Destined Ties: The Alpha's Regret.

Destined Ties: The Alpha's Regret.

By:  Michy himyz   Updated just now
Language: English
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"What was it that you said to me in front of your mother?" I paused, racking my brain to recall Blake's exact words he had said to me two years ago. "Oh yes, I remember now. I Lily Conner reject you, Blake, as my mate," I sneered even though I never knew what it meant to reject him as a mate. I shoot him a disgusted look, I couldn't help but notice the pain and sadness in his eyes as if they were shattered pieces. **** Lily Conner is a timid, beautiful, shy, and nerdy human who had her life in order by the age of 22 until she had a one-night stand with a stranger calling himself Alpha Blake in a small weird unwelcoming town called Blood Moon that ruined everything for her. Meanwhile, Blake (who comes with a dark past) knew who Lily was to him but he still went ahead and rejected her because it was forbidden to mate with a human. But what happens if that human is expecting his children?

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lloyd mtonga
Okay this is good. Definitely recommending it
2023-11-19 13:35:38
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The every woman
Super excited for this story !!!
2023-11-17 20:32:45
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Queensley Alfred
Another thrilling romance story.
2023-11-07 21:52:33
user avatar
Can't wait to read.... Loved the previous book!
2023-11-07 20:58:13
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lloyd mtonga
I'm already anticipating this new one when I'm not yet done with your previous book...
2023-11-07 18:38:19
user avatar
Let’s see what this great book brings from the good author
2023-11-07 16:56:21
45 Chapters
1. A one-night stand.
Lily's POV:As the morning light began to filter through the curtains, I slowly opened my eyes, only to find myself in a bewildering predicament."Ah," I winced from the delicious body pains I felt all over.Where am I? Confusion washed over me as I realized that I was lying in a stranger's bed, completely naked in a room I hardly recognized.Oh crap!Panic surged through my veins, and I quickly sat up, the delicious soreness in my body making itself known at that moment that had sex for the first time in my life… But with whom???I gingerly touched a few purplish bruises on my arms, evidence of a rough night that now seemed lost in a foggy abyss of my memory.What have I done?I fumbled to find my panties in the covers when suddenly I heard it—the sound of running water in what I presumed to be the bathroom behind a closed door. Fuck, the stranger I slept with is still here??? My heart skipped a beat. A flush of embarrassment washed over me as I imagined the awkwardness that awaite
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2. A rejection.
Lily's POV:Seven weeks later after the most embarrassing moment in my life, I stumbled into my office on a perfect Friday morning, but something didn't feel right. The crushing headache that had plagued me for days had intensified, making it nearly impossible to focus on my work. I struggled through the morning, but eventually, my boss noticed my distress."Lily, you look terrible. Are you feeling alright?" my boss, Mr. Anderson, asked with concern etched on his face. He stood by the open door to my office wearing an expensive Armani suit.I looked up from the computer screen I had buried my head and rubbed my tempos for the hundredth time, "I'm not sure, sir. I've been feeling unwell for a while now," I replied, my voice wavering while I leaned into my chair.Mr Anderson stepped into my office while maintaining eye contact with me, "Maybe you should go home and rest, Lily. Take the day off, get some rest, and come back on Monday when you're feeling better," he suggested.Grateful fo
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3. Fired!
Lily's POV:A few weeks later after Blake's unforeseen devastating blow to my heart, my footsteps echoed through the empty hallway as I made my way to my office. My mind was consumed by a whirlwind of emotions I couldn't even explain if I tried to, my thoughts tethered to the past weeks I had spent at home crying myself to sleep each and every night...It had been a tumultuous time, discovering my pregnancy from a one-night stand, only to be rejected by the very person responsible in front of his mother and my best friend... Could things get any worse than they were?I sighed heavily as I settled into my desk, I couldn't shake the heavy weight of rejection that hung on my heart. The exhaustion of sleepless nights and the constant replay of my shattered perfect life gnawed at me. But I had to pull myself together and face the world again, even though everything had changed drastically for the worse.I looked down at my lap and caught a glimpse of my growing bump which I notified my co
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4. A Family Reunion.
Lily's POV:"Well, well, well, look who just thought of coming back home unannounced?" My stepmom opened the door with a lackluster smile.I hesitantly stepped inside my childhood home with my huge suitcase clasped in my hands and a mix of emotions overwhelmed me as it hadn't been an easy day – losing my job and being rejected indirectly for the second time by the father of my unborn child had taken a toll on my spirit. But returning to the only place I could call home brought a glimmer of hope."Hey Mom, " I forced a smile while I looked at the floor."No, no, I'm not your mother. Call me Diana," she kept glaring at my bulging stomach with a raised eyebrow…I wrapped my arms around me because I knew she was judging me."I apologize, Diana," I murmured and she scoffed while pointing at my stomach."Is it me or have you gained weight around your stomach?" She narrowed her eyes at me, I glanced down while I chewed on the inside of my cheeks.Oh crap! please don't say pregnant... I fidget
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5. His Human Mate.
Blake's POV:'Alpha, we have two unidentified humans entering the pack. Should we get rid of them?' one of my warrior's mind link came through while I was engrossed in going through the week's reports on the pack's daily activities.Humans? What do they want in my territory because most of them that came this close to my territory just passed by our little town filled with secrets.'Describe the humans. What are they wearing, are they holding any weapons and do they look like threats?' I responded to the mind link as I put everything I was doing on hold.'Well, in simple terms Alpha, they are just two females and I don't see any weapons on them,' the warrior replied and I scoffed.Another false rude alarm because of two weak female humans wandering in my territory… I continued going through the reports when the same warrior came through again via mind link.'Alpha what do we do about the humans?' he asked and I grunted in frustration.Couldn't these stupid warriors do anything themse
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6. Last Try.
Lily's POV:A hot slap landed on my cheek and I heard a ringing sound before I stumbled dangerously backward until my back came to a halt after hitting the wall. "You little pig," Diana yelled at me with a grimace on her face," how dare you tell your father that I stole from him?" She huffed and puffed with a red face. I swallowed nervously while I held back the tears from spewing out of my eyes."I didn't tell Dad that you stole from him but rather the books were not balancing when I went through them," I stuttered faintly while I dared not to look at her."Lies, you think I don't know what you are trying to do," she spat while cornering me in the kitchen pantry, I cradled my belly protectively because I didn't want her hitting me in my stomach like she did three weeks prior because I mistakenly burnt her dress when I was ironing it for her."I swear upon my babies, I never mentioned anything about you stealing," my lips quivered while she stepped in my face."Lily or whatever your
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7. Longing for Her.
Blake's POV:"Ahh," I grunted with one last jerk while I released my load into Khloe's month even though I didn't feel any gratification after receiving a mind-blowing blow job from the best head giver amongst the list of she-wolves I had fucked from time to time.She swallowed while licking her lips."Umm, you taste so delicious Alpha," she got up from the ground she was kneeling and cleaned her knees before she straightened up, spruced her black short dress, and winked at me. I smirked and zipped up my pants while looking over my shoulder as I once again felt guilty for doing this sort of shit knowing very well that I had a mate out there feeling worthless without me, in her life... I sighed heavily while running my fingers through my hair as I was having a fucked up day with my controlling mother forcing me to accept a mate from another pack as it would unite and strengthen forces amongst each other…I huffed with frustration because I only ever wanted one woman - Lily.Yeah, I kn
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8. An Unexpected Proposal.
Lily's POV:What the heck was I thinking going back to that stupid Blake expecting a different reaction from his womanizing ass? I sniffed while rubbing off some tears away from my face and the train screeched to a halt at the station, its doors opening with a hiss. I dragged myself out onto the platform, my heart heavy with a burden too painful to bear.I hate him, I hate him! My heart clenched with anger I never thought I would feel for a fellow human being.I exhaled slowly, looking at the full moon that hung high in the sky, casting an ethereal glow on the deserted streets of my hometown. Oh god, what am I going to do now? I trudged towards the exit with my huge belly, tears streaming down my cheeks on their own, as I regretted every moment I had spent with that jackass because all he did was ruin my life plans and shatter all my dreams of becoming independent from my Dad..."Ahh," I huffed and puffed as never had I ever felt this disappointment in my entire existence, and now I
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9. Matchmaking.
Blake's POV:"Blake, Blake…" my mother's voice rang repeatedly in the back of my mind while I thought about Lily's beautiful bleak face plus the unknown pregnancy she had shown up with years back as today marked exactly 4 years ago since I last saw her.It's like she was here to say goodbye forever but couldn't hence I could not move past that fateful day.Oh goddess will I ever be able to forget Lily? I heaved a sigh while looking down at my untouched plate of food I had zero appetite for… Everything had become meaningless without my true mate Lily."Are you sure your son is fine Luna Smith?" Our guest Alpha Lloyd Webber from a faraway pack who had travelled to come and form an alliance with me by marrying off his only daughter Sabrina Webber to me asked."Yes, he is fine, I'm sure he is just tired from the busy day he had in preparation for your arrival." Mother lied to our dumbfounded guests, I scoffed internally.I didn't give a fuck about anyone around the dinner table because wha
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10. New Life.
Lily POV:"Mommy, mommy, wake up," my twins came running towards my bed and snuggled up with me, I groaned with delight while slowly opening my eyes. I picked up my glasses from the side chest drawer next to my bed and wore them to clearly see my beautiful 4-year-olds "Good morning Maddy and Mase," I called them by their cute nicknames and they frowned their cute faces while crossing their arms."Mummy, I'm Madison," the girl corrected."And I'm Mason," the boy corrected."Please call us by our full names," they demanded in unison, I scoffed playfully.So bossy! And a trait I did not have. I sat up and hugged both my cutie pies while rubbing their hair lightly."Okay, I'm sorry… good morning Madison and Mason," I rephrased my greeting and they both smiled with their big beautiful blue eyes."That's better," Madison said with an easy smile."Has Rosa given you guys breakfast?" I inquired about their nanny who was supposed to be getting them ready for school and they both pouted their l
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