Chapter 41: She shouldn't have left him

Jacob clenched his teeth and jaw, his gaze fixed on Stefani in his peripheral vision. Although he wanted to decline without hesitation, he hesitated at the thought of upsetting Stefani by leaving with her. He sighed, feeling the weight of Emily and Frederick's anticipation for his response. Meanwhile, Stefani regained her composure and took hold of Jacob's hand, her heart heavy and her breaths labored.

"Aunt," she began, her voice heavy with emotion. "I want to help you, but sharing my husband with her is not only a mistake in the eyes of society but also in the eyes of God. I would consider it if we only had to convince Shaira, but asking Jacob to pretend to love her is beyond what I can accept."

Emily grew anxious, fearing that Stefani would back out despite her apparent willingness. "But it's just an act, Stef—"

Stefani cut her off, her tone sharp. "That doesn't give you the right to disrespect me! How could you make such a request knowing that I am his wife? I thought you would su
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Carmen Williams
I hope this book is no longer than normal ... and it is taking too long to get another chapter
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Michelle Lucich Bennett
you mentioned issues with updates, but it's difficult to remain excited about the story when they are so infrequent
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Next chapter please

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