Damon's Possession (Dark Romance book#1)

Damon's Possession (Dark Romance book#1)

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"P-please leave me.. I don't even know who your brother is.. " Luciana He snickered at her helpless form under him completely at his mercy..."You don't have to know him baby.. I will make sure you will only remember me.. Your hell like husband " DamonWith his words he started his beasty acts not caring about how badly he tortured her... How badly he's damaging her soul... A pure broken doll who was already shattered inside and out.. Her only hope was someone to come and save her from the nightmare in which she was living...But like people say nothing happens according to your wish.. He came.. Not to end her suffering but to increase it.A beast.. Heartless psycho.. Mafia boss... and Her worst nightmare...Will she be able to make him believe her innocence or will he end up in a pit of her love... A love.. His crazy love for her which wants nothing but to make her...Damon's Possession...WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT.. READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK.

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45 Chapters
Author Pov..Damon: You want to leave me...The words left from his lips wasn't a question but a threat. A demonic threat asking for her if she is ready to dare him and will leave him...
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Author Pov.A muscular man was sitting on the chair while impatiently waiting for the doctor glaring at the floor..His dark blue shirt was covered in blood..his jaw was clenched and knuckles were turning white as he was kept on pressing his f
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Author PovLily: No. Lucy.Luciana looked at her sister with her pitiful eyes.Lucy: Don't listen to him. Do as you want. Please.Mr. Miller pressed his foot on Luciana's hand making her gasped but she closed her eyes and pressed her lips in a thin line controlling her cries.She doesn't want her sister to be helpless for her. Once Again. Liliana bowed down her head in defeat.Lily: I will go. Please leave her.Mr. Miller smirked in satisfaction. He let Luciana's hand making Luciana to cry out. Because of the pain in her hand but the pain in her heart. Liliana glared at the old man making him chuckle.Mr. Miller: Be ready. You have to stay there for 3 months.He informed her while walking away from the broken sisters. Liliana caressed Luciana's hand softly before kissing it lovingly.Lily: I am sorry love. Because of me you again have to feel the pain. I am sorry.Luciana pulled her sister in
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Luciana Pov..I was sitting in my room. My room well in other words basement filled with little furniture and that's how it becomes my room. I looked at the shinning window. This window is the only source of peace for me...I am indeed a daughter and siste
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Author Pov..Damon was sitting on the bed shirtless... His upper body was covered with scary tattoos... He was looking like a Muscular Demon. His eyes were stuck on the picture in his hand... His dark aura was all over the room
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Author PovAfter Luciana's words. Damon froze in his place. He looked at her with a shocked face but soon his shocked expressions changed into a mocking one. He clenched his jaw and stared at her with hard expressions. But soon he let out a mocking and humorous laugh making Luciana stepped back in fear.He was looking like a psycho. Fake laughing while his eyes were turning red in anger. Veins were popping out of his neck and bulky arms. But soon before Luciana could do anything Damon grabbed her throat and smashed her on the door. Her hand flew up and held Damon's wrists.Damon squeezed her throat even rougher and pulled her up a little to make her reach his face level.Damon: Do you fucking think I am joking here. HUH.He growled near her ear almost making her deaf.Damon: Your tricks can't work on me. So get this in your pea-sized mind. Because I wouldn't mind making you understand it in my way princess.He growled while
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Author Pov.Hearing Jack's words Damon's eyes turned invisible gun shooting every type of bullets towards the smirking man in front of him...Damon gritted his teeth... Damon has a really short temper. He can become angry real fast... And
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Jack Pov.After my meeting with Damon. I came home and drowned myself in alcohol. How can I let my Lucy to be with him. want I have no other option. I made that old man to lie not because I want to hurt my kitten but I don't want her to accept Damon.Luciana is different. She's not like other girls. The thing which makes me fall for her more is her indescribable personality. The things she's gone through if any other girl in her place would have definitely killed herself but she didn't. She's still coping with everything beyond my expectations.What makes me to desire for her. Want to claim her as mine was not her extreme innocence or her resistance. It's her submissive character.For her making a boy crazy for her isn't a hard work to do. She can make anyone mad for her without her doing anything. I still remember her those words which never fail to make me chuckle at how irresistible she is. Her those enchanting and bewitching word
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Luciana Pov.Damon: Let's start our first night. Shall we...With that, he slammed his lips on my neck making me yelp out in shock.
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Luciana Pov.Lucy: No. What are you doing.I said trying to push him but he only chuckled and grabbed my wrists pinning them above my head holding them with his only one hand.Damon: Completing what we left earlier.I shook my head and struggled as much as I can. My body was aching. Because of hunger, I was feeling too weak. I am used to starving but not with this assault.He buried his face in my crook and started to bite my skin harshly. I yelped when he squeezed my wrists painfully. His face held satisfaction.Damon: Feel the pain, Liliana. Feel what you caused my innocent brother who has done nothing but to love a witch like you.I shook my head tearing up in pain. His harsh biting went towards my jawline. His lips and teeth were smashing on my skin making it too painful for me to handle.His hand went to my bare thigh harshly squeezing it making me gasp. He was too rough. He was letting out his anger on me. The an
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