Dominant Husband: Her worth
Dominant Husband: Her worth
Author: Praise Odulesi




Sitting on a stool in the huge hall, I stared at the withering flowers in my hands. The place was void, begging for just one drop of water to be heard. Not even one person could be seen, nor a voice could be heard. All that moved around me was pure silence. 

The diamond chandelier made a slight sound, causing me to raise my head to stare at the beautiful thing. And seeing the bright crystals that it was made of, my eyes watered. It was weird to get emotional by only staring at a mere crystal, but what else could I do than to cry?

I tried to blink away the tears in my eyes, lowering my head to proceed in gluing them to the flowers. Staring at the flowers was the only thing that could presently bloom a conviction within me. Conviction at the fact that things would get better in the future. 

Unable to get rid of my pressuring thoughts, a different degree of tears formed in my eyes for an innumerable time. All I could do at this point was to either be filled with regrets, or have hope that everything would work out. But thinking about the fact that it was almost three hours since I had been waiting for the man I only got married to in the morning, my doubts and regrets were starting to surpass my hope. 

Did I do the wrong thing by agreeing to get married to this man?  

A tear finally fell from my eye, dropping on the tip of the weak flower. Was he seriously not going to come? It was almost twelve in morning for goodness sake. Was my mom right in convincing me to not get married to this man? Was my hope literally almost being shattered? 

A whimper escaped from my lips, and I rubbed the back of my hand against my eye. I just couldn't give up yet. At least, it was only a few hours since we got married.

Being determined to remain patient, I returned to gazing at the beautiful flowers. This time around, the flowers directed me to the thoughts of how all this started. 

Three weeks back, my mom's boss, Mrs. Martinez; a woman from a very reputable family in New York, summoned me for a reason that wasn't known to my mom. All my mom could sense was that the old woman was hesitant. A hesitancy that was so glaring. But although my mom sensed that, she asked me to go to her. 

On getting there, Mrs. Martinez treated me like a queen. It got me so surprised. How in the world could anyone treat their maid's daughter like a queen? But well, I later discovered that she was only doing it because she wanted to give me a proposal. A proposal to get married to her son, who no lady wished to be with; but me. 

My mom and best friend always found it crazy that I liked an irritable person like Sebastian Martinez, but I didn't. Personally, I also couldn't figure out why I adored him so much, but all I could tell was that I liked him. Cold, arrogant, irritable, disrespectful; he all was. Yet, I still liked him for some reason. 

Only two days ago, my mom begged me to not get married to him. She told me to annul the wedding. She claimed that she worked for his mom for years, so she knew how bad Sebastian was. Still, I didn't affirm anything she had said. All that rang through me was the fact that I was getting married to the guy I had always had a crush on, since I was a teenager. How could I possibly think of calling off the wedding then?

Fine, I knew nothing about Sebastian, but I could surely grow close to him. If he was so cruel, he'd definitely change one day. Everyone warned that he was a playboy, but I was pretty sure he'd be faithful to me someday. They also said he had no respect for women, but I was well assured that he'd respect his wife of all people. So due to my optimism, I was willing to tame him. Being his wife was a dream I just couldn't think of brushing off my heart and mind. 

Another tear crinkled down my face, involuntarily. My tears couldn't stop tripping, probably because the thoughts of everyone's warning was beginning to sound in my ears. To be honest, my first day as his wife wasn't starting off great. After the priest had pronounced us as a wedded couple, he disappeared. All the guests waited for him to return, but they all left when he didn't. Even my mom and his mom left. I was the only one left in the big hall. 

I sniffed, and rubbed my eyes again, sleep teasing my eyes already. But irrespective of how tired I felt, leaving here wasn't an option. 

About to drop my flowers on the floor, I heard sharp footsteps from behind me, hitting slightly against the floor, sauntering towards me. Hearing that, a weak smile grew on my lips.

Finally, he was here. 

Inhaling hard, trying to seem like I wasn't feeling hurt, I turned to the direction of the footstep, a smile plastering around my lips. 

He was truly here. 

Looking at him straight, he threw cold gazes at me, walking to me as if he was about to fight a war. Soon, he settled in front of me, wrapping his arms around his chest, lowering his eyebrows into a frown, his tall figure completely overshadowing my short height.  

"You're still here?" His thick voice sounded sonorously in the hall. 

I swallowed, scared by only his voice. "I have been waiting here. I've been hoping—"

"I asked you one question. Just one." He cut me off, his frown deepening. 

I bowed my head in embarrassment. "Yes," I replied to him, my voice so faint. 

Quietness surrounded us for a while, and soon, I heard him chuckle. Not just a chuckle. A throaty laugh which sounded more like a snigger. "Kudos to you," he spoke acutely, which made me turn to him. 

"Pardon?" I narrowed my eyes at him, confused. 

His lips curled into a sly smile. "It's so weird that you intentionally put yourself in a bondage. No lady has ever dared to do so. What are you made of, woman?"

"I—" my words got stuck in my throat, and I averted from staring at him. "Your mom requested this," I uttered. 

"Good then." I heard him sigh. "But you've got to know one thing." Those words made me turn to face him again. 

"What's that?" I asked, wearing a blank facial expression. 

He sighed for a second time, and tucked his hands into his pocket. "Getting married to a devil is something difficult. And you know what? You'll have to learn to deal with it. Not just—"

"Sweetheart!" A tiny voice echoed from behind him. And turning to sight the person, I spotted a small lady, clinging her back to the wall, smiling.

He chuckled, "I'll be with you soon, baby," and sent her kisses in the air. My heart skipped a beat, tears playing around my eyes. Wait, we were married already. How could he call another woman "baby?"

"Where did I stop?" I didn't realize he was already facing me. I was literally trembling. "It's quite obvious that I have to be with that lady soon."

"With a lady?" My voice was shaky as a result of the tears that streamed down my face. "I'm here. It's our wedding night."

"And so?" He threw a harder glare at me. "Did anyone tell you you're of any importance to me? If anyone did, that person lied."

"But I'm your wife," my tone grew weaker. 

He raised his wrist, and took a glimpse at his wristwatch. "It seems to me like you've got no idea of what this marriage is. I'm in a hurry now. But before I go, let me tell you that this isn't a marriage, but a bondage. An indefinite bondage. I threatened your mom to ask you to call it off, but you refused."

"You— you threatened her?" I stuttered in disbelief. 

He shrugged. "I don't care about that. All I know is that you've put yourself in this, and there's no escape route. You're now in my prison."

"For what reason? You don't even—"

"Goodnight, Adrienne," he interrupted me as I spoke, leaning forward to drop a kiss on my cheek. 

"But you're supposed to take me home now," I whispered, tears uncontrollably leaving my eyes. 

"Sort yourself out," he added, and turned to leave. Before reaching the lady who was waiting for him, he took a glance at me, giving me a cunning smile. "Sebastian Martinez doesn't joke with his words. Heed to them. Don't end hating yourself," he uttered, his words acute as a new knife. 

After saying those, he gripped the lady's waist, and tugged her close to him, walking out of my vicinity. All I did was to freeze in my position, unmoving, quivering so much, feeling so broken. 

Did my husband just leave with another lady? On our wedding night? Leaving me shattered? On the day that ought to be the happiest of my life?

Rolling my fingers into a fist, my knee dropped to the floor, my eyes unable to move from gluing at the door he just walked out through. I had to admit, my mom was right. Everyone was right. Sebastian Martinez wasn't human. He was only a devil in a man's body. 

It seemed like I just got married to a devil; the one I loved, but the one that could make the rest of my life bitter. 


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Farina E. Sabado
Why is she so stupid to fall in love with that horrible guy?
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Jazsime Angeles
What has she got herself in to? Poor wee deluded girl, well now she knows what kind of man she married let's see how she handles it.

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