Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

By:  Ningxi17  Ongoing
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In a library of an esteemed university a girl was quietly sitting on the chair reading a book about financial management.The girl had coffee brown colored hair falling up to her hips, small eyes which took the shape of crescent moons whenever she smiled ,straight and sharp nose, a well proportionate body and was clad in all black sweatshirt and tight jeans with black boots covering her feet , which was making her look more fairer and more badass. Suddenly the girl experienced a sharp pain piercing her heart, and ran out of the library and there she saw a boy in all black outfit standing with his friends . Her heart urged her to move towards that boy so, she did. With her every step her pain seemed to lessen. She deliberately walked a few steps in front of him and then took some steps back and asked the boy. Honey, Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again? THE COVER IS NOT MY WORK, I TOOK IT FROM PINTEREST THE OWNER CAN ASK ME TO TAKE DOWN THE COVER ANY TIME, I WON'T HAVE ANY OBJECTION!!

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Rupali Pathania
good work
2021-06-10 16:40:37
16 Chapters
The celebration Night
That night was hard to forget, thundering, lightening and further to add trouble the sky was raining cats and dogs.It seemed that as if the end of the world was near but it was nature's way of celebrating.Because in one of the best hospitals of C city ,a child was born, a female child ,usually children cry on their birth but she didn't even shed a single tear.The child's parents were very worried because it's been more than eight hours and the child has not opened her eyes.Her father was sitting on a stool worriedly and her mother has no intention to rest either after gaining only five hours of sleep.The mother of the child was lying on the bed with blanket fully covering her and her just born daughter lying beside her left side with her husband sitting on the same side on the stool.Suddendly the child opened her eyes and by seeing this her parents became ecstatic however what happened next shocked them!! The child slowly opened her eyes and looked at her surrou
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15 Years Later
It's been 15 years since the birth of that female child. Now, she has reached 15 years of her age and has chubby body and not so beautiful face. She was not the apple of the eye of her parents after the birth of her brother .Her name is Rose Qin but her parents treated her as a thorn constantly pricking them. She became rebellious in order to gain the attention of her parents but the result was equal to zero. Actually,from the very beginning, her father wanted a son but her birth took place, so he lost the hope of a son and accepted his fate. But, when his wife again became pregnant he was beyond happy and shifted all his attention towards the birth of his son , his wife also did the same. They started neglecting their daughter because of their son. Though there was four years difference between the brother and sister however their love was as deep as sea. The girl loved her brother and brother loved his sister. The boy had black hair, small face and his eyes looked like his sister
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When sun entered the bus he found his sister quietly sitting in one of the corner seat with a window by her side with her eyes closed. Sun moved towards her seat and sat beside her. Suddenly, he thought of something and kissed right cheek of his sister and lightly hugged her one arm with his head down and eyes closed.Rose slowly opened her eyes and patted his head and again closed her eyes. After half an hour, they reached school, so the brother-sister duo opened their eyes and jumped off the bus and saw the board of their school with St. Xavier School on it. This school was the best school in C city and the teachers of this school never discriminated the Children on the basis of their status and treated all of them as one. This school not only gave their students the chance to learn various foreign  languages , different subjects, but was also known for their contribution in the field of sports. However, the only problem with this school was that it lacked somewhere in studies
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Cole Shao
A faint smile can be seen on her face. She hurriedly picked the register and ran towards the class. Rose: "May I come in Miss?" Miss Annie: "Yes dear, come in".. After entering the class, her eyes searched for Cole, she gave the register to miss Annie and walked towards her seat. Suddenly, their eyes met and Cole gave her a big smile as always. Seeing this, a faint smile started forming on her face. Cole was sitting on the last bench in the second row and was looking at her the moment she entered the class, Rose didn't notice it. But, someone did and that person was John, he was Rose's only good friend and he had no interest in sharing this Rose brat with that stinky boy Cole. He never liked Rose talking to Cole because according to him he was a playboy , moreover he was also not good in studies so why should Rose his intelligent and smart brat should talk to this stinky boy Cole. 
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First time
.. John, Why are you standing here? Go and take your seat.. John:"Huh...."...GOOD MORNING SIRRRRR... Sir Peter: "Good morning students... What huh John I asked you to be seated immediately.. "John: "But, Sir I.. "Sir Peter: "What I John... stop wasting my time, I am already late for my class... So, class today we will study algebra open your notebooks. "John  unconsciously  clenched his fists and without saying anything went to sit at the place where Cole was sitting. Cole saw John glaring at him so he gave him a beautiful and a big triumphant smile. John's eyes were  throwing daggers at Cole now, if eyes could kill, John would have killed Cole thousands of times without even blinking an eye, he was so pissed at that time. His favourite and adorable brat was snatched away just like that, he couldn't  accept that. Rose: "Why are you not paying attention to wha
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Basketball court
"John.. What are you doing here? ".... Lea asked John:" I came to see Cole's practice, is there any problem? " Lea:" huhh.. Are you fine.. do you have a fever.. Let me touch your forehead.. " Cole:"What happened Lea? " Lea:" John said he came to see you practice..umm.. Rose you are also here.....Ok, Now I understood !! Rose must have been coming to see Cole's practice and you just followed her here right??" John shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly:" What's the difference? " Lea:"...." Lea became speechless and started wondering how there is no difference of course, there is a big fat difference.. who doesn't know that John doesn't like Cole and today he willingly came to see him practice... isn't it a little hard to believe?...Seeing him wondering in his own world John decided to answer. John:" Just like you follow your childhood friend Cole everywhere...I also follow her everywhere.. Are you satisfied now ? hmm.." Lea:" Hmm.....this seems to be a reasonable answer .
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Dream or Reality
After some few hours, she slowly opened her eyes and what she saw next shocked her. She was not in her room, she was standing alone in a dark and dense forest . The forest didn't look like a normal forest, it had large trees reaching up to the sky ,and the whole forest was dead silent which gave birth to an eerie feeling and made her feel quite uneasy and as a result she started shuddering.She looked towards the sky and found the moon shining brightly with twinkling stars covering the whole sky above her head. She started wondering how did she reach here.. what was she doing here... Is this a dream?.... Is she dreaming... But, if it's a dream why it seems to be so real... What is happening...? Different kinds of thoughts were coming into her mind, she was confused, scared and had no idea what to do next. Just as she was thinking hard, her sight fell on the strands of her long hair falling on her right shoulder ,she saw silver strands.. She was again
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She looked into his eyes,and started remembering everything.All the memories started coming into her mind, tears started falling from her eyes and bit by bit everything was getting clear. She remembered him.. yes.. she remembers him.. she knows him... How could she forget him?.. How could she forget her love.. how could she forget her world ,her mate.She was werewolf's luna and he was their mighty supreme Alpha.Just a look into his eyes was enough for her to remember everything. God knows how many years her soul kept wandering in search of him before she got reincarnated.Now, she was finally standing in front of him.. it was definitely real.. it was not a dream.. To reassure herself she touched his face, his face was shining under the moonlight and he was smiling at her gently like always.    Rose:"MINE" Werewolf Alpha:"MINE"  After claiming her as his, he gently wiped her tears with h
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Moon Goddess
YOU SHAMELESS BRAT, LEAVE HER, NOW "!! Alpha: " What if I refuse mother or should I say MOON GODDESS.. huhh"Seeing that Alpha had no intention to leave her, Rose decided to coax him to leave her. Rose:"Honey.. Would you please let me go ?....please.. "After saying this, she gave him a peck on his left cheek, which made blush. Blushing Alpha:" Your ..umm..wish is my command, my lady"Seeing Rose coax him so sweetly,  he didn't have a heart to refuse  her request, so he let her go.After letting her go, he fixed his clothes and stood straight in front of MOON GODDESS with his blushing face and with his right hand in his pocket and left hand tightly hugging the slim waist of Rose .Seeing his behaviour everybody became speechless except Rose because she knew just a kiss would not be enough to calm his growing desire for her, so she let him hug her waist and stood straight in front of Moo
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Moon goddess with a solemn expression on her face started speaking:"Rose dear do you remember that one day to stop you from leaving the dark palace, alpha marked you unwillingly on your left side of neck without exactly mating with you. " Listening to this both Rose and Alpha blushed.. Rose:"I ..umm...remember that mother"! Moon goddess:"Good ..So ,listen in the human world when the distance between you and my son would be less than 100 metres, this mark on your left would cause you a sharp pain in your heart causing you to leave your place immediately and would urge you to move towards alpha.With every step that you would take towards him, your pain would start decreasing bit by bit.Your mark will itself help you move towards alpha, so you don't need to worry, and once you see alpha , then every time when you would meet him, the mate contract between you two will activate and will urge you to move towards him and talk to him. " Listening to his mother and her mother in law alp
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