Chapter 4: Restore Relationship

‘Why is she here?’ Stefani asked herself as her eyes darted behind Jacob.

Shaina and Shaira were her two cousins from her father's side. Shaina, the younger one, was always around, but Shaira, the older one, had been absent for five long years. So, when she spotted Shaina's car in the parking lot, she never expected to see Shaira there too. The sight of her cousin after all this time sent a wave of fear rushing through her heart.

Shaira and Jacob had a history together. Stefani was just eighteen when they ended their relationship, and Shaira decided to leave New York and explore other countries. She completely cut off all ties and disappeared from their lives. That's why it was such a shock to see her standing there again.

As Stefani watched Jacob release the grip he had on her and exited the elevator, she couldn't help but notice the shock on his face. It weighed heavily on her heart, making her wonder if he still had feelings for Shaira. After all, she had no clue why they had broke
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Now that Jacob is the CEO she wants to get back no way
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Best woman i stand corrected

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