Demon Kings Mate

Demon Kings Mate

By:  San_2045  Completed
Language: English
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/Completed/His eyes fully turned bright red and lethal, the dark grey fog surrounding him as he rose on his feet. Black pointed sharp claws jutted out of his fingers. His skin appeared paler than usual as he stared right into my soul."W-What" I questioned, my lips trembling in fear."Daemonuim rex" He hissed, his claws disappearing. I froze in my seat as those words echoed in my ears. I know what he meant. Demon King. ***Talia wanted an adventure. Working two jobs and living in a dump for an apartment does that to you. When her friend drags her to the club, she is excited at the prospect of meeting someone new. That’s how she meets Lukas, the handsome stranger at the bar who beds her and leaves the next morning. Her entire life changes because of that one night.From finding out she's demons mate, who’s pregnant with the first half-demon child to ridiculously dressed fairies showing up at her door, getting abducted by the guy with a spear, her life becomes an adventure she wished she never asked. ***

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68 Chapters
All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. Most of the concept about Heaven and Hell are based on Buddhism and Christianity.  
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1. Talia
I let out a sigh staring at the glass window. It was a stupid decision to skip work just because I was not in a mood to flip more burgers. Just that day I needed to do something and not breathe in the grease. The thought of putting on the same uniform every day along with the stained apron made my nose scrunch. 
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2. Talia
My best friend was raining as soon as I stepped out of the apartment. A tall guy was standing beside her with a frown on his face. For a second I thought that he was angry about me cock blocking him. As I got closer I noticed that it was just the way he stood. 
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3. Lukas
/Lukas POV/I stared at my reflection for a few seconds, tugging at the tight expensive leather jacket. It did fit alright but sometimes it made me want to strangle the person who invented leather jackets. I could never move my arms without straining. Also whenever I wear the black jacket my back felt sweatier than usual. 
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4. Talia
/Talia POV/I cried out as he moved his lips relentlessly against my ones. His hand moved from my arm just to grab at my jaw, fingers long enough to cup it entirely and open it. My eyes automatically shut tight as his tongue met mine. 
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5. Talia
I winced trying to turn around the covers slipping down. As the harsh sunlight hit my face I scrunched my nose and tried to hide my face inside the covers. Shifting around in the bed I let out a yawn.Rubbing my eyes I tried to sit up only to feel the heaviness in my head. When I glanced at the other side of the bed it was empty. A frown settled on my featured as I tried to think of the plausible explanation of his sudden disappearance.
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6. Talia
I held my breath as he sat upon his knees. A big hand landed on my cheek, lightly tracing it and he had a weird look on his face. Like he could almost not believe it was happening. How was I letting him take my virginity? Did I trust him that much?  "Hey" Lukas whispered, his voice rough as he stroked my cheek. My eyes immediately travelled towards him and I hummed.
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7. Lukas
/Lukas POV/The red room was almost blinding as I stepped in. My eyes narrowed when I noticed my friend, Leo sitting on the couch. What was he doing here? Not that I did not appreciate the company in the castle but most of them wear assigned a certain task. It pisses me off if they are not completed on time. 
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8. Talia
It had been two days since I was trying to forget about Lukas. So far it wasn't working and all I could think was what went wrong. There were still fragments of that night I can recall but not the entire night. It was like a blurred memory. 
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9. Lukas
/Lukas POV/ Fates lived in a faraway land which was neither on heaven or hell. A made-up land just for the three of them. Most of them feared to go there because of those notorious fairies. As the three of them lived together in the entire land they always have something mischievous planned upon their sleeves. 
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