Chapter 42: Indonesia

Stefani let out her 10th sigh in a row as she set down her documents. She nibbled on her lower lip and glanced over at Jacob, who was already looking at her with warm, concerned eyes. Despite his worried expression, she simply flashed him a smile and was about to return to her reading when he suddenly got up and walked towards her.

Placing a chair next to her, he gently lifted her chin so she would meet his gaze. Locking eyes with her, he inquired, "You've been sighing a lot today. I noticed you seemed distracted during the meeting earlier. Is everything okay?"

Stefani averted her eyes, nervously playing with her fingers as she recalled Shaira's words. She knew she shouldn't let those thoughts bother her, but an unsettling fear gripped her heart. What if Jacob forgot about her...

Deciding it was too absurd to bring up with Jacob, she simply shook her head. "Nothing... I just have a headache and can't focus."

Jacob studied her carefully, clearly not convinced by her explanation. Changi
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Carmen Williams
I hope Jacob stays with his wife no matter what .
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Shava Orden
... update please
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Carmen Williams
waiting on the next chapter please

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