Don't Take Me Lightly

Don't Take Me Lightly

By:  Artemis Daphne  Ongoing
Language: English
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Boss of the designing department of her company; a vigilante at night. Life taught her not to love so she choose to not to let her heart sway. She was too bold and strong for someone to be loved. So when he comes across her aloofness, he wants to know her more. The question lies as to what will happen? She choose her life dangerously so will love makes it way? If yes, what is gonna happen? If no, what is gonna happen? STORY: She knew that if she stayed here for a bit longer it is going to be trouble that will be following. She just wanted to leave. She was trying to make her move when she got interrupted by him, "I am not safe." It was not a request but more like a notification. She observed him. She could see no fear in his eyes. she was sure he had encountered situations like this and she was not bad at judging people too. It seemed like he was taking advantage of the situation. She smirked and answered before heading her way,"I am not interested."

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Don't Take Me Lightly is a contemporary romance novel by Artemis Daphne. It tells the story of a boss (main character) in the design department of her company. She taught herself never to love but comes across her aloofness. Life taught her to be too bold for love. Will love make its way? Just before she makes a move, she's interrupted. Looking at him, she realizes there's no fear in his eyes. She had encountered situations like this, so she assumed that someone was taking advantage of the situation. If you love to read how people go through pangs of love, this marvelous book is for you.

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24 Chapters
The dream flashed through...the tightly held hand loosened its grip before it started to slide away. The doctors rushed and occupied their position. "The pulse has dropped" alerted the nurse.    "CPR. CPR" ordered the doctor. Everything was falling apart. The chaos didn't seem to disturb her anymore. His last words kept ringing in her ears like an echo. ********* "Over-Over-Over-Wake-up-Wake-up-Over-Over-Over" repeated the alarm. The Deep long curtains seem to hide the passage of time making it hard to differentiate day and night. Even though the bed seemed much cozier than yesterday she gave up the fight to sleep again. It was another weekday and another workday to get started with. The dark shades of dresses in her closet didn't seem to make any difference from each other. She took out the usual shade of black and laid them on the bed and walked to the washroom to take a shower. The vapors ga
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She was always ahead of time. So was she today. To her, punctuality meant 5 - 15 minute before the decided time. The buzzing designing office settled down sensing her arrival.She was seen as a heartless figure by her subordinates. Her 16-inch long wavy jet-black hair was only meant for her, her black pupils hid the unknown giving out no clue of anything. She wore no expressions, the only thing she wore was confidence. She wore it like an armor which made her aura strong and unique.Her cold expressions with this unbeatable aura made her unapproachable.She headed straight to her cabin. She was followed by her assistant, Ai Chyou, on her way. Chyou recited the first few tasks of the day to get started with. "Hmmm....One strong espresso with a pack of sweetener."  she responded before parting ways with Chyou. Chyou left for preparing her request.She closed the door behind before taking her seat comfortably and settling down for work.
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Ling was totally taken aback by what just happened. There were no words that could help him climb up the shock that he just received. Standing in the room made him look like a fool who dug a pit for himself. He didn't want to spend another minute here.He left the the room without a word. He wanted to pay her back for what she did.As she pushed open the door of her cabin she was welcomed with another uninvited superior.As she walked towards her chair, she questioned, "Chyou, seems like appointments hold no value when it comes to position and status. Don't you think Mr. Su?""Meilin, I am sorry for coming in without letting you know. I just wanted to talk to you." said Lin as he hoped that she would not turn him down again."Mr.Su Lin, I don't think we are close enough for you to address me in such a way. Also, I would prefer to keep all our conversations formal and work-related. If it is something beyond my requirements lets leave it here."
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As Chyou turned to exit she was hold up by Meilin as she asked, "Any update about what I asked you to look up?"She turned around to reply," The CCTV cameras have all been checked at the location you mentioned. None of them has spotted the figure you mentioned except for one.""Send me all the information about the location that holds the footage.""Yes, I understand.""No word should go out about this.""I will make sure."As Chyou exited the cabin she thought 'what does boss has to do with the footage. Strange.'As soon as she received the information, Meilin took her laptop and hacked into system with the footage. She cleared everything leaving no trace of it. Then she busied herself with work.She wanted to get done with the day. She always wanted to leave the company but due to the contract with Su Lin she was tied down to stay. She was waiting for the day when she could leave everything here behind. 'Just a year more' she
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The girl darted her eyes around. Hoping for a way to escape. As her back hit the wall, the filled up tears slowly flowed out. Her breaths turned rapid. There were around five to six hooligans cornering her."She sure is a good catch." commented one of them.The other all agreed as they chuckled seeing the desperate situation of the girl.She froze for a moment. She fell of her knees and covered herself protectively with her hands. She had her head down and she spoke with her trembling the voice, "Please, let me go. Please" her sobs made the entire situation more interesting for the hooligans."How could we? We don't let chances pass this easily." replied one of them.The girl cried helplessly after hearing them.Meilin watched; her blood boiled seeing the situation. She calculated the situation and drew a rough sketch, after all this wasn't too hard of a situation to deal with. Alley between a club and a closed storage building. The night wa
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The cool wind brushed against her as she dashed over the tall building roofs. Not far away she could see UM Apartments. She increased her speed as she headed towards its direction.The minimal small decorative artistic protrusions on the walls of the apartment, always made climbing easier. As she made her way down to the 7th floor's corner balcony, she could smell delicious home-made food. As the mouth-watering smell hit her senses, she slowly made her way through the balcony door. She headed straight to the kitchen.She leaned on the door frame as she watched Bo Xue make the dishes.Xue always stood beside her whether she was right or wrong. They knew each other from high school. She still remembered how desperate Xue was during her high school. Her friend's betrayal had left her broken.She floated away thinking how their friendship grew over the years. Her support during the hardest times of her life were one of the reasons she kept taking small steps
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The youthfulness of the night slowly started to fade as dawn crept in. Her apartment was minimal and aloof just as she preferred. The dark shades of black and grey paired with a bit of white gave off a boring and lonely feel. She was used to being lonely and she enjoyed how it left her with space and thoughts.She took out a paper and pencil and sketched out the route she took this night. She checked the locations to spot for CCTV cameras to see if anyone of them had recorded her. She had gotten her findings about the cameras mixed up last time, almost getting herself into trouble. If not for her to check the map of the location out of instinct, she would have been trapped. She had to get Chyou to look into it to clear the footage.As her hands flew through the familiar keyboard she found something strange. There was only one CCTV camera that could have captured her. The footage that might have recorded her was missing clips. She headed to the 'Black Room'. The room oc
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The serious conversation Meilin was having with her subordinates were interrupted as An Cheng, Su Lin's assistant requested her presence in a currently held meeting. She furrowed her brows upon hearing the request.She handed the files to Chyou before heading to the meeting leaving Cheng behind.She pushed open the doors and walked in to the conference room. Her pump heels echoed in the room screaming authority. She sat in the vacant chair crossing her legs idly.The atmosphere turned dense upon her arrival. The earlier lively meeting died the moment her domineering presence filled the room.The silence was broken as one of the directors mustered up his courage to speak up,"I hope you know why you are here?""I wouldn't have bothered to come here then." she stated as a matter of fact.She quietly studied her surrounding atmosphere. She could understand that they were all planning to trouble her again. The last time they found trouble for her
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He closed his eyes and replayed what just happened. He grabbed the resignation letter breathed in deeply and calmed himself down before heading out of the room. An Cheng followed him behind closing the door.His steps were a bit hurried. He went straight into the designing department and pushed open her cabin door.*****She had left the room with an airy feeling. It was a sudden and immediate decision. As she came in the cabin she halted and looked around. She learned how to conceal and cover. It was over an year since she had smiled freely. There was a time when this cabin was everything. It held her happiness and beautiful memories.Now it is over. No more of holding it in. Nothing lasts after all. She went ahead and started collecting empty boxes to pack up her belongings. Sensing the door being pushed open she turned around to see Su Lin.He glanced at Ai Chyou who was standing beside Meilin. Ai Chyou hurried out of the cabin followed by An Ch
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The words calmed her down. She looked at the figure protecting her. She felt safe. She wiped off her tears and hummed in agreement to her words.Mei was surrounded by the goons as she sheltered the little girl. She attacked as they headed against her. The little girl stayed close to Meilin.As two of them closed in she kicked one down and punching down the other one. When she got a gap, Mei carried the child and hurried out of the park. She ran down a narrow road to a crowded street to lose them.The goons halted as they saw them heading towards the crowded street."How could I lose that little girl!" said one of them with anger."Let’s not move in and act now. We will be discovered." reminded one of them among the group."Retreat" shouted the head.Mei and the girl watched them withdrawing. She sighed in relief. She slowly put the child down. She held her hand and walked down the street. As she was around the corner of the stre
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