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Who is Amanda Walters?One is a stripper, the other a con artist and the last a chef. Same name, same body and face, but different personalities.Alex Oliver had a normal life, had—till he is met with Amanda Walters, the woman who had stolen his grandma's necklace and his bike, the same woman who surprisingly happened to be his blind date the next day. Alex was slapped in his face when the woman he thought was his soulmate turned out to be a con-artist.To make matters worse, Don Torento, a well known pimp—a dangerous one, is looking for the girl who stole from him, Amanda Walters. The problem is which Amanda Walters stole from him?Alex had a normal life, till he met Amanda Walters.

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36 Chapters
  Don Torento entered inside the room quietly, frustration and anger written over his face. "I asked for only one Amanda Walters, but here I am with three," He said looking at the three young ladies, tied and bounded in the middle of the room, the trio so identical you can't tell which was which. "Please just let me go, I am not the Amanda you're looking for I swear, I am a chef, you can ask my-" "Shut up!" He thundered, making her jump in her seat. "Since you girls have decided to play games with me, I will play with you." He turned to one of the goons at the side. "Moose, go bring the boy in." "Yes Boss." Moose nodded and left the room. "You better speak up now Amanda!" He laughed crazily, circling the three girls. "Isn't there a way we can settle this amicably?" Alex suggested from his position at the corner. "Do not speak boy, yo
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Chapter 1
Alex Oliver had a normal life. He had a good paying job, an annoying boss who threatens to fire him almost every week, co-workers who would never mind their business, a mother who worries about his single life and annoying neighbors, just how normal can a man's life be."No mum, I don't have a girlfriend yet... No mum I don't know why I don't have a girlfriend." Alex day had just begun and his mother from Canada had decided to give him a call. "Well, it's not like I don't want to try, but I have a lot of things on my head mum... No, I can't list them at the moment mother. Listen, I am late for work I have to go now mum."Jojo, his dog kept pulling at his socks, no matter how many times Alex pushed him away. "Yes mother I will keep trying. I have to go now, talk later. I love you too, take care.""No Jojo, you can't let you play with my stockings, I need it, for work " He shook his leg pursuing his dog away, he gave a low whine and r
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Chapter 2
Alex found himself chatting with Amanda everytime, and even Ross couldn't bring down his high spirit. Amanda was everything he needed in a woman, she was funny, smart and had just the right amount of craziness. He hadn't seen her face fully, but he was satisfied with what he has seen, with time he would get to see her face more and if he was lucky, more than that.Alex found himself laughing so hard at some of the things said, that Jojo would get really worried and Alex would always reply with a dreamy smile. "I'm in love Jojo." Alex found himself very happy, he had heard many dating sites stories, crazy ones that sent chills to his bones. He was lucky he had found Amanda in his first try, and now he can tell his life wouldn't be so bad after all.They had been chatting for three weeks now and finally they had set a date for tomorrow. Alex had popped up the question last week, and surprisingly she had said yes. They had set a date, Alex had waited a
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Chapter 3
"Ha ha!" Matthew slammed the table laughing his ass out after Alex told him of last night's incident. "Nigga why do fuck would you leave a stranger in your living room?""I didn't know it would result to that, I just went to have a shower, and she was really hot." Alex grumbled."Oh, cause she's hot? My girlfriend is hot and even I don't trust her with my credit card. You're just lucky she only took your bike," Matthew said looking up from his computer."Oh, I don't care much about the bike, it's old and I think it's high time I got a car.""Finally, I'd say she did you a favour, when are you getting one?""Soon, I would get one, just after I have gotten my driver's license."Matthew raised an eyebrow not believing his ears. "Your driver's license? You don't have a driver's license? How old are you again?""Twenty seven, why do you ask?""Oh, no rea
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Chapter 4
Alex just realized he had been wrong when he thought nothing could spoil his day, Amanda was not who he thought she was and right now, guns were being pointed at their faces by huge tattooed men. Alex turned to look at Amanda, she looked really shaken and the fear in her eyes were evident, he wondered what sort of crime she had committed to warrant this."Get on your feets and come with us now!" The man thundered. Alex stood up hands in air, a gun was pointed straight at his chest, so it was probably best be kept shut. Amanda stood up also legs shaking as she walked alongside Alex, both taking slow steps. The men led them outside, there were three black cars outside and armed man stood beside each.Alex hoped and prayed someone would at least have sense to call the cops to come to their rescue. He really hadn't imagine his day going like this, it was like dying and expecting heaven, but then you reach the front gates to realise heaven was actually h
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Chapter 5
Amanda pulled down her gown which had ridden up, she looked down at her hands which were trembling slightly, she had just gotten this new job and this was her first order, it needed to be perfect. Taking her feel breathe, she tried to put herself under control, once her hands had reduced it shakiness she grabbed the tray containing the food and walked out of the kitchen. "Tessy, who am I giving this too?" She asked the red haired behind the counter who was looking at her phone."Uh... Table six." Tessy told her without raising her head up. With a sigh Amanda walked towards the table which a young man was sitting down in."Here's your order sir," She dropped it on the table before him."I hope it's to your satisfa-""You have got to be kidding me!" The man exclaimed, dropping his magazine and slamming his head."Pardon sir?"He looked up at her."Seriously,
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Chapter 6
"We should go to the police," Alex finally said after silence had reigned for few minutes."No, not the police, they have my brother," Amanda said. "I am not going to put his life at risk."Alex sighed. "Well, what do you suggest then, those people don't look like they would stop looking for us anytime. Also..."She looked at him. "Also?""Well, if you're not the Amanda that stole from him, and the one I met earlier wasn't the one that stole from him then-""How do you know she's not the one? I know I am not the one, and if it isn't me, then that's leaves her.""She isn't the one, she can't be," Alex found himself saying."Why are you defending her? Isn't she the same person you said stole from you? If she's a thief, what stops her from being a liar?"Alex didn't speak after that."We need to find her, my brother's life is on deck a
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Chapter 7
"Oh, Las Vegas is the life!" Amanda gave a big whoop, a big grin on her face. She had just cheated some men off their money in a game, and as usual, underestimating the power of a young woman, they were too stupid to notice that she cheated. She was interrupted from her happy thought by a vibration then chime that came from her phone. With a sigh, she pulled it out, it was probably the guys worrying over her as usual. They acted all tough because of how big they were but deep down, they were just cuddly bears, she giggled at that thought.Opening her phone she saw it wasn't from the guys like she had expected, it was from that stupid dating app she had join about a month ago. She hadn't dated for awhile and since the guys scared off any guy that came close to her, she decided to try online dating, and that's where she had met Alex. The reason she had texted him was because he was really cute and he had been on a yatch that she suspected was his, but Alex turned out
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Chapter 8
Don Torento raised an eyebrow, Amanda looked away from him quickly, she wanted to slam her palm on her forehead for saying something stupid. Don Torento was looking at her like he wanted to tear her limbs to limbs, she gulped. "S—sorry, I say stupid things sometimes.""Really?" He gave a wicked smile. "Well, you also happen to do stupid things too, lots and lots of stupid things." He stood up, making Amanda to lean back in her chair when she thought he was coming to her, but he turned around and walked to the window. "Stealing from me," he gave a low laugh. "You've got some gut girl, I would give you that. But it's also your gut that would get you killled." Amanda froze as the last words left his mouth. He turned around and walked away from the window, he walked over to the seat he was in and sat down.Amanda didn't know much, but she knew she didn't want to die, she wasn't ready to die, she was just twenty five, she still had many more years to go
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Chapter 9
Amanda clicked her tongue, staring at the young man right in front of her. "You know, for someone as cute as you, it sucks that you are out of your head." He raised an eyebrow, his face spelling out confusion. He sighed and shook his head. "Would you just untie me Amanda, I have an itch and I can't scratch it," He said. "Fine!" She stood up. "But if you try anything funny, I am not weak, I will burst your balls." She sent him a warning look. "My balls? Why would you try to destroy a man by bursting his balls?" He asked in disbelief. "What's a man without his balls," She murmured and went behind the young man. She reached down and worked her fingers through the rope tying him. "So," He said as she untied him. "Are you ready to tell me what happened after I was taken?" "I don't know what you're talking about psycho, if this is an act they told you to put up to
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