I'm the school's badboy but I'm a girl

I'm the school's badboy but I'm a girl

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My brother and I have always been close, so close that sometimes I dress up like him so that we can hang out in all boys places and we can play twins. At first, it had been a problem especially because I had gone on a date with his girlfriend on his behalf because he was sick. He had been so pissed off but he got over it and over the time, it became fun for him too. It was all fun and games until my brother got sick and my parents had to send me to this town to leave with my grandmother while they travel the world looking for the best hospital for him. I don't know his illness, they never told me but I guess it's something serious. I miss my brother's presence so much that when I got to this new town, no one knows that I'm a girl, except my grandmother but I also hid my style of dressing from her. At home, I'm the perfect granddaughter but at school, I'm the drop dead gorgeous badboy that every girl wants to date. It was so cool, so cool and I was enjoying the attention until one day it all changed. The day I met him. Xavier Grey, the new transfer student and Teresa's -my girlfriend- cousin.

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23 Chapters
Chapter one
The young girl stared at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was dressed in a white turtleneck and a black leather jacket with black jeans and white sneakers. She perused her face in the mirror and reached for her makeup which she used to enhanced her cheekbones and she made her eyebrows thicker than usual. Loving her new manly look, she nodded and grabbed a bobby pin which she used and hold her hair all back before putting on the short brown-haired wig. She arranged the wig with her fingers, making it a little messy and then she pouted her lips at herself in the mirror before she chuckled and left to pick up her backpack that was resting on her bed. Stepping out of her bedroom, she called out in a feminine voice at the next door, “Granny, I’m leaving for school.” “Okay my dear, I will have food ready by the time you are back,” an elderly woman’s voice rang from the room. “Don’t stress yourself Granny, if you can’t handle it, I will prepare it when I’m back.” “Oh dea
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Chapter two
“Nathania, is that you?” an elderly woman called from the kitchen as the front door opened. “Yes, granny it’s me,” ‘Oliver’ answered, shutting the door after her and hanging the car key on the wall. “It’s good you are back dear, I am almost done with dinner,” the woman said. “Okay granny, let me quickly rush and take a shower,” she said and ran past the kitchen door so that her granny won’t see her and the way she was dressed. Getting up to her room, she flung her backpack on the bed and took of her wig and the bobby pin, letting her chestnut brown hair to cascade down her shoulders. She flew her hair around, stretching out the strands before dropping the wig on her bed and walking over to her dressing mirror to drop the pin. She opened the drawer and got out a facial wipe which she used to clean off her makeup and then stare at her oval girlie face in the mirror. She heaved a sigh and took off her jacket and her turtleneck, dumping everything on the floor and then she unwrapped t
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Chapter three
The next two days, Nathania came to school to see that Power bike always in her spot. At first, she had thought she would see the owner during one of the classes or even at recess but none of that had happened and it wasn’t helping if the bike was gone as soon as school was over. Someone was coming with it obviously but she just doesn’t know who. Everyone was talking about a ghost student that drives the bike during recess and while they were all excited about the idea, she was annoyed. Not only was the person taking her favorite spot, the person was playing hide and seek with her. Warm arms wrapping around her neck and a kiss on her cheek woke her up from her thought and she looked up to see Teresa smiling down at her with her platinum hair flying down her shoulder. “Hey handsome,” she cooed, “thinking about me?” She smiled, giving her her killer smile. “Always baby girl, always.” Teresa chuckled and walked around, taking the seat opposite her. She leaned over and grabbed the burg
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Chapter four
“Oh,” Nathania squeaked and quickly cleared her throat before saying in her deep voice, “didn’t see you there.” “Of course you didn’t,” the boy answered. He stared at the boy in his room with furrowed brows, he could swear that he had heard him speak with a lighter voice and all of a second, his voice was deep. He stood by the bathroom door, watching him, waiting to hear what he has to say as the reason he was in his room. “Um,” Nathania cleared her throat once more and pointed at the bedroom door. “The door was opened and um…I normally stay here whenever I visit Teri. With the door open and the music playing, I thought she was here, you know, with her knowing that I’m coming and all that.” “Mm,” the boy answered and finally step into the bedroom with another towel in his hand which he used to dry his hair. “Well, she is not here, shouldn’t you be leaving?” “Huh?” Nathania asked, she had been lost staring at his really smooth and strong back and when he turned to her then, her ey
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Chapter five
The next day, Nathania went to school a little earlier than usual in order to claim her spot and show Xavier but as she was pulling into the school, she saw the power bike in her spot but this time, someone was sitting on it. She couldn’t believe that despite coming earlier than usual, he was there before her. How come, doesn’t he sleep at home? She has a reason for coming earlier because it takes her forty-five minutes to drive from the town her grandmother live in to the school but Teresa lives close up, only fifteen minutes’ drive so why does he come so early? She pulled over in the slot next to him and glared at him from the window. Xavier took off his helmet and when he saw the glare from the boy, he only scoffed, got down from his bike and grabbed his backpack. Without another glance to the boy in the truck, he strode into school. What is his deal anywhere? Nathania found herself asking as she watched the boy matching into the school. He always arrives early to school only to
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Chapter six
Nathania was too shock to speak when she heard that and when she finally found her voice, she shrieked, “what? Why on earth would you think that dude?” Xavier stared at her, “like you know, I have been in this school since Tuesday and I have seen and heard a lot. I have seen you flirting with other girls and today, I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion with her in class. You are really ‘keeping’ yourself for marriage, right?” he made emphasis on the keeping. “Of course, I am a guy who loves things being perfect,” she said. “Hmm,” Xavier said, his eyes not leaving her gray ones. “Well, it better be as you say because, Teresa is a very dear cousin of mine. We may not hang out often but that doesn’t mean that if you hurt her, I am going to let you off. I hope your fighting skills are as good as your flirting ones.” “Dude, calm down, okay? It hasn’t gotten to do that yet. I swear to you that I am really faithful to Teri, trust me. What you claim to have seen are no
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Chapter seven
Xavier parked in the garage and took off his helmet, one quick look up at the window right closest to the garage, he could tell that Teresa was not in the room. She always has the habit of leaving the lamp on in her room whenever she sleeps. Turns out she was still scared of the dark like she was when they were little. He got down from the bike, wondering if she was still at the so-called party they talked about. As he thought of her boyfriend Oliver, he groaned. He doesn’t know why but he really finds the boy mysterious or that he has something up his sleeves, something he could feel would hurt Teresa later in the future.He fetched his phone from his pocket and glanced at the time, it was already one in the morning and he saw sure that his uncle and his wife were already asleep. They would be traveling in the morning after all. He stood beside his bike, deliberating on a decision as he stared at his phone and at the end, he gave up, placed his helmet on the bike and left with his gu
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Chapter eight
Xavier watched the boy in front of him, his anger was bobbling inside him and it was taking all the strength in him not to thrash the whole house. He stared at him angrily, trying to calm himself. “You imbecile, is this how you are supposed to protect her, huh?” he thundered, his hand curled in a tight fist as he held it few inches from his face.Oliver shut his eyes, refusing to look at him and then he whispered, “I’m sorry.” His voice was soft, weak like he too needed protection and Xavier was shocked silly by how weak he appeared and most importantly by how he was affected by his weakness. “I swear to God that I didn’t know this would happen. Everyone is from school and I didn’t think anyone would try to hurt her.” His voice was too soft for a man and Xavier instantly remembered that day in his room when he had walked out of the bathroom to see someone in his bedroom and he heard that soft voice purring ‘Mamma mia, who are you?’He put down his fist and released his hold on Oliver’
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Chapter nine
Over the next few days, Nathania avoided Xavier as much as she could and also secretly stared at him when he wasn’t looking. The boy was always on his own. He was beginning to show up in class more often than not but sometimes, she always bumps into him sleeping his day away in the library. The school tests were coming up and she found herself contemplating whether or not to offer to tutor him. With the way he always behaves, she doubts if he would even be getting a D minus. Eventually, she cornered him one day in the library. She had seen him going inside and had followed and when she saw him going for a book, she stopped, thinking that maybe he had finally decided to study, after all, they have a big test tomorrow. But to her surprise, he sat down, opened the book, and then place his head on the desk and start sleeping.“What in the world?” she whispered, she waited, thinking that maybe he just wanted to rest or just something but then the seconds started counting to minutes and be
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Chapter ten
“Xavier Grey, A+. Wow, I’m impressed,” the teacher announced in class as she handed him the script. Nathania couldn’t believe her ears as she turned sharply at him to see the smirk on the boy’s lips just as their eyes met. “Oliver Miles, as always, A+,” the teacher’s voice rang in her mind and she looked up to see that she was already in front of her and smiling.She offered the woman a charming smile with a “thank you, Mrs. Wicket,” and took the script from her but all the while all she could think about was Xavier’s grade. How possible? The guy does nothing but sleep, both in class and in the library, just literally everywhere, so how could he score such an excellence grade?When the class was over, she walked up to her locker to put her book inside and get ready for her next class when she felt someone resting on the locker beside hers. Looking up, the first thing she noticed was the pitch-black hair with purple tips. Her heart missed a beat when her eyes clashed with his deep brow
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