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FROST AND FLAMES is a sequel to the novel 'Moth and Flames' but it can be also read as a standalone.Alex and Eva are lost in their little world, cherishing the beauty of little things, completely oblivious to their surroundings. They are jolted back to reality when their friend Philip is afflicted with a unique illness. The doctors believe that the illness is caused due to an unknown virus. But, Eva is sure that this is not the case. She suspects that supernatural elements are at play. Will she remain unruffled while hundreds are being killed everyday or will she get out of her comfort zone and embrace danger and adventure once again?Even if she makes up her mind to save the ailing, can she rescue them, now that her powers are gone?The only way Eva can get back her powers is to resurrect the vampires but does it make sense to resurrect Vampires to save human beings??Selfless and pure as the water of Ganges,Can conquer challenges, high as Andes.Beauty of Love is unparalled on Earth,Fortunate ones are loved right from birth.Where hate festers darker than hell,The light of Love can remove the spell.Deep love breeds universal empathy,Caressing wounds; preserving dignity.

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129 Chapters
EVA's POVMy legs were turned into jelly. I wanted to scream but my lips were sealed. My limbs shook like a leaf in the storm. My clothes stuck to my body drenched in sweat. I wanted to shut my eyes but the horrifying scene rendered my eyelids motionless. I tried in vain to calm my heartbeat lest it drew the hooded creature’s attention towards me. No words in the world could describe
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ALEX's POVI was delighted when Susie called. It had been a while since I had talked to her.I greeted her cheerfully, “Hello, Susie. Long time no call.”“Alex……Alex, please come quickly to the El Rosa memorial hospital. Philip……..he is……very critical.” Then I heard her heart-rending sobs.The impact of the news was so intense that my phone dropped from my hands and crac
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EVA's POVI went to the kitchen and washed the dishes. Then I cleaned up our house and watered the plants yet it was only 1:30. Alex should have reached the hospital by now but why didn’t he call? Maybe he was busy talking to the doctor ar bringing medicines. I took the phone in my hands and dialed his number but he didn’t pick up. I didn’t want to overreact but I couldn’t help feeling worried. Why hadn&rsquo
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ALEX's POVI was so glad that Eva had stayed back at home but then she showed up at the hospital suddenly. On top of that, she went with Susie to meet Philip. Why didn’t she understand that it wasn’t safe for her? I felt my blood boil with frustration, not at Eva but my helplessness to prevent this situation.If Susie hadn’t requested I would never have let Eva go to meet Philip. I followed behind them anxiously. Despite the robot's warning, she started walking towards Philip. This
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EVA'S POV“Why didn’t Alex come with us?” I asked as soon as we reached home.“He has some work,” Aaron said vaguely.I tried calling Alex but he didn’t pick up the call. I tried to distract myself by talking to Aunt Linda but my thoughts kept going back to Alex.I wondered where he might have gone. Until a while ago, he was behaving as if he wouldn’t leave my side even for a moment. Then what happened to him suddenly?
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ALEX'S POVI exhaled forcefully once outside, trying to clear my lungs of the dust that I had inhaled. I never thought that a place could become so dusty. And Eeks! Those cobwebs. I made a mental note to get the house deep cleaned as soon as possible.While we were walking towards the gate I saw golden light. I strained my eyes to get a better view. I saw a vague figure for a moment but then it vanished. I had a feeling that I had seen it before. I couldn’t recall when and where but I was certain I had seen something similar before too.
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ALEX'S POVLooking around the room I finally located the source of the scream. The T.V was on and a clip was being played on the screen. A man ummm… would be wrong to say a man, a teenager had gripped the shoulders of a fragile-looking girl in his arms. The girl was screaming loudly for help and trying to free herself from his grip. There were at least thirty-forty bodies lying on the ground. The girl let out a loud scream and then she went silent. After a few minutes, she dropped on the ground. Blood was oozing out of two holes on
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My head felt so heavy, It took a lot of conscious effort to open my eyes. When I finally managed to open my eyes and took in my surroundings, all the memories came rushing. The hooded creature from the video looked identical to the one that starred in my nightmares. I rubbed my arms to ward off, the coldness I felt.I took out my phone and played the video again, but on a low volume. Alex would turn into an angry bear if he saw me watching the video again. This time I was mentally prepared to watch the clip. Though my heartbeat accelerated, I was able to pay
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I paced around and kept tapping my knuckles. What could I do to save them? Then suddenly I realized that we were in the security room. I had built a tunnel that started in the security room when Alex has absorbed some of my powers so that I could keep a watch on him. It led straight to Dixonville. Hopefully, it would be still intact. Alex picked up an iron rod and stood in a defensive position but I pulled him along and said, “Help me shift the wardrobe”  “Is this girl out of her mind. Here we ar
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ALEX'S POVI climbed out of the tunnel and walked slowly into the hall. Long shadows casted on the walls and floor made everything look scarier. My heartbeat accelerated further and sweat trickled down my forehead. My legs trembled as I took each step. “Alex you have to do this! If you don’t Eva will.” I muttered.I took deep breaths to calm myself down and focused on the task at hand. I looked around but the ones who were visible a few minutes ago had vanished.
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