Dark Horse

Dark Horse

By:  Angel Lawz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two girlsTwo lives apartTwo girlsBoth traumatized. Adrianne Perez was once a girl who had everything a girl could ever ask for. Perfect life and perfect parents. Until her life turned around one night and she believes it's all her fault.Rebecca Jones has never known peace. A psychotic maniac has been on her tail since she was fourteen. She has lost everything. Innocence, trust, peace and her father. After being kidnapped by him, she barely escapes and her captor is never found and her story slowly fades away. Now, just when she thinks she's free from him, things start going wrong and soon, the lives of all she holds dear are in danger. Her best guess is that her captor is after her, but what if he isn't?An unlikely friendship blossoms between the two girls and together they unravel a dark, evil secret buried in the bowels of their little town. Becca's stalker is after her and only Adrianne can save her.

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Dark Horse is a mystery novel written by Angel Laws and is much loved by its readers who claim that its plot is exceptional. It stars Adrianne Perez, a girl who had a perfect life, until a psychopath took away everything she cherished most, her peace, her parents, her home. He kept her kidnapped but managed to escape, and just when she thought she was free of his clutches, he reappears and is determined to make Adrianne's life a living hell. If you want to find out who the psychopath is and why he relentlessly harasses Adrianne, you should definitely read Dark Horse.

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amazinggggggggg!! I love your book. I followed you from wattpad?.
2020-09-30 15:54:27
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Sweet dreams
it's awesome, really.
2020-09-16 03:49:28
13 Chapters
Chapter one
The cool afternoon breeze swept my curly hair into my face. A group of seniors were playing football nearby. I sat alone, headphones on my ears, staring at the face I had sketched in my sketchbook five years ago. A face I liked to stare at to fuel my anger and hatred for people.    Closing the book, I twisted a strand of grass between my fingers. Five years ago, I lost my father in a burglary at our house. It was a well planned event and was carried out efficiently. Two days before the incident,  I had drawn a face I had seen flashes of in my mind. I hadn't been concerned because it was just one amongst others.    I laughed drily remembering how those sketches had helped greatly in my father's murder investigation and other cold cases, when the police finally believed me and stopped thinking  I wasn't crazy.    Standing up, I arranged my bag and walked past the footballers. One muttered "freak", under his breath. I didn't
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Chapter two
A gentle breeze silenced any cloud dreaming of rain. The clean scent of wisteria, Hyacinth, freshly mowed lawn and the cool night breeze calmed Becca's senses.    She closed her laptop where she'd been helping her sleeping best friend, Lysandra Hawkins, with her poems.    Two years living with Liz was as fun as it got. Their two bedroom apartment was located at the middle of oakfalls. It offered night long parties, bars and restaurants which we both visited once in a while.    She scowled at Liz's sleeping form which was sprawled on the bed. so much for waiting for me, she thought wryly.    She stood up and all her muscles screamed profanities at her brain for using them too long. Bending, she picked the duvet Liz had managed to kick off the bed and covered her properly.    Walking to the small kitchen which also served as the dining room, she massaged her neck and picked a clean glass to drink wate
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Chapter three
I glanced at my watch. 8:30, it proudly said, sneering at me. My mom stopped the car and got out while I unbuckled my seat belt. She was about to say something but refrained from doing so.Trying her best for nonchalance she, undoubtedly, tried to get as she drove me to school, she couldn't quite hide the hurt peeping from her green eyes. My own, twin replica of hers gave away nothing. "I will not talk to you if that's what you want. I won't stay away, no matter how much you detest me because I'm your mother and it's my job to see you're alright." I almost smiled. " you've been doing a very terrible job." I said.Nodding, she sashayed into my school to, no doubt, make an excuse for me being late. She could have said I went crazy and they would believe! Because of the strain, they would say. With anger overruling any other emotion, I covered it up with a mask of calm and composure.The door bell rang as Becca was towelling her wet hair. Who was that? She yelled "Liz
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Chapter four
Becca hiccupped and giggled, dropping her empty glass once full of strawberry daiquiri that Luke had brought with him. After five hours of drinking orangeade, strawberry daiquiri, lemonade, punch and stories of maximum laughs and epic proportions, she was tired as fuck. If she heard one more funny one night stand story about Allison McKinney being daft as a brush, she would, literally, pass out of exhaustion. She was reeling at the idea of heading out to a friend's party that was ongoing.   She entered her room, yelling a big, fat 'no' at Luke. Her head was spinning, bringing back sad memories that brought tears to her eyes.   She plopped on her bed and faced the window that she had shut out of fear and desperation, refusing the notification bar that was asking permission to piece together what she'd seen and heard.   Liz knocked softly and entered the room. "Are you going to the party? " " I just said no. Yo
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Chapter five
A guy, clad in black paced back and forth, next to his very bored friend. " I don't understand! There wasn't supposed to be a mistake! I thought you asked your 'friend' to keep a party? Are you listening to me!!?" he said. His friend, who was staring at his perfectly buffed nails, rolled his eyes and said, " No, I'm not. Also, I did ask him to. It's not my fault you couldn't pick a lock! "The first guy threw his hands up in anger. " you're not concerned that we screwed up? "" You screwed up, not me. Also, I don't care because I'm not taking the fall for this. It's your fuck up. " his friend said, picking a hand mirror and admiring his perfect black curls. " So.. You don't care? " the first guy said, quite hurt." I think I just said that in my previous sentence." came the reply.   Before the first guy could reply, the door opened, angrily creaking and two guys with rifles walked in. They gave frightening glares
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Chapter six
Becca's pov  "wait! You mean to tell me that the guy who broke in here, tried to harm you, ran away, destroyed the locks and scared the shit out of us is Adams Ripley and you suspect he did all this because you declined his date proposal?" Luke said, his eyes burning with anger.   "I don't know, OK? I don't know! What the hell do you want me to say? We've been arguing since and it's not getting anywhere, Luke. " I said, tired of his detective attitude. He'd asked more questions than I could answer.  I still hadn't told them the truth, the full truth. I'd opted for the most simple way out, lying, like the idiot I am.   Liz hadn't spoken a word and it was starting to get scary. I could see her brain gears turning as she thought of an alternative.  "We should tell the police. That idiot could show up again to finish the job." Luke said, this time irking me to no end.   "Tell them what? Tha
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Chapter seven
Adrianne's POVThe room was dark, faintly lit by candles. The room was tiny and there was only one means of escape. The door. The window was too high and the room smelt of burnt matches, wax, dirt, blood and hopelessness.A girl, not more than twenty one had her arms shackled to the wall. Her face was wet with tears and her voice was cracked from her screams. The door creaked open and she lifted her face. It was a ghastly sight as the right side of her face was a forgotten mass of tissue and blood. A man dressed in all black, walked in. His face was emotionless and cruel. She whimpered "please... I'm begging you. Please, let me go. I have a grandma and a son to look after. Please."He smiled, the shadow he stood in protected him from her words. "Really? Are you sure about that? What's the consequence of lying?" He asked. "Why are you doing this?!""Because, my dear, I have a plan and it's working just as I've pla
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Chapter Eight
Adrianne's PovTuesday came and I dreaded the reply my friends would give me. I felt stupid for running out of class and trust me, my English teacher wasn't going to be happy about that. My resentment towards my mom had disappeared and I found myself giving her a smile when I was eating breakfast. She was shocked and it only made me smile wider. The drive to school was enjoyable as I rode shotgun and fiddled with the radio knob. I found a nice song and to my astonishment, my mom sang along with daddy Yankee as he sang 'despacito' .I nodded I'm respect and she finished in a high pitched voice(That I have to say was amazing). It ended in a fit of giggles and we swapped smiles. I knew we had just taken the first step towards our new relationship. Mom dropped me off at school and was suddenly very nervous. I smiled again and pecked her cheek. "Have a nice day, mom." she nodded, watching me walk into the school buildi
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Chapter Nine
                       Becca's POV ROSES ARE RED, BLOOD IS REDDERSHE DIDN'T  KNOW IT, BUT HE GOT BETTER. For the doctors, it was relief I didn't die. For my mom, she kept on sobbing. For me, it was a disaster. How could I come back to everything?I had been deemed unstable, so the police had been shooed out of my room. Leaving me alone with my thoughts, memories and pain. He came back sweating, covered in blood. I knew he had done something bad, something wrong. I tried to believe that it was ketchup but I knew better. He grabbed my arm roughly and half dragged, half carried through the door. I didn't have it in me to scream. I was too tired and I suspected I had a fever. He dragged me through a series of left s and rights I immediately forgot when I saw them. My hopes sank and I knew I coul
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Chapter Nine (Part II)
                  Becca's POVI saw myself running. Running from Adams and his sick game. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, my eyes wide and my legs moving as fast as they could. I heard, rather than saw, the arrow whiz past me and lodge in a tree bark. The woods was too big! I would never get to the road on time. "Seven!" he yelled. I had played hide and seek countless times and I knew it wasn't played this way. Somehow, Adams had twisted my favorite game into something deadly. Every attempt he made to kill me nibbled at my confidence. Adrenaline made my senses sharper, suppressed the fear and made me faster. I knew he would kill me if he found me. I wouldn't make it out alive. A stone whistled past my ear and struck a pine tree by my left. He had started using the catapult and from the distance and  aim, he was good. I zigzagged through tress and
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