Dreams Apart

Dreams Apart

By:  Angel Mickaella  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever had a dream of someone that you've never met before and instantly fall in love with them, and it is so strong that when you wake up you feel that person's presence? Meet Charles Spielberg, the prime minister's son, renowned for being princely handsome and mostly loved by all the girls in Iceland. After experiencing a break up, Charles's heart hankered for a redheaded girl who emerges in his dreams every time he sleeps. He entails to believe she exits, and pulls up his valour to seek for her. Meet Sheila Lovatta, the optimistic poor girl who seemed to appear in Charles's dream without her knowing. She dreams of becoming one day an Elite. But what she doesn't know is that her brother is keeping a one million dollar secret that will change her life forever. (It's a world between the poor and the rich; a world where the rich can have everything they need, and the poor wanting what the rich have but can't have it, because they are considered forever as slaves to the Elites.

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Nice written piece. An update will do.
2022-11-17 08:54:13
default avatar
When will the story be updated?
2022-10-22 15:08:58
user avatar
Paige Wade
Update.... :) beautiful story with a slow pace...
2021-08-20 16:07:31
user avatar
Emily Cooke
Beautifully written. Love the writer's writing style. Mesmerising ............ can't wait for the update:...
2021-08-20 15:15:42
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Lilian T
I am loving this story so far. Reading about Sheila got me smiling all the way through. And here comes the lover boy Charles he is lovable and get to see why many other girls do like him. This is the kind of story i was looking for. Poor girl rich guy kinda story. please update... i hope its free...
2021-08-17 22:03:12
user avatar
Will Coleman
love it overall
2021-08-20 17:39:01
17 Chapters
Part 1: Peculiar feelings
  CHAPTER 1   “Are you looking for someone Mr  Spielberg?” A lanky slim man asked,  carrying few books in his hands. Charles Spielberg shrugged his shoulder, and took out a paper giving it  to the man. “I am here to meet someone--an old looking man,” he said. The lanky man constrained into a  belly laugh, taking the paper from  Charles with his free hand. “I will call him right away.” He walked away, and entered into the castle. Charles heaved
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Chapter 2
Blinking her eyelids, her sight came clearer and clearer until she met the cracks in a spiderweb patterns hanging in the ceiling with missing shingles. The girl groaned. "No, no!" She cried, her face screwed up as of she wanted to cry. "No!" She kicked her legs aimlessly in the air. "I made it clear to you to wake up before 'leven," a male voice resounded. "Because you tend to have imaginative thoughts at sunrise." Sheila got up straighter from the tattered bed, her face contorted in frustration. Her ginger medium hair disheveled and shadowing her shaggy ginger brows. Crossing her arms over her chest, she tugged her hair away from her face. "I dreamt of a certain servant 'bout to give me a crown," Sheila said. Michael Lovatta rais
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Chapter 3
"I don't think we'll be permitted in 'er library again," Sheila said, as they were on a walk to the main street. "Then I'll be in search of another library, or we can try the library at the campus." "Ye want to get me into trouble, I see." Louisa laughed. As they strolled down the busied sideways, billboards and city screens were standing over six stories tall, attracting the attention of the pedestrians approaching. Sheila was smitten by a good-looking man displayed on one of the billboards. The man on the display was dressed in a black tuxedo, his dark coffee hair styled in a pompadour fade, and his kissable lips curled up into a rich smile. "Who's tha
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Chapter 4
Blazing sun shone through the Blue Castle College building, no clouds but a clear blue sky. Charles was staring in front of the chalk board. When he heard an audible whispering his ears, he whipped his head towards  an open window of the class. White and blue butterflies fleeted into the air, and standing a mile away from the window was a girl in a white robe. Charles narrowed his eyes, when he blinked, the girl disappeared and he found himself staring at a girl in class, her name was Yolanda. Thinking Charles was staring at her the whole time, she smiled, her cheeks turning into shades of red from blushing. Realising this, Charles turned his focus back to the chalkboard. Did he have a dream of the redhead girl with open eyes? How was that even possible? He chuckled to himself.
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Chapter 5
“Should I leave you here, sir?” asked as he rolled to a stop by the Holypark.“Yes, it's here.”“Is it not a bit crowded?”“Don't worry about that, I'll manage.” Charles sighed.Halesbert climbed out of the car, and  opened the car door for Charles.Charleston hopped out, wearing his brown parka, and pulling his hoodie over his tousled dark coffee hair. The sensation of a windy air hitting on  his face calme
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Chapter 6
The next hour of that early evening, Sheila strolled from Northforth to Greenfalls, heading to Kateworm library. She wore a plain wear and tear sweater dress, with thigh-high socks, and black ballet flats. She's wearing a brown newsboy hat over her ginger hair.Last night, she couldn't sleep, her mind was filled with thoughts about the book. She has to get that book today or never, she told herself. Looking at the cream sky, she knew it was getting late. She quickened her pace, the library was closing at half five.After what seemed five minutes of trolling, she saw three young girls coming out of the library laughing loud, as they grasped onto borrowed books. As soon as they left her sight, she pushed open the heavy wooden door. Ms Kate was placing books back into their respected shelves. Sheila took a glance at Ms Kate's black chocola
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Chapter 7
Sheila entered into the quiet cabin, darkness enveloped the room making it hard for her to spot out the lantern on the wooden table. She blindly strolled towards the window for a Dietz lantern. As soon as she got in touch with it, she put on the light, concealing the dark.She inhaled heavily. Her brother's presence is unseen, his black coat isn't on the hook. Perchance he went for hunting, she thought. However, her brother's hunting tools were in the room. So he might have gone somewhere and not in the forest."Ah! Perhaps he left to seek for me," she thought, after a second she stripped of her own forethought.She ambled towards a small cabinet, and pulled it open. She yanked out a long wearisome sigh. There was no food in the drawer, which means she might stay hun
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Chapter 8
Sheila sat on a green bench of the Holypark, eating her snacks. Her brother's view of the city bothered her, but she didn't let his opinion ruin her love for the city. It was Monday morning and it was rare to see anyone walking by the park, because most elites went to work to be more rich, and elites went to school to be more educated on being more rich. While dregs can't afford to go to school, or get employed, they become beggars by day and by night, or to some like Sheila, who wanders around the city, goes looking for what to take from the elites. Roaming her eyes, Sheila spotted an hawker across the streets seated at the corners selling newspapers on a fixed newstand to passersby. She cracked into a smile, and stood to her feet, throwing her plastic chips into the bin next to her. She adjusted her blue dress and hair.  As she
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Chapter 9
Sheila sat on the bed with crossed legs, staring at the newsprint laying beside her. Her lips curved into a wide grin. "How can a man be this beautiful?" She giggled, tracing her fingers over the Charles's face on the newsprint. She reached out for a scissor, and deftly cut off his face, leaving Mr. Montero and Mr. Spielberg's. Taking up the piece of Charles face, she beamed holding it to her chest.The wooden door flew open and Michael stepped in. Sheila stagged the picture behind her back instantly.Michael planted his old traveling bag on the floor, sighing. His neck-length hair was disheveled and uncombed, sweat beaded his forehead, a shred of his grey shirt was ripped off. He looked as if he came from a clash.  He turned to face his sister, his eyes tuning in different  emotions of breaking down, or of glittering sadness.
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Chapter 10
Later that day, Charles sat alone at the large beautiful garden, paved with rose beds. Shutting his eyes as in the time of meditation, he heard footsteps next to him. "What is it that you wanted to tell me, Mr Hensworth?" Charles asked, the familiar of peachy scent penetrated his nostrils. "Have you come to tell me good news or bad news? If it's good news stay, if not, depart from here. My father has put me in enough stress." Alabaster Hensworth chuckled, shaking his head. "What if it's both good news or bad news?" Charles sighed. "What do you want?" "The interpretation of your dream," he said nonchalantly, "Do you want to hear it?" Charles fluttered his eyes open and g
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