Vampire's Love

Vampire's Love

By:  sarvi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katarina, a normal 18 year old girl wants nothing more than going to Harvard University. But her life changes when a short tempered sexy arrogant pure blood vampire Alexander took a liking of her. She gets selected as a one of the prospective bride for him. She despises the vampires but now how will she react to be living with them. Will she fall in love with him? Can a vampire's love overcome the past betrayal? Read to find out.

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Going good.
2023-06-11 10:59:05
71 Chapters
Ivanov palace
 Katarina 's POV:  I looked around my small room longingly as I am leaving my safe haven today. Though it hasn't been painted in a while, I love my room and I appreciate everything I have as I know how much hard my parents work to provide for me. That's why I didn't run away till now. I wore the beautiful peach color dress which my mom bought me. she helped me with my hair .  The day I thought never come has arrived. I hate them with a passion all my life. Now I am have to live with them. Even if it will be for short time, I still couldn't fathom it. I have no right to reject it.  Why did the Vampire Council even select me after knowing my hatred towards their kind? That too to that monster Alexander Ivanov. He literally is the uncrowned king of our world as people kiss the path he walks on. so what's so special about him?  He's a pure blood vampire. There are many pure blood vampires but he and his brothers Are the first descendants of Vampires ever born in the world. They're mor
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Unexpected event
The Vampire wished to see me? I quickly skipped to her side, "Um, excuse me," I began in a soft voice, "The vampire? What is he like?"  She chuckled, "oh, he is mysterious, almost dark and ominous. he loves to play games." I gulped loudly, she chuckled again. "Don't be frighten, miss. I'm sure your meeting will go well."  Don't be frightened.easy for her to say. She halted at the door and knocked twice.  "Come in." an amused man's voice answered. The door flew open;  " master, miss Katarina is here. " Gracy said but he just dismissed by waving his hand fom his back. she bowed and left.  I stood there awkwardly for a while. He is busy with his phone and my stomach started to rumble. I am hungry. Can this better be over soon? I wonder if I still get something to eat before I leave this place.  I walked inside his office . inside the room, there is a large wooden grey color desk and a black rolling chair . To one side are all the books, files neatly arranged in racks and the other
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I am chosen
 One week went without any issues as Alexander is away while his brothers parties almost all night. The girls other than me gave into the temptations of joey and James. The vampires use them freely as their blood bags. Elena and I got along well despite her decison of letting James feed of her. She didn't tell me why she changed her decision.  Gracy called us early morning and told us that Alexander is holding a ceremony where he is going to announce his keeper. I gasped in horror and shock. The Alexander who didn't accept anyone aa his keeper before is going to finally his chosen bride. It maybe Kristen. They did spend the night. The three girls are beaming with joy while Elena looked gloomy and teary eyed.  She excuses herself and left. I gave into my urge of following her and went behind her.  " I can't do this anymore. But I have no choice. He threatened to kill my parents if I didn't oblige to his wishes. " She cried into my chest as I hugged her.  " Did he, you know " I hesi
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My new room
 I looked at Alexander who is still fuming with anger and hide it well in front of the crowd. He leaned a little towards me while his arm wrapped around my waist and greeted them.  I feel disgusted with him touching me even if it's only for a pretence. I sighed in relief only when he left me alone.  The crowd applauded and cheered him on as he walked out. The girls Kristen, Hanna and Diana are all smiles as if they have won a lottery when they're staying as Joey is indecisive. Me and Elena are struck here until we die. I have to escape from here soon.  Looking at the people crazily swooning over these vampires makes me think that I am the only one that doesn't want to get chosen. Yet I got chosen. Blame it on my stars.  " Well, that's it for the day. Alexander is a man of a few words and he said it straight away. " Tommy chuckled as the crowd erupts into joy and cheer him on.  Nobody said anything about his angry behavior. That's why Vampires do whatever they please with us, huma
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Dinner disaster
After Alexander left, I looked through the clothes for at least 15 minutes or more before a frustrated sigh escaped through my lips. Although they are the trending fashion style, almost all these clothes were too revealing or short. Not that I mind wearing short clothes or anything but when you're living in a household full of blood-thirsty, horny vampires then yes, I do mind. With a soft grumble, I grabbed a white, ripped, high-waisted short with a blue tank top and white cardigan, finally giving in.  I decided that the cardigan was just to conceal my bare arms. As soon as I was done, I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. I was relieved to finally be able to get out of this tight and sweaty dress I am still wearing. I hated wearing this.  As soon as I stepped into the bathtub , my body melted inside the water. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths before biting the inside of my cheeks to force myself from breaking down again. It's been such a long night so why can't it
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“Why did you that for?!” he yelled, slamming his hands on the table and shooting up from his seat before I looked up at meet his glare.  “You-you went too dragged my parents.." I barely choked out, trying to defend my actions.everyone was silent,  not even bothering to help me out.  "You like getting on my nerves, aren't you, Barbie?" he asked, his eyes raging with anger as he held the empty bottle that I was  holding as well. “Perhaps you're forgetting where you're!" he spat harshly .  “Maybe I should remind you?" he asked, he said icily and I gasped when he suddenly ripped the glass from my grip  before turning around and hurling it to the nearest wall.  I watched in shock as it shattered into a million pieces.  “I'm sorry-" I quickly choked out though I knew that a mere apology wasn't enough to calm down a arrogant ill-tempered  monster.  “Should I make you  end your p
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Escape gone wrong
 "What's going on?" Alexander's voice caused everyone to freeze and I look at him enter the room before appearing in front of us within seconds.  “She's being difficult again. We can't even continue this meeting." Danny muttered, releasing his grip and I went silent when I realized Alexander is glaring at me.  "What did she do now?" he asked, softly yet harshly and Kristen explained how I refused to sit with any guy. I just stared at her, finding it hard to believe that she'd rather take a vampires side rather than her own kind.  "Sit. With anyone you want to." Alexander ordered, sitting down on the sofa and I glimpsed back at him before  giving a quick glance across the room. I could see David pointing his index finger towards his face as he kept mouthing the words “pick me” but I ignored him and stared at each and every one of them.  “I don't want to sit with anyone.” I stated my words carefully, hoping it wouldn't annoy or piss off Alexander but of course I was wrong.  "Oh, f
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He then disappeared into thin air. Vampires and their abilities.What is he doing to do? With every second passing through, my heartbeat keep on increasing. I am gonna have a panic attack.  " He went to get your parents. " David said with a concern. As soon as he finished, Alexander arrived with my dad in his arms. My dad wasn't very pleased with this.  " What the hell did you do that Alex himself has come to bring me here? " He angrily asked me.  " Dad, I want to go home. you know that I don't even want to be here. You forced me. I don't like it here. " I replied sobbing . He wasn't even happy to see me after 3 weeks.  " You're staying here. Even if you decide to run, don't ever come to my house. You don't have any home. "  I stared at him in utter disbelief. He didn't mean it. Did he?  “Are you..." I started to choke out when the infamous devil chuckled as me and my dad snapped our heads towards him.  "The argument was pleasant to hear and all but you're forgetting why we're
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Mysterious Guy!
 The party is set to be hosted in the vast garden. The foods and wines are placed in one corner and the dance floor is set on other side. People started to arrive and soon enough the entire area is filled with people.  "You should eat." Franklin's voice startled me. I turned to look up at him. Why does this guy keep following me around anyways? He's been like this ever since the whole "punishment" thing happened where Alexander almost killed my dad. What is he trying to prove? I wonder. Maybe feed on me.  "I will." I said shortly then he left me. After another half an hour or so, I finally decided to give up . I sighed as I made my way towards the food. Everyone was now talking and laughing, enjoying their night while I simply stood gawking at the gate. As I stood near the table, my eyes caught a sight of a guy who's wearing hoodie, standing near the gate ,looking at the palace. Why doesn't he come in? What is he doing here? I wondered. I tried to focus on him to see his face clearly
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Party Time
It has been a month since I started to live here. I am desperate to get out of here but my plan isn't working at all. For my plan to work out, I need Alexander to atleast acknowledge my presence but instead, he hate it. I haven't really had an actual conversation with any of the Vampires till now. At the same time, I didn't ignore them too. They might be thinking that I was “finally" getting used to my new home.  I looked through my luggage and smiled when I noticed the little wooden box, tucked under some of my clothes. I picked it out gently and placed it on the dressing table before opening it to reveal a bracelet that I had received from my mom. I quickly shut the suitcase, blinking away my tears as I straightened my posture. Relax Kat, it's not like you're not going to see them again.  “I should be getting ready." I mumbled to myself, staring up at the alarm clock near my bed.  It was 7:30 pm,time for dinner and I can't afford to be late. It was always my usual routine to eat
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