Despised at First Sight

Despised at First Sight

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Maya is a 23 year old orphan girl who has lived in multiple homes since the death of her parents. She had one passion. To reach the highest height in her career. A few years after reaching the mid-height of her career, she comes in contact with Mark, a well known billionaire betrothed to the heir of the largest shipping and logistics company. Mark is arrogant, wealthy and yet, breathtakingly handsome. These two fall in love but Maya hides her feelings, fearing rejection whiles Mark hides his, because of pride. He calls Maya a low life girl who is not worthy of his love. As the tables turn, Maya meets Tom who is a perfect embodiment of her description of a dream man but will she be able to let go of her feelings for Mark? Will Mark be able to love her and give up the heir of the largest shipping company? Will Maya be able to reciprocate Toms' love or will she forgive Mark for how he despised her? Let's find out as the story unfolds....

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Rush
My mind was was a complete state of confusion when the cab I arranged to pick me up disappointed me. The driver called just 30 minutes before the pickup time to inform me that he had to rush his wife to the hospital because she was in labour. God, I indeed sympathized with him but also was angered with the fact that he could have called earlier. Either way, I just hid my disappointment and told him that it was fine but I cried internally. I stepped out of the shower and dressed at high speed to save time to get a cab on a busy Monday morning. I knew about the traffic situation too so my head was spinning with thoughts of how I could make it to this interview which meant the world to me. I worked over the years from start-up to multinational companies, yet I never had the chance of being promoted beyond Senior Officer, no matter how hard I worked. I am very ambitious and have worked throughout my college days either as a part-time typist or secretary so I gathered so much experience.
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Chapter 2 - The Interview
I couldn't believe that the hem of my dress and shoes were covered in mud. Then I laid eyes on the car. The driver of that Black Bugatti splashed water mixed with mud over me. 'Couldn't he slow down after the heavy rain?' My thoughts were completely overshadowed by this breathtakingly handsome guy who peeped through the window of the car. I never knew a guy could be this good looking, but my admiration for him ended with the words I heard coming out of his mouth.  "Hey, watch where you are going next time Bitch..." his voice was coated with arrogance. My jaw dropped open at his words. He was supposed to apologize and look at what he said instead. Before I could even utter a word, he wind up his window and sped off. I watched him till his car disappeared around a corner. How could he be so insensitive? I should have bought a car two years back when Jude advised me to. I didn't want to overspend because I have been saving all the money I made to start up a consultancy fir
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Chapter 3 - The Test
"Are you saying, that I have to prostitute alongside my job?" I asked, forcing sarcasm into my words because I had lost my respect for him. "Yes Maya, that's exactly what I mean. If you can do that, then this job is yours," he said shamelessly. I couldn't believe my ears. What he was asking me to do was something others would do with great pleasure so why couldn't he get anyone else? Does it mean the world has grown more decent? I have heard about people ladies going to the extent of sleeping with people in authority to get the job of their dreams. "Thanks for the offer but I think you are talking to the wrong person. Have a good day sir, I said as I picked my handbag and headed to the door." "Are you sure about this Miss Jacobs? That you will let this opportunity go?" He asked again, but this time in a softer tone. "Trust me/Sir, if this was the last job on earth, then I'd rather be a beggar," I finally said harshly, as I stormed out of his office. I
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Chapter 4 - You have to reconsider, Maya
I wondered if it was because of the way I dressed or if there was something else but before I entered my boss's office, Tracy pulled me aside. "Hey, where were you yesterday? I called your apartment severally without any response." "So you should have tried my cell phone, unless you want to tell me that, you do not have my number, I said teasingly. "Well in case you didn't know, research has proven that over seventy per cent of cell phone users tend to lie when they are talking on a cell phone," she said with a smiley and questionable look on her face. "Sounds like a great defence and..hmmm... a smart one too. But I have something important to do now," I said trying to escape her gaze. "Wait, wait, wait, not so fast". She said as she pulled me back. "Is it about the meeting with Mark Snowman?" Crazy Tracy, she was my closest colleague at the head office before she was transferred to this branch. Just like me, she was transferred when i
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Chapter 5 - No Kira, that's your office
"It's nothing much, Maya. Since you are supposed to resign with two weeks notice per our company policy, we asked that you finalize your presentation within three days and submit it to Mr. Snowman's Executive Assistant. That way, he will arrange for you to have your presentation with other investers," he ended thoughtfully. The way he said it, made me feel sorry for him. But why should I even feel sorry for him? If the rumours were correct, then it means he mixed business with pleasure and now he has to face the consquence. If he had not been blinded by lust and given my deserved position to someone else, I wouldn't have even thought of applying for a new job. But in a way, I'm glad he did because I eventually got something better. How can you have a manager who cannot put together a simple report to present before your investers? Anyway, I still have an obligation to do whatever is related to my work within two weeks so I don't think I have the right to object. "Ofc
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Chapter 6 - Mr. Snowman
My CEO was at the door and right beside him was this incredibly handsome gentleman. The face looked familiar and I wondered where I had met him. Oh... I remember. The guy who splashed water and mud on me yesterday. How could I forget? I instantly started boiling with anger. What was he doing here anyway? He looked at me with an indifferent expression on his face. Does he mean he didn't remember what he did? It's not as if it's been a year or more. It was just yesterday. After all, he was never the victim so how could he. "Maya, this is Mark Snowman, the invester we talked about this morning. He passed by to see how we are preparing for the meeting." The CEO said. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Snowman," I said, faking a smile and stretching my hand for a hand shake. "I don't have time for pleasantaries, Maya or whatever you call yourself, I want results and nothing more. Excuse me," he concluded rudely as he stormed out of my office, leaving my hands hanging.
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Chapter 7 - The Game
"Maya, can I talk to you alone for a moment?" Tom asked suddenly.... I choked on my drink as I asked "Me?" "Unless there is someone else called Maya"....he replied teasingly. I wonder how he clicks with Mark because they are totally opposite in character. He is very good looking like a cover page model but very smart, gentle and kind. He is a younger version of Sir Max and at the juncture, he made me miss Sir Max so much. "Ofcourse, why not," I said getting up from my chair. Right then, he pulled my chair backwards and held my hand.  "This way," he said." Leading me away from the table. Tracy was just staring at me like she had a thousand and one questions for me and for Kira, I couldn't understand her expression. Whether it was pain or disappointment.  So he led me to his table and luckily for me, Mr. Snowman was in a chat with our CEO so he was not seated with them at the moment. I sat there, feeling uncomfortable eventhough the t
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Chapter 8 - Parcel Delivery
"No Maya, please don't refuse to attend Dinner because of what just happened. It's a great time for everyone to bond. After the HR Manager's presentation, we realized this company hasn't really had staff times out so there was no bond among all of you. That's why we proposed lunch and dinner. We even have plans for some staff retreats latter to help everyone rejuvenate." He carefully said, looking at me. He was right about bonding times. The only person I have bonded with within my years of working here is Tracy. It's difficult to have time to talk to anyone about anything not related to work. We are always drowned in the pressure of meeting our monthly targets without any extra curricular activities. But I will not stay for long so what's the point in joining them?. "Tom, I have already resigned from this company and the only obligation I had was the presentation which is done with. Now, I have to put my handing over notes together by next week." "You resign
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Chapter 9 - Office Dinner
"I think he loves you," Tracy smiled. "What" No. I think he just feels pity for me. Or maybe he feels guilty for what happened yesterday because he was the one who invited me to sit with them...I said defensively.    Tracy's POV Listening to Maya only confirmed my suspicions. Tom is no ordinary guy and guys like that do not just show attention to people if they don't have interest. The way he led her yesterday to their table and how he greatly defended her made everyone astonished including me. But my problem is Maya. She is so naive. Ever since I have known her, she has never talked about any man than Jude and Sir Max who were big brothers or should I say guardians. Her life has been centered around education and work. She doesn't even have a social life and she has never had a boyfriend. I hope she doesn't break Tom's heart.  When Tom called last night that he could not reach her, he sounded so desperate. It was as if
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Chapter 10 - Changing partners
My jaws dropped when I saw Tilda. She was like a shining light. Her beauty was stunning. She had the fairest skin and the most beautiful dimples I have ever seen. I could understand why Mark loved her so much.  I couldn't believe that a woman could be this perfect and still be wealthy and famous too. I have never been envious of anyone but I was envious of her. Seeing her, I could not pay attention to the event anymore until I heard, "can I have this dance? It was Tom. His right hand was stretched to me as he bowed politely. "Ofcourse," I said, as he led me to the dance floor. "Maya, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he whispered." "Then you haven't seen Tilda," I whispered back. He gave me a surprised look as he pulled back a little and swang me around, then holding me close as before. "You are smart and all, but you are still naive if you see Tilda to be more beautiful than you. Thirty plastic surgeries got her looking like th
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