Spoiled and Pampered by my Cold CEO Husband

Spoiled and Pampered by my Cold CEO Husband

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Avery couldn’t accept the sudden changes in him. “Why are you being nice and sweet all of a sudden?” Anderson inched closer and she could feel his breath on her face. “Because you are my wife. Only my wife deserves my sweetness.” At twenty four, Anderson Crown was the acting CEO of his father’s trillion dollar multinational company. He was hot and a die for yet, he was so cold. When it was time for him to assume the position of CEO wholly, he wouldn’t accept it without Avery Smith by his side as a wife. Therefore, an arranged marriage was the best option, but why? Avery Smith was the shy intern in the accounts department. When she reluctantly succumbed to her parents' demand to marry Anderson to save their business, she grew hatred towards him because her heart was already taken. She vowed to her boyfriend that she would frustrate Anderson’s life to make him divorce her but was surprised when she realized after the marriage, that Anderson wasn’t who she thought he was. So what happens when she begins to fall head over heels in love with Anderson, and her ex boyfriend appears to claim her as promised? Will she keep to her vow or will she stay true to what her heart feels? This book is a read alone, though a sequel to *The CEO silenced me with a kiss*

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142 Chapters
Chapter 1 - I will not marry you.
“Miss, you can’t go in there,” the secretary called out, as a silhouette rushed past her with her head bowed low to the boardroom. Avery Smith was very upset about the news she heard this morning and was in a hurry to deal with it. She pushed the tall glass door and froze instantly. She never expected the man she was looking for to be the one heading such an important meeting and also, it wasn’t a casual officer meeting their manager as she had thought. This was a board meeting. The blood drained from her face and she was numb.“Miss, I said you can’t go in there,” the secretary walked up to her. Avery’s face and palms were beaded with sweat instantly but she had come a long way. “I will not marry you!” She yelled from the entrance when she caught sight of the man whose picture her parents had shown her. He was very handsome, even with his cold demeanor and everyone seemed to accord him maximum respect though he seemed like the youngest among them.The boardroom went into silence, al
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Chapter 2 - Marry him
“Go upstairs and pack your things, we don’t have much time,” her mother Lily said while packing some other boxes. She didn’t spare her daughter a glance.“Mum, what’s going on?” Avery asked with tear-filled eyes. She didn’t know where they were going. What about her school and her internship? Her father descended the stairs and said,“My dear, our company is bankrupt and we tried to partner with the Crowns to help us up again. The son of Andrew Crown wanted to marry you in exchange but since you don’t want that, we just have to do what we have to do.”Avery was lost. Her parents always provided her with everything she wanted so how could she have known that their business was suffering? Also, they didn’t mention it in the morning when they told her about the arranged marriage. “If the company was suffering, then why didn’t I know about it before?”Her father sighed and looked at her with pitiful eyes, his hands resting on her shoulders. “You have school and we didn’t want to burden yo
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CHAPTER 3 - Why do you want to marry me now.
“Who the hell is Avery? The name doesn’t sound romantic,” Martin frowned and asked but Anderson seemed upset.“Shut up, Martin, just shut up,” Anderson yelled. Martin was startled and so was the receptionist.“What did she say she wanted?” Anderson asked the bewildered receptionist who quickly composed herself.She was perturbed by the CEO’s strange behaviors but revealed, “She won’t talk, said it was personal.”Anderson chuckled. “Thanks but I don’t want to see her.” He didn’t want to hear any more bad news. There was just too much for him to do.“Okay.”“So who is Avery?” Martin asked when they entered Anderson’s office. Since things hadn’t gone as planned, Anderson didn’t want to talk about it.“You’ve been away for a month Martin, you should be working in your office.”“You are sending me away?” Martin was offended. It seemed that his best friend was keeping secrets from him. “See you during lunctime,” Anderson discharged him but since they always had lunch together, Martin was
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Chapter 4 - Aren't you a woman too?
Avery wasn’t a liar but couldn’t tell him about Trent’s plan. There was something about Anderson that made it impossible for her to lie to him, even if she couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I…..I don’t want to go to the countryside and I…don’t want to lose my scholarship,” she stuttered and said seriously, her hair covering half of her face. People in the cafeteria had made them the center of attention. The CEO was indeed responding to the shy intern.Anderson was a little lost but his countenance seemed calm. “Who is sending you to the countryside, and who is taking away your scholarship?” He asked, not hiding the confusion on his face. Avery’s hands that rested on her thighs balled into fists to prevent them from trembling. Anderson asked a simple question but his aura made her uneasy. Her head was still lowered when she responded.“Dad said his business is down so he’s moving to the countryside and he said the Crowns sponsored my scholarship and will withdraw it if I don’t marry you.
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Chapter 5 - What makes you think that I would divorce her and vice verse?
Martin leaned in and looked him in the eyes. “She doesn’t love you so how are you sure that she hasn’t planned anything with Trent? You can’t fight love, Ander.”Anderson already knew that Avery didn’t love him. He didn’t love her too but was ready for love to grow in his heart for her. For as long as he was concerned, he wasn’t going to let her go once they were married. However, hearing the truth about how Avery felt made him annoyed. “Why not?”“If you divorce or she divorces you, she walks away with fifty percent of your wealth. Have you thought about that?” Martin asked critically. “What makes you think that I will divorce her or vice versa? My parents have the most beautiful marriage and I’ve learned a lot from them,” Andrew said mischievously. There were things he couldn’t do because Avery wasn’t his. If she was, things would be different but Martin thought differently and said,“Your parents have been in love for a very long time. How can you compete with that? Your story is
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Chapter 6 - Where do you think you are going?
“Is anything the matter? Don't you want to see your friend?” Andrew asked worriedly since Avery didn’t show any excitement.Avery lowered her head and asked in a low tone, “Is Anderson downstairs too?”“Yes. There are only four rooms in this house. One for the housekeeper, one for us, one for you, and the other for Anderson. Those rooms are all upstairs so you can’t avoid seeing him anyway,” Andrew explained. He just hoped to understand what Anderson was up to since he had promised to only reveal it after the wedding.Avery saw nothing wrong in telling Andrew. He was like a father to her and was also soft-spoken. “He said that we shouldn’t cross paths until we meet again at the altar.”Andrew was upset. Anderson was crossing the line and he didn’t like it at all. It felt like emotional abuse. “Ander said that?” He squinted and asked.“Yes,” Avery confirmed, not knowing if it was the right thing to do.“Then I’ll get rid of him for you or better still, let me send your friend over,” And
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Chapter 7 - I didn't want this marriage
Avery’s fingers dug into the palm of her hands at the sound of the voice. She turned around shakily to meet Anderson’s cold and piercing gaze. His shirt was loose and three buttons from the top were opened. Though tired and angry looking, he was still incredibly handsome. Flushed, Avery lowered her head at the thought of a good excuse as her heart rate refused to return to normal.“Nowhere. I couldn’t sleep and wanted fresh air,” she said in a low tone with her head lowered. Anderson didn’t think she was up to anything bad but then, his eyes caught something and he grew suspicious. Why would she be all dressed up and wearing trainers if it was just for fresh air?“You could have stood at your balcony if that was the case.” His tone was slightly impassive and his voice lowered. Avery was happy that he believed her but knew that her plan was ruined.“Don’t forget that this isn’t my house and It’s my first time here. I was going to stroll in the garden,” she explained. Within a few days,
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Chapter 8 - Is the house on fire Martin?
Avery lifted her head a little and saw that Anderson’s gaze had softened a bit. It was the best time to put her cards on the table as well. After thinking through her request for a while, she pleaded, “Please let me see Trent for the last time and end things with him myself.”Anderson almost believed her but love isn't something to be killed easily. Avery might be shy but also intelligent. She must be up to something again. He asked bitterly, “Why should I believe you? What if it’s a trick to elope with him?”Avery lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. “I will do no such thing, I promise.”Anderson was still not convinced. “You lied to me earlier.”Avery lowered her gaze in shame and apologized. “I’m sorry.”Anderson didn’t believe her but had to take his chances. This was his territory so what could Trent or Avery do? He turned to Joyce, who had been rendered speechless by Anderson’s mixed personality. “Joyce right?” Joyce nodded her head.“Your phone,” Anderson stretched his h
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Chapter 9 - I hate your husband
Sophie and her husband Tom had paid them a surprise visit and Andrew was there too. Anderson was chatting with Tom while Susan hugged her daughter affectionately, Andrew was jealous.“Didn't you see me?” He asked, annoyed. He was hoping that his wife would hug him first but rather, Sophia got all the devotion.“Did we not wake up from the same bed?” Susan asked playfully and turned to Sophia, hugging her again as she asked,“What are you doing here?”Sophia, who has grown to look a lot like her mother, was beaming with smiles. “How can I miss my kid brother’s wedding?” “I’m not a kid,” Anderson growled. It's such a pain for a grown-ass man like him to be called a kid by a girl who was shorter than him.“You are still my little brother,” Sophia wagged her tongue playfully at him, making Tom chuckle. Anderson was even more irritated and said,“You know what Sophia, you should have stayed for your honeymoon.”“Sorry. You can’t get rid of me easily and where is the bride-to-be? I already
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Chapter 10 - Married
Trent didn't dare to look at the pictures a second time. He could feel his heart on fire as confusion brewed in his mind. ‘Is Avery falling in love with Anderson? No, she's just playing her part. She can’t fall in love with him,’ Trent consoled himself and vowed to not look at the pictures again.Anderson had chosen the pictures that were accidentally taken. They looked as if he was intimate with Avery but they never had any form of intimacy during the photo shoot. Somehow, his trick worked and Trent was sore.He recalled the card and was confused as to whether to attend the wedding or not. But how would he be able to see Avery again if he doesn’t go? His hand that was balled around the invitation card loosened together with the picture, as he singled out the invitation card and began to straighten it the best way he could. The wedding was strictly by invitation so he couldn’t get there without it.Upon second thoughts, he was washed with a greater confusion. Wasn’t Anderson afraid th
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