Darkest Reality

Darkest Reality

By:  Vama97  Ongoing
Language: English
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Justine Elle Pollo is a princess to her family and friends. She is a bird left in a cage for a long time, and all she ever wanted was for her to spread her wings and explore the world. Yet now that fate permits it to happen, everything turned upside down. She met Pierre Monteblanco, the ruthless Mafia Lord. What could go wrong? Excerpt: Pierre's eyes grew darker as if he had been triumphant. He slowly walked closer, closing the small gap between us. My feet were trembling as his musk scent was corrupting my innocent mind. "Good answer Justine..." he said while grasping the tip of my hair. I swallowed hard at his very touch, feeling the sweat trailing its way down on the side of my face. My heart thumped when he suddenly leaned closer, shutting each of our intimate spaces. "So then...I'll let you be, my sweet," he whispered roughly into my ears leaving me confused and uneasy.

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14 Chapters
When I was little, I believed that the world was kind. I believed that saying Thank You, I'm Sorry and I Love You was all that matters.I thought that being good and kind exempts us from getting hurt by the real world. I have always believed that living in this world was just plain simple.But it may be true, to a child, like I was before. Until I realized how deformed my life was.I loved a man, who made me see how life could be messy and complicated. I loved a man, who taught me how living can be harsh and scary. That sometimes, the Thank You, I'm Sorry and I Love You sounds so empty, sounds void. That kindness and goodness would take you nowhere.He made me see the other side of the world, its darkest reality.And it includes Him.
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Chapter 1- A beginning in the past
"Get the little one's princess, bigger ones are heavy and you might get hurt."There was a mix of concern and amusement in my father, Jose Pollo's voice while reprimanding me to get more of the bigger rocks. I am helping him in gathering rocks used to build my mini house."It is not that heavy Daddy, and I don't like gathering little rocks, it is too much work."Jose Pollo chuckled at my reasoning and decided to stop his work. He helped me in carrying my rocks and we both put them in the wheelbarrow."You know Princess, one of the values you should always remember from me, is to be patient. You can't finish your work by doing it all at once, it needs to be done separately. Well, it goes the same for the stones. If you always carry the heavy ones, you'd tire easily while if you choose to carry the small stones you can easily get and put it in the wheelbarrow without exerting so much effort."At that time, I didn't understand my father. I wasn't able
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Chapter 2- Meeting Her Love
Lucian and I met in a very sweet way. I can still remember that day, it was raining so hard. The weather was so bad, lashing lightning everywhere.It was the middle of the semester, and it was the first time I had experience going home so late.I decided to stay longer in the classroom, scribble some notes, and just savor the moment of being a real student.I never spend this late in school before. Mostly, Dad was ready to pick me up after my last subject. However, there would just be times like this where you want a space of your own.Then a thunder echoed around the vast hallways, startling my inner peace. I began packing my things but I remember that Dad had some urgent appointments, I don't want to trouble him so an idea popped into my mind.Why don't I try taking a cab as normal people do? With that thought, I texted him that I will be late because of a school project.Little did he know that I walked from my building to the gate of our
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Chapter 3- Meeting the Mafia Lord
"There are a lot of predators here Princess" Dad whispered through my ear while scrutinizing the crowd in front of us.I laughed at Daddy who sounded so worried. His head was everywhere, being conscious of his surroundings.The party had started and the host was still giving his speech so we were waiting on the side of the stage."Daddy, you make it sound as if I am a food."He chuckled at my comment and looked at me."Well you are a fresh bloom Princess, no one can resist that. Let me tell you something, everyone owns a different idea about you...Good and bad are just some examples of it. The mind is vast, it could formulate anything... even trick you"I raised an eyebrow, amused as to where this conversation is leading to.Maria told me that Dad had been into sci-fi movies recently. When he doesn't go to work, he spends it with Netflix.I just pretended to be interested in the topic and listened attentively."If you ju
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Chapter 4- First Impression
 Uh.oh. This man is not friendly alright.I looked away yet I can still feel the cold stare from his side. My breathing hitched at the thought, trying my best to calm myself.My Dad was already looking at me, gesturing for me to come."Now meet my only daughter, the heir to JPollo's Hotel and Restaurant, Justine Elle Pollo." Daddy called my attention. He guided me to the center which I am thankful that he did because I was completely weakened by that man's unexpected reaction.I erased the weird thoughts about Cian's brother and went to give my message.Dad gave me the microphone and I quickly took it with a visibly trembling hand.I cleared my throat before starting my speech. Come on, don't embarrass yourself, Justine Elle."Hello everyone Good Evening, first I am so grateful to all of you who are here tonight. Thank you, that you chose to share your precious time to celebrate this memorable event with me. I am also gra
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Chapter 5- First Kiss
"Thank you for coming, I hope you guys enjoy this night" I sat next to Cian who was distracted by his phone. "Are you okay?" I asked, leaning closer so he could hear me. "Yeah" he answered, putting his phone away. He grabs a glass of Veuve Clicquot and drinks it smoothly. He looks agitated but controlled. It was as if he was annoyed. "Easy on that or you might get drunk," I said while putting my hand on top of his. He nodded in response. "Don't worry about me, Elle" I just shrugged my shoulder and left my hand on his palm. Samantha was eyeing me indistinctively, mouthing "flirt" which instantly made me disagree. I wouldn't want to indulge more in Samantha's naughty thoughts so I looked away and listened to Cian's older brother. Claven was talking about his line of work proudly, earning giggles from my cousins. By the looks of it, Claven is probably impressing them and my loosely tied cousins were already drawn t
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Chapter 6-The Confession
Yours?" I asked astonished. "Yes, Elle. I've been meaning to ask you this... for a long time." He held my hands and looked closely into my eyes. "You are the only girl that caught my attention from the very start and I don't want to take it any longer" I bit my lips, still dazed by the sudden turn of events. I cannot decipher everything yet. I thought I will be confessing but Cian clearly ruined it.  My eyes welled up with so much joy. I never know that this is what it feels like to be loved back. I mean, I was expecting this but it feels different when it is really happening. No words can explain the joy and excitement. "Hey, why are you crying? Was I so fast? L-let me formally cour--" "Shh, you are panicking." I whimpered, placing the tip of my finger in his mouth. "I'm just so happy. But... here I thought I will be the one confessing tonight... it would have been a blast" I added, pouting my lips in dismay.
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Chapter 7- The Last Dance-1
"I think your time is up young man," Dad noted in a stern voice which made me raise a brow.  "Dad," I said sharply, wiggling my brows at him. "It's okay Elle" Cian interrupted and loosen his hold on my waist. He faced Dad with a nervous smile yet with brave eyes. "Uh, sir, sorry if I'd ask you this without notice but, will you spare me a minute after the party? I'd like to talk to you about your daughter" he asked calmly but his sweaty hands said otherwise, he was nervous. My Dad maintained his stoic expression on the other corner, trying to illicit an intimidating aura to my nervous boyfriend. "I agree that we should talk young man but let me dance with my daughter first" he replied arrogantly to which Cian agreed, nodding his head automatically. Thereafter, Cian placed my hand in Dad's palm. "Later Elle" he bid, leaving me alone with Dad on the dancefloor. I stared at his broad back as he went his way to their table.
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Chapter 8- The Last Dance 2
As the heightened part of the sonata reaches its end, my body moved to respond to the clash of enigmatic melodies, jiving to the music until it reached its final note. I slowly open my eyes, hitting for the last musical key and giving my final emotion. I was beyond satisfied. I didn't know there was a wet streak trying to escape from my eyes. Then, I caught my Dad drying his tears which brought a sad smile to my face. Every time he hears this piece, it makes him tear up. It was as if this song reminded him of his unfinished love for my Mom.  And I never met my mother physically, but this musical piece felt as if she is with me... us. Maybe this is the reason why this melody had an important place in Dad's heart. Because it connects us as a family. "What a wonderful performance you did here ladies. Am I right folks?" The host went beside me and gestured for Belle to join us in front of the stage. I quickly dried my tears an
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Chapter 9- The Last Dance 3
I looked around the venue. The hall was still full-packed. There are still a lot of people, mostly businessmen, influencers, high-profiled guests, and tons of sexy girls like Marga. Godness, I sounded so different. Why do I suddenly sound bitter? Unconsciously, I massage my temple. My mind is in chaos. "Hey, are you okay?" Flora grabbed my arm. I looked at her and mouthed to evacuate the table. Why did I even sit in here? Oh yeah, because of Cian, but Cian is not here. Ahh, whatever. "Uhm, excuse me for a while," I excused politely, feeling kind of dizzy about the things that are starting to trouble in my head. Pierre gently raised his head upon hearing my voice. Those pair of beautiful coal-black eyes are mysteriously staring at me again, and I can't help but become more nervous than ever. I quickly stood up on my chair and they all looked at me. "Uhm yeah... excuse me for a while, I need to entertain other guests. Enj
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