The Rise of the Frost Dragons (Blue Triangle Series #2)

The Rise of the Frost Dragons (Blue Triangle Series #2)

By:  Carlos Sensei  Completed
Language: English
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Blue Triangle Series Book 2 The Legion is coming, and Glacia will fall if the country will not make the preparations faster; rebuilding the damages dealt by the previous invasion, raising an army, and summoning a dragon ... a frost dragon to aid them for the upcoming war. Tristan Mcgarth, a dual-blade wielder, wants nothing more than to find his father who left him and his family a long time ago. He embarks on an epic quest after receiving the order from King Arth, telling him to travel towards the country of Drava to summon a legendary-class beast. But along the way, he finds the only person he had long been looking for ... ever since he was a child ... and he never thought it will be the greatest obstacle he will encounter on his dragon quest. And so he must learn how to move forward and free himself from the hurt of his dark past, otherwise, he will lose everything and everyone who's hoping for his return with the dragon.

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The books good till about chapter 70 then it’s like a completely different story and repeat I’ve chapters so can’t advise starting it cause it has no ending very disappointing
2024-02-02 16:37:58
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Great continuation of the first book so far enjoying reading about adventures and not based on love relationships
2024-01-14 08:16:06
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when's the next book
2022-03-30 07:55:48
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I live this book and loved the first one also can’t stop reading it
2021-10-26 21:35:48
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Michelle Ann
this story has great potential. the characters are interesting but the story one in the first chapter is a bit confusing and all over the place. maybe I'll read it again.
2021-02-21 03:57:51
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Max Williams
2021-02-20 23:05:29
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Jonelle Williamson
I LOVED book 1! Read it practically without stopping! So excited with the start of book 2! Thank you for sharing your incredible imagination with us!!
2021-01-06 01:10:20
default avatar
Can’t wait for more chapters!
2020-11-11 01:25:10
101 Chapters
Author's Note
Welcome, adventurer. The second book of the Blue Triangle Trilogy has finally opened to welcome you back into the world of Earthos.    In this book, your journey will continue with King Arth Aragon, Sir Kael Denvorn, and an added narrative from Tristan McGarth's Point of View.    You shall not only explore the country of Glacia deeper ... but you shall also travel back into the Underworld ... sail over the western seas ...  step into foreign country lands ... and enter the world of dragons.    I should warn you, dear adventurer, that this journey compared to the first book will be much longer, bloodier, and darker ... but it is promised that you will have an exciting experience with our characters, unlike any others.    I shall see you at the end of your journey in this book.    Long live the king ...   Carlos Sensei &nbs
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 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.This story is not affiliated with any institutions mentioned in the chapters.
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Blue lamps on the walls had shone the dim bath chamber, blue flames flickering inside every glass. Servants entered and brought towels and cinnamons and azalea flowers, some sprinkling the petals on the clear waters. Then the aroma came to welcome the king. Kael Denvorn followed inside before closing the doors behind.“Have a cup, Sir Kael,” King Arth said as he went to the round table that stood right at the edge of the steaming pool of bath, then he began pouring the silver flagon. “I know you love cherry wine.” He handed out one cup about half-full.“If it pleases you, My King,” Kael replied, taking the cup, then he took a sip. As he did, he watched King Arth walk around the pool, with his white robe covering his naked body. The young king sat on the edge and submerged his legs through the steaming water, his face blank as he drank in his cup.“Is something the matter, Your Highness?” Kael
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“We’ve been expecting you,” Arth said, seated at the head of the long table along with his four High Councilors.“Your Highness,” the two Archmages greeted as they kneeled on the floor of the Council Chamber. The hood of their white cloak had covered their hair, and one of them had long silver chains that hung around his neck, jingling as they stood.“Have a seat. You must’ve had an exhausting journey from Galadhor.” Arth gestured at the vacant chairs on the side of the table. He had been informed days ago of their coming, and something about it had made him unhappy. Usually the Temple of Archmagi from Galadhor would send low-ranking mages across the world to deliver messages and—most of the times—a glimpse of their fate, and all of these were from the words of the Elder Magus who could tell what’s ahead of their time.But these two who just came to Arth’s country were
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The clock was ticking. Tristan had long been waiting in his seat along with five elderly people, staring at the wall that had just struck past nine in the morning. The Central Library looked less interesting than what he had expected, and he’d finished checking out with his eyes the old leather-bounds in the towering bookshelves on the ground floor. He’d finished studying the bland, silver chandelier that hung from the high ceiling—where it had been painted of people and mountains and rivers he could’ve never cared at all.He’d been trying to catch the eyes of the old lady on the front desk for almost a hundred times already. All the things he needed to take himself out of boredom had been done. But his name had yet been called.Fingers tapping on his folded arms, Tristan stared once again at the fierce-looking lady ahead, who had been burying her face in the enormous book she’s reading. He had to meet the keep
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“You don’t have to go with me,” Arth said as he descended on the staircases, heading to the depths of the underground dungeon. “I can go there alone.”“Eh? That would be unwise, Your Highness,” Sir Valor replied as he followed along with two of his fellow Grand Knights. “It’s our duty to take over Sir Kael’s absence on your guard. The dungeon is far more dangerous with you heading there alone.”Arth had to roll his eyes, as if he couldn’t protect himself with the power he had now. He only had one reason for entering the dungeon; to speak with the person whom he had his last visit a year ago. He had to know what’s happening in Glacia right now. Some things he had yet to understand in his kingdom kept on bothering him in his sleep every night.Darkness crept through the maze tunnels of the dungeon; only the torchlights held by the Grand Knights giving light, with s
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A sharp, irritated look was all Tristan could show as the people watched him ride down the mainroad along with a cavalry of knights, led by Sir Kael. They trotted their way through the gatehouse, entering the castle grounds. “How can I not have the right to refuse?”“Because he is the king.”“You know how I despise nobility, much more for royalty,” Tristan said. “I was supposed to make it for my ride to Cold Hills. Why does he want to see me now?” “I can only say that it is a confidential matter that must be discussed between the two of you … alone.” Tristan rolled his eyes. He hated it when his agendas were being interrupted. He already had turmoil from his late appointment with the archive keeper earlier, and he had gotten worse when he discovered how impossible it would be for him to search for his father. “It better be important,&rd
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“What on Earthos has gotten into your head, Sir Denvorn?” Councilor Tomen spoke once all servants and guards left the five of them alone in the Council Chamber. “Have you not learned from the countless failures you had during Terrowin’s reign?”Kael had his eyes on the table, his one hand on his lap, thinking of how stupid he was. He never thought King Arth would send him away just to visit Lucas in the dungeons.“I assume you still remember the most important task you have as the Divine Knight. You are not to let the King slip out of your sight. No matter what he tells you, his safety and protection must always come on top. Do you understand?”“I understand,” Kael replied, his voice lowered.Councilor Vornell shook his head. “We cannot let this pass, I say. He left the King to speak with the most dangerous prisoner in the dungeons … alone. The Crown’s Council
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Tristan was back at home after a long day of travel. The village of Cold Hills would always give him a sense of comfort … and he could not tell what part of it exactly … perhaps it’s just everything about the village. The northern wind sent a cold brush on Tristan’s face as he rode on an open carriage. They reached the eastern entrance of the village, passing through the watchtowers and guards, before they made their way down the road. The breeze carried the scent of winter cherry trees. Considering the place having the highest population among all the villages of Glacia, most people of Cold Hills had still been suffering from poverty, despite the higher funds and aids given by the new reigning king for the supply of the village. And the darker side of that, what you would see out in the sun was not what it seemed. The village might’ve had less violence and crimes, but at night, far worse things would happen … unimaginable things done secretly by those nobles … the r
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The fireplace crackled and disrupted the silence in the small room. Arth sat on the huge chair, facing the hearth, his eyes dazing on the flames. He could never imagine what would’ve happened had they got caught by the archmages. Everyone would know about Janshai’s identity. All the people in Glacia would go mad and wild if they discovered their king had been keeping a demon in the castle for almost a year now. Trusts would be broken and suspicions would arise. As much as Arth could not want to break his people’s trust, he also couldn’t afford to let Janshai fall into danger from the archmages … much more now that he’s ill. He promised himself he would protect his friend no matter what. And now, he’d been faced with a hard time, not knowing what to do to address both needs. It was of pure luck that the archmages had yet to find them, despite taking Janshai out of the concealment barrier in his chamber. They could’ve traced them by now. But a day had come by since the
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