost my virginity yesterday, and even got to feel comfortable to a person- oh wait, scratch that. A f*cking WOLF that I just met less that 48 hours! Oh f*ck me… I mentally and physically face palm. You did an amazing job Azrael, congratulations. I came back to my senses as a knock was heard at the door.
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Chapter 7
“Luna is taking too much of her time! Can we go home now, please?” Levi has been being impatient this whole time. He’s been complaining about how far we have to walk in the mall, carrying all the bags and now the time I spent in choosing everything I needed. I did not hear any complain from Connor and Caleb here. They seem to be feeling alright about this. Or that’s just what they want to show me? “Stop whining little pup.” Caleb finally said after being silent for almost two hours. Before I forgot to mention, these two guys are the Alpha’s uhh… how do I call them? Sidekicks? Well, Caleb is the beta and Levi is the gamma. It’s been almost two hours since we went in the mall. Well, Connor did told me to get the things I want and just take my time. And being a girl that I am, I am really taking my time choosing the BEST garments to wear and some ne
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Chapter 8
And so, I told Cris what happened the past few days. His expression tells us he was listening to a fiction. Welp, I guess I broke the 4th wall. I saw Cris move his head sideways and laugh like a maniac. “HAHAHA! Okay Azrael, that was a very weird kind of a story but you should think for another plot.” he continued laughing. At least I told him the truth, that’s what matters. And out of surprise, I heard someone growled. Uh oh, I didn’t noticed Connor was beside me. “Are you making fun of my mate now?” I heard him said out of annoyance.And thank goodness Cris stopped laughing. He cleared his throat and looked at me like I was out of my mind. “You’re kidding right?” and with that words out of Cris mouth, Connor took a few steps in front of me and hold my wrist.“Is this a joke to you?” he said in his intimidating voice and raised my ha
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Chapter 9
 I hate to admit it, but the maid uniform fits me well! I literally looked cute with the white and black uniform with a crest embroidered on the upper left on my chest. The skirt that is below my knees with white socks on. The shoes I have is the same with others, but mine looks very expensive. Sigh… They seems too flustered with me being a maid. And now that I put my hair in a neat bun and some hair dress or something. Don’t blame me for not an expert with clothes! I can’t even buy my own clothes with my own money. I scratch my hair slightly because of my thoughts. I should get started already. I shook my head and finally went out the maid’s room, oh yeah, their room is so spacious! I closed the door and faced with three maids, Miss Angelique looking at me, amazed. “Wow Luna, you really look beautiful in any clothes you wear!” 
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